Vanessa Hudgens: HSM Fans Are The Best

Vanessa Hudgens: HSM Fans Are The Best

Vanessa Hudgens sat down with Newsweek earlier this year to answer a few quick questions about Bandslam, paparazzi and having those necessary girl-only nights with pals. Check out what the 20-year-old actress had to say:

On paparazzi: “Paparazzi are a nuisance because it doesn’t have anything to do with your actual job, which for me is acting and movies. Instead, they take interest in me filling up my tank at the gas station and random things. I think it’s unnecessary but it’s something that comes with the territory.”

On her fans that followed her from High School Musical: “It’s amazing. I’ve never had that obsession over anything where I started crying [at the sight]. But it’s incredible. They are the best fans.”

On keeping close to her friends: “We all have such hectic schedules that we’ll go from not seeing each other for months and when we do meet up again, we pick right back up where we started. I think it’s nice to have real friends like that. Girly nights are always fun — consisting of staying in, watching movies and grubbing out.”

Check out the rest of Vanessa‘s 7 Things with Newsweek vid below!

Vanessa Hudgens – 7 Things with Newsweek
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    She’s so damed cute :) Sorry Vanessa but we love the Paparazzi pictures :)

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    Is zanessa engaged or not??!
    I don’t get it guys…
    one person is saying they are another is saying they’re not i’m like really confusedLOLXD

    anyway the interview is cool Vanessa is SOOOO FREAKING adoreable when she like smiles:D didn’t catch a word though she wanted either do something with fashion or…?

    ANYWAY can’t wait for some ZANESSA(L) picss:D:D:D

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    I totally agree! With this stark background – her hair and outfit make her look like princess leia!

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    I think this is an older interview, but she looks just beautiful and I
    love how honestly she anwers the questions. I also love her laugh
    and cute faces, she’s just adorable.

  • pink sugar

    -Zanessa are not engaged.
    -Vanessa said when she was on Ellen as few months ago.
    -Zac and Vanessa’s reps have issued a statement to the media”they are not engaged”
    -JJJ posted a thread months ago saying “they are not engaged”.

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    she is such a sweet person and very down to earth.
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    aww, what a great interview. she only dresses up for the paps because shes making the best of an annoying situation. she might as well flex her fashion muscles. i love that she loves being an actress coz i certainly love watching her.

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    She’s an idiot. All of her movies will stink because she is talentless. Can’t stand the sight of her anymore.

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    @ TAMI, If you can’t sand the sight of her why are you here, because you want to start trouble. So you can leave now.

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    @tami: There is always one (1) rotten egg in the bunch not matter which way you pick it!!! Thank you Tami, we Still Definetly Love You because that’s the type of people we are, not matter how much you hate her for what reason is beyond us but that’s what rocks your boat, we Still Love You. Have a Great Day.

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    @tami: I think that this is becoming a ritual/some sort of tradition that in every Vanessa thread there ought to be someone who feels the need to express some negativity, and to be frank I don’t understand why. We, the people who do support Vanessa in everything that may come her way whether they are mistakes or new roles she is willing to play, will always acknowledge her positively!!! How can someone who feels hatred for another still have he decency to come here and say it, I know that it is public and everyone has their opinions hut honestly what is the point???? We are tired of pointing it out and I am glad that there are people here who always try their best to show haters they are wrong like Karen- I love Reading your comments- and many others…

    She is not an idiot and a bad actress, please go read the reviews she got for bandslam and the views of the directors she has and is currently working with before you say something….

    Vanessa looks gracious in my opinion and hopefully she will continue the way she is in her life

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment (just wanted to get it all out) :-D

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    Vanessa, you are the sweetest!!! your personality is just great, respect your ability to be strong no matter how bad everything is!

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