Ashley Tisdale Cranks It Up Behind-The-Scenes!

Ashley Tisdale Cranks It Up Behind-The-Scenes!

Check out these hot behind-the-scenes pics from Ashley Tisdale‘s upcoming music video, “Crank It Up!”

Here’s what you can expect in the 24-year-old’s new vid: No big choreography, just freestyle dancing and golden rooms with shiny wallpaper. JJJ spies the blonde bombshell wearing wings!

Ash‘s “Crank It Up” is directed by boyfriend Scott Speer and also features V Factory‘s Wesley Quinn. “Crank It Up” is set to premiere THIS coming Monday, October 5.


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  • Maria Julia


  • Julia

    OMFG! Absolutelly beautiful, that looks so mature and she’s flawless! JARED, that a look at this new pic :

  • taylor

    holy legs :D
    I cannot wait for this video, she looks gorgeous

  • Bailee

    Yay, this is set to release on my mom’s birthday! :) Cannot wait. I love her! :)

  • Renata

    i’m super excited! it’s gonna be SO HOT!

  • Carla

    it’s gonna be released in such a short time, anyway i believe ashley’s doing an amazing work!

  • Iara

    I can’t wait ,she’s really HOT *———*

  • .

    ashley I love ya but stop trying to be sexy. it’s not working out bb

  • Josh
  • Gossip Girl

    My idol 4 life ! Go Tiz!

  • roxana

    wow that is hot..i cant wait! i kinda knew that Scott was going to direct her music video.. i mean he is a music director + her bf hello!!! this video is gonna rock, it is so cool that they have Wesley in it too. all i can say is that i love Ash for being so flawless, for remaining to herself and stay friends with her ex bf and his friends. too bad for JM, he lost a hot and sweet girl.

  • sandra

    She always tries too hard. A little on the desperate side. Why is she on here like every other person. Enough!

  • Nadia

    i’m sooo excited for this! is having a special countdown! :D

  • Anabel

    @Julia: AAH! THANKS 4 THE NEW PiC lol! :D lUv it! cant wait for ash’s Music Video!! :D

  • Anabel

    @Josh: AND THNX JOSH! hehe

  • raysa

    she’s absolutly perfect, so much better than any other teen celebrities, what are you complaining about?

  • raysa


  • wuzthavo


  • Josh


    CANT WAIT!!!

  • daniel:D

    She looks hoot in those pics CIU is a great song!

  • marie

    omgggggggg can’t waittt! i love that songgggggggggggg!

  • Jo

    Hey does Scott give her discounts?

  • Alix

    Can’t wait it loomks to be such an amazing video! love ashley!


    She looks so incredibly sexyyyy!!!!!!!! :D <3
    i seriously can’t waittt!!!!!!!! hahah

  • tamara

    ANNOYING! She is really short! I can’t stand her.

  • problem child

    omj i have her guilty pleasure cd and it SUCKS!!! why does she have to ruin hip hop. can’t she just stick 2 pop! by the way i HATE HIP HOP!!!

  • James

    OMG I cant wait for this song to come out! T

  • James

    OMG! im so excited for this film clip to come out. This song is my favourite song from her new album so im really excited. Cant wait to see the final production. She looks really HOT! So it should be good!

  • osama



    guys if u cant stand her just dont look at her r comment ! like she can stand u !

    ashley looks stunning !! H.O.T smokin ! i cant wait ( shaking ) i love

    MILEY: i hope u feel better hunny bunny ! i feel sawwy 4 u love u forever! your the best

  • silvy

    she’s so hot ! i love herv ! she’s my idol !

  • sean84

    well shes beautifull lol nd yeah hope miley getts better soon i luv her so much lol

  • nina caplan

    i cannot waaaaaait :D love ashley

  • yay!!!!

    I can’t wait I love ashley and this song!!

  • ZJ207

    She looks SO HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! :D haha
    I love the wings :P hahaha


  • Jannii

    Awww… shes so amazing.. looks hot! =)
    Cant wait for more =)

  • Josh


  • .

    I like her, but this whole ‘look at me! I’m sexy’ thing is old. She’s starting to look desperate.

  • Oscar

    she looks really hot, ilove her..

    she’s my girlfriend ¬¬’

  • amanda :)

    This is going to be amazing. she is a good rolemodel and i love this song WHOOT WHOOT GO ASHLEY!

  • Kat

    Yaya what a bday prezzie for me! cant wait til monday!!! xxxx <3 Love ashley!

  • Missy

    i’m sooo excited for this!

  • Brittany

    Her legs are amazing!!!!

  • Nadia

    wtf. just like shut up. like seriously. if she annoys you sooo much, why do u look at her news, and why do you comment? you’re the ones being annoying.

  • AshFan!

    she looks gorgeous.
    i CANNOT WAIT for this video.
    im sure its gonna be amazing,
    shes good at what she does,
    and scott is a good director and people,
    shouldnt be looking at him as just her bf,
    ppl should look at him as a director too.
    and for ppl are saying shes ugly and all that,
    or whatever you ppl are saying.
    i mean come on,
    if you think that about her.
    why waste your time reading about her?
    but anyways im not gonna waste time about the haters.
    so yeah.!

    i reallllly cant wait for this freakin video. :D
    and the wings just makes me more curious!
    well either way,
    i think its gonna be amazing.
    Ashley always has such amazing songs,
    and videos.<3
    LOVE HER! <33 :D

  • kgg

    Poor Ash….she really is trying too hard…and the cd is not good.

  • ZJ207

    @kgg: This is so not true! shut up! jeez!!!

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @ZJ207: will you and the other Ashley fans just take a chill pill and breath, dear god it’s not like anybody is going to kill her… And if you want to defend her use a more polite tone lol… Be more civilised!!!!

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