Ashley Tisdale is Crank It Up Cute

Ashley Tisdale is Crank It Up Cute

Ashley Tisdale shows of her pearly whites as she checks in with her fans from the set of her upcoming music video for her second single, “Crank It Up.”

The 24-year-old songstress shared on the set, “It’s been going really well. I got here really early so I’m…I’m awake now, but I’ll probably be a little bit tired soon. Especially after lunch, I go into a food coma. Everything’s going super good and we’re having a lot of fun. I can’t wait for you guys to hear about it!”

The new video features Ash‘s good friend Wesley Quinn and is directed by boyfriend Scott Speer.

FYI: JJJ Note: Scott‘s directed all of her music videos so far!

Ashley Tisdale Checks In From “Crank It Up”
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  • olivia


  • bruno

    oh wow ashley looks soo hott we all love u ash cant wait to watch the mv!!! :)

  • namita

    she awesum she looks totally amazing

  • nina caplan

    wooooooooooooow, she looks soo gooooooood, love it =) <3

  • ashpa

    Aw! Cute. Were only just 4 around here. sad!

  • Aurianab

    very beautiful !!

  • cynthia

    i thought wesley only choreograph?
    at least that’s what said by himself on twitter

    On set with @ashleytisdale doing choreography for her!

  • pouty

    selena live at dancing with the stars

  • osama

    awsum i think she should try sumthng new by changing the directer!! but luv ya!

  • osama

    ♥ Tiz Supporters ♥

  • so what !

    luv her

  • mileyfan

    go ashley u rock ! and my fav in hsm

  • =)=)=)

    she looks hot ! and i like her more in blond hair !! but she looks better in both =/

  • selena fan

    ashley <3

  • omg!!!!

    shes such a cutie love her

  • emma

    i sooo love this girl im obsessed ! and shes hot ! go ashley

  • mcf

    awesome video ! im so proud of ashley 4 trying different things in her life and living the momment ! i cant 4 your new thing ashley ur gona do a great job best wishes !

  • mcf

    ps : jj can u please put more news about miley cyrus i miss her ! thanks

  • xoxo

    i heart ashley

  • cry no more

    i heat ashley more xp no j/k we all heart ashley !

  • sean84

    well ashley is relly cute i lik her lol

  • sean84

    well bye the way any1 saw ashley slapping my gf’s butt lol? its on mileyworld lol

  • silvy

    i love her ! she’s really amazing !

  • dani

    she’s so cute ! i can’t wait for this video !

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    love her shs awesome !! and i love her when she smilies

  • Katie g!

    how weird does that have to be having your boyfriend direct your music viddeo?! hahaha
    i kinda of miss her brown hairr she looks good blonde too but brunette looks more mature i think
    i love the plaid shirt though its cute colors

  • Josh

    She looks so HOT!!

  • melena

    when she had brown hair i didnt like her so much its soo weird and made her look kinda emo-ish ! but i love her more in blond hair and it has nothing 2 do with hsm !

    anyways ashley rocks and shes so awesome and realy beautiful

  • musicgirl

    sorry but i think she looks like heidi montag alittle in this video but still cute,

  • http://... juancho

    she looks like heidy montag

  • nina caplan

    love the smooth hair <3

  • emma.

    @juancho: learn to spell HEIDI Montag. it was just an opinion stated.

  • monica

    This track features David Jassy on the album. It’s a really good song.

  • ZJ207

    She looks soooo HOT!!!! And no, she doesn’t look like heidi whatever! -.-

  • AshFan!

    she looks gorgeous.
    its so weird,
    i got use to the blonde hair preettty quick! :D
    shes always so pretty,
    and HA WOW!
    you people are funny,
    but one picture of ash next to heidi,
    and then see if they look the same.
    which trust me they dont.
    and i think that her boyfriend/director directing her video probably is the best idea.
    i mean for me it wouldnt be weird,
    if anything it would make me more comfortable.
    well i LOVE Crank It Up,
    im sure its gonna be amazing,
    she has such amazing videos &+ songs. <3

  • Kendra

    Kinda annoying how scott is directing all her music video’s

  • Kendra

    She so doesn’t look like heidi she’s a pain in the ass and ashley is so much better

  • Tasha

    She is the beeeeest!!<3

  • Lucy

    go ashley u rock !!!!
    i love you girl

  • Megan

    i love her when she smilies :)

  • ashpa

    true, at times she looks like HEIDE MONTAG. Maybe because of blonde hair and her face, CUTE.

  • Sandra

    She looks like she slept in the makeup. Too much. Hair looks fried! Mayonnaise can help that!

  • tamara

    I prefer the brown hair. It’s more classic and sophisticated. This hair is not her best. Please go back to your color.

  • wuzthavo



    I LOVE HER SO F****** MUCH!! :D haha
    I can’t waittttttt

  • wert

    @pouty: Selena sucks!!

  • bee

    I love her black outfit! does anyone know who its by