Madison Pettis: Corbin Bleu Hugs Are The Best!

Madison Pettis: Corbin Bleu Hugs Are The Best!

Corbin Bleu squeezes a hug out of on-screen sister and pal Madison Pettis in this new clip from their upcoming movie, Free Style.

The 11-year-old actress admitted to JJJ at Selena Gomez‘s release party on Tuesday night that Corbin‘s hugs are some of the best she’s ever had and described her favorite scene to us.

Madison dished, “There’s this scene in the movie where Corbin, who plays Cale, and our mom have a bit of a fight and he’s in his room, reading a motocross magazine on his bed and I peek over the door and he just puts his arm out. He already knows what my character, Bailey, wants. She jumps onto his bed and gives him a hug. She falls asleep in his bed next to him. It’s a really sweet scene.”

Check out the clip below! Free Style hits theaters NEXT Friday, October 9th!

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Corbin Bleu & Madison Pettis – “Free Style” Clip
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  • Jess!

    owwww!! so cute!

  • steph

    yup….i met him one time….

  • Kimberly

    Awww that is so cute!! :) :) :)


    u r sooooooooooooooo lucky !!!! and awww !! im starting 2 realy realy realy love him !


    and i hope miley feels better ! i love u miley hope u feel better !

  • jo-li

    @IUVMILEYCYRUS !!: this is about corbin not rat face miley u want to tlk about that slut being sick go and click on miley and then click the post about it if its not here yet then go on another website….but dont bring it here on some 1 elses thing

  • Laura

    That scene was so sweet :)

  • BA

    Yep…they are great hugs…My daughter and I got one from him on the set of HSM3 last year!! He is super nice!!

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    4got 2 take your meds ? calm down i didnt kill anybody !
    and i can say whatever i want 2 say what r u going 2 do ?

  • me

    Yes, Corbin hugs are great :) I’ve gotten hugs all 3 times I’ve seen him. I love Corbin he’s the sweetest.

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