Emma Watson: Stalked By Harvard Students

Emma Watson: Stalked By Harvard Students

Well, no wonder Emma Watson didn’t choose to go to Harvard University — they’re stalking her!

According to the NY Post, the 19-year-old new Brown University student was enjoying a football game between the two universities when she was purposely sought out by some Harvard Voice members.

Before the game, a blog post on the mag’s Web site said: “We will be Live-Tweetin’ the game and possibly stalking Emma Watson, so keep your eyes peeled for that, too!”

After that, the Voice reps were on the look out for Emma and eventually found her. One tweet said, “WATSON FOUND. i repeat WATSON FOUND.”

The Harvard Voice, the university’s student mag, also posted a picture of Watson on its Web site and proclaimed its stalking mission a “success.” Some readers were furious. “There seems to be much ado about nothing over this photo and liveblog. Understand that these live tweets were made to be intentionally outrageous and overblown,” an editor’s note finally added to the blog post said.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of The Voice’s stalking mission? Sound off in the comments!

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    Before i read this. i wanted to be famouse!

  • HockeyGurL

    They should just leave the poor girl alone, shes there to get an education not to be stalked.

  • http://deleted Jolie_No1

    they are soooo fucking rude..leave Emma alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I really hope people start leaving her alone. Adjusting to college in your first year is hard enough, especially considering she’s in another country!, without having to deal with craziness.

  • Emma

    That’s pretty pathetic. They’ve really brought down the reputation of Harvard University. I never knew it was full of such fame-hungry idiots! I hope the students at Brown are more mature!

  • me

    Whatever. They need to leave Emma alone. I think Emma chose the right school. Brown is more of a small, tight-knit community when compared to Harvard. Obviously regardless of what school Emma goes to she’s going to face some kind of outrageous behavior….the girl has been WORLD famous since she was 9 years old. But that’s really sick of those Harvard idiots to do. :(

  • xoxo

    Jared, no offense….are you a moron? SHE DOESN’T WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHERE SHE’S AT! So you post it EVERYWHERE?! Oh, you’re brilliant.

  • Sam

    You would have to be living in a cave if you didn’t know where Emma is at college wise. Google it.

    I think Harvard washaving innocent fun. Emma’s moved on. It does appear Brown was a good choice for her.

  • pan

    Typical. Ivy Legue schools are full of Sleazebags

  • Seranya

    Ahmm people already know where she’s at… She even confirmed it on her official website, I don’t think she would’ve written that if she didn’t want others to find out.

    And I agree with everyone, that was pathetic. If you are a true fan of Emma you would understand she needs her privacy. It’s so important for her to fit in among the other students, and we all know that’s never gonna happen, but we could at least try to make her life easier by not acting like complete idiots.

  • scorpius07

    I just find ironic that for students of a school famous for their law program, these people sure know the quickest way to getting slapped with a restraining order.

  • http://www.twitter.com/paaperplanes B

    Haha, that’s funny. Of course she is going to be stalked, what did you all expect?! And she’s used to it, I’m sure she didn’t care.

  • sue

    We all support u, Emma!
    Just ignore them!!!

  • Allie

    Leave that poor girl alone! Harvard should issue an apology.

  • HermioneForever

    We love you Emmma! Don’t worry about those inconsiderate people from Harvard. I wish you all the luck with school at your university and with your future and life. Best of Luck Emma!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/masembepearl pearl

    hilarious!! i had a good laugh at this…lmao……..ahh……

  • asdf

    wow. the definition of “stalking” sure has changed. all they did was find her at a PUBLIC football game, and it’s not like once they did they followed her wherever she went afterward. “sighting” is not the same as “stalking.” this is not a big deal.

  • tania

    thats creepy

  • kara

    I thought they were smart at Harvard…

  • Gi

    Harvard students couldn’t have got dumber!
    I love Emma myself and would probably want to stalk her but I would like to giver her privacy better!

  • gabby

    Who knew people at Harvard were such Jerks?! I mean seriously they have nothing better to do than to mess with a young woman who’s just trying to have a normal college experience by attending a football game with her friends. Some people just have no feelings. It’s disgusting and I hope they all get suspended.

  • alex


    i expected ADULTS especially ivy league adults to not act like a bunch of immature morons. that’s what i expect and that’s also probably what EMMA expected when she went to the game!

  • Leah

    My understanding is that the people who actually approached Emma were not Voice staff. While Voice staff were present at the game and keeping an eye out for Emma, they declared the night a “fail” on their Twitter because they did not get a photo or anything… that is til the very end when one of their photographers happened to be leaving the same time as Emma and caught a photo.

    I also don’t believe the hype saying they orchestrated some mass stalk of Emma. While they did tweet something like “going to stalk Emma”, many young people these days use the word “stalk” for “keep an eye out” or something. It’s like we say “Facebook stalking” but you’re not actually stalking the person.

    Some of the Voice’s staff tweeted that they never saw Emma, others tweeted that they did see her, but it doesn’t appear that any of them actually approached her, so I don’t think it’s the Voice that Emma needed security against, but rather, probably just other eager fans.

    I’m not advocating what the Voice did, but I do think they were not the primary source of Emma’s concerns at the football match.

    @xoxo: Actually I think you’re the moron… seeing as she made an official announcement on her website, I don’t think Emma cares if people know which university she’s attending. She just doesn’t want people continually stalking her.

  • SJS

    I think that if they sought her out & didn’t let her enjoy the game then it would be ridiculous. I don’t think looking for her at a game & saying “hey we found her” & posting a pic is bad. They didn’t interupt her studies. If it comes out that they bugged her the whole game & that it bothered her, then i’ll feel bad and be disappointed. But she’s said in several interviews about where she’s going to school, so you can’t blame fans for wanting to see her at a social event like a football game. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • mishyB

    aaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa so what it’s a UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE + SHE IS FAMOUS= HIT NEWS AND PICTURES!!!! FRIGGIN’ RELAX. geeez!

  • mishyB


  • mishyB


  • celia


    i agree it’s bound to happen sometime.
    but it’s completely different if they do it on purpose.
    it’s one thing to run into her on campus and
    ask for an autograph.
    but it’s a whole other deal to actually Plan to stalk someone
    and then tweet about it.
    that’s total idiotic nonsense.

  • Lo

    uh, they’re so desperate

  • hermione

    seriously don’t they have anything better to do

  • gabby

    I hope those Harvard losers get suspended or something. I think what they did qualifies as harassing a student.

  • lexi

    leave poor emma alooone!
    creepers >.<

  • selena lover!!!!!!

    OK, that is creepy and wrong!!!!!

  • Seren

    Funny how her fans on here, not Emma herself, is stressing out about this. I agree people should just leave her alone and let her have a normal college experience.

    Oh, and Pan, I’m at Brown and not everyone is a sleazebag.

  • gabby

    Aren’t Harvard students supposed to be smart?! WOW! Way to give your school a bad reputation. Emma is a strong young woman so I’m sure she’s fine but it really sucks that some idiots decided to ruin her leisure time.

  • Emily

    Let’s be really clear: the Voice is in no way the university student magazine, it is a random blog that related to Harvard. I do not consider it in any way an official Harvard publication, nor would I want to be judged by their actions.

    -a Harvard student