Kristen Stewart: Bella Becomes A Different Person

Kristen Stewart: Bella Becomes A Different Person

Kristen Stewart stares back into your eyes as she covers the October/November 2009 cover of Interview Magazine‘s 40th Anniversary Issue.

The 19-year-old Runaways starlet talked with distinguished actor Dennis Hopper, who was recently hospitalized.

Kristen shared about embracing her Twilight character Bella, saying, “I’ve actually always been interested in following a character more long term, but the only place to really do that as an actor is on a TV series. But the Twilight series is cool because you know what’s ahead of you—all of the books have been written. And I get breaks in between. It’s sort of a depressing thing to lose a character just when you’ve been able to get to know her. Usually, at the end of a film it’s like I’ve finally gotten to know this person completely, and then we’re done. That actually happened on the set of Twilight, and then it happened again on New Moon. Each time my character Bella became a different person, and I got to know that person and take her to the next level.”

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Photos: Craig McDean/Interview Magazine
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  • listen to mayday parade

    shes so full of it. i dont like her… actually thats i lie, i liked her in adventureland.

  • aaalex


  • jasmine

    I love this girl!! This interview epitomizes everything about her that is awesome: intellegent, real, and honest. And so beautiful!

  • Karely

    Wow, She looks so so beatiful, I love her, She’s awesome, She’s not perfect and she doesn’t try to be. Her hair is so cool,

    Ohh, and I love Adventureland..xD

  • sarah

    She is so hot!! Definition of fierce! And a true gem among the sea of shallow hollywood starlets who all look the same and only care about fame

  • lisa marie

    I really like her. I don’t get why a lot of people don’t. she’s her own person and real. although the swearing in interviews is so obnoxious.

  • amelia

    She looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! Adore Kstew!

  • CS !

    one word: BREATHTAKING

  • KristenRULES!!

    Wow, the photos are INCREDIBLE, impressive, and f-cking SEXY!!

  • LG

    I don’t like Kristen. In fact I despise her, but you would have to be blind to not notice how BEAUTIFUL her eyes look in the cover. She’s actually growing on me.

  • yesik


    esta hermosisima..

    me encantan sus ojos

  • olivia

    @LG: im sorry but you cant despise someone you dont actually know.

  • LG

    @olivia: Let me fix my comment. From what I have ever heard, seen, and read about her I despised.

  • Mary

    Go away KStew!

  • LIL

    Wow, Kristen is such an amazing woman, brilliant, smart, articulate, sexy, and beautiful. I’m so loving you Ms. Stewart! ..I love your pretty face and beautiful eyes..God Bless You Always…

  • binbin


  • Deen

    omg! luv her! cant wait for the movie =D

  • tamara

    She looks fabulous! More cast!

  • sandra

    Gorgeous!!! I wish they had pics of her and Rob in a photo shoot. They are the perfect couple!

  • banana1


  • Ashley

    i like her but you guys her eyes are photoshopped.

  • guest

    God she so Hot! Uhhhhh i’m so jealous of Rob.

  • ashanz390

    @Ashley-her eyes may be photoshopped but she still has a very pretty eye color :]

  • athena

    Yeah, Bella becomes a different person, and she’s still a bad actress…so, we won’t know if Bella does become a different person…and why do I care…? I don’t know…whatever…

  • gabby

    she looks like a man….

  • Sam

    One word: BEAUTIFUL

  • bebe

    kristen stewart, my girl crush. really, she is very real. love the interview and the cover, it looks like she is so damn hot and scary in the same time which makes her characters is strong. love this girl. go girl, do what you think best and live your life full, you were in good head. i hope she could playing a good card in hollywood. ellen page and her is my girl crush, both of them is very much professional in very young age. salute to them.



  • ninnia

    kristen is very talented for me, and she is the bast Bella

  • Leigha

    @ashanz390: yea her eyecolor is green…..she wears brown contacts in Twilight for the Bella role

  • cyn


  • Niss

    muuy bella eraa sinceremente me gusto la entrevista y laas fotoos muuy sexy ame sus ojoos

  • eight

    she so HOT!!!! damn i love her.^_-
    rob so lucky to have her. im so jealous.

  • bubbaness

    Meh. Overrated, overexposed and not talented enough to have the attitude she exudes. She needs to get over herself and just shut up if she can’t figure out how to speak without sounding ungrateful and thankless.

  • Crystal


    Actually you can despise someone you haven’t met. The emotion would just be different since the reason for desping the person isn’t for personal reasons.

>>>>>>> staging1