Miley Cyrus: Singer With Strep Throat

Miley Cyrus: Singer With Strep Throat

Miley Cyrus is already feeling the strain of going non-stop.

Just weeks after the 16-year-old performer set out on her nationwide Wonder World Tour, illness caught up with her. Miley posted on her Twitter, saying, “Woke up with a sore throat =[ Why am I always sick?”

BFF costar Mitchel Musso dished to JSYK that Miley was actually rushed to the ER about her throat. He shared, “She just texted me. We’ve been texting back and forth. She was a little sick this morning, she went to the ER and stuff so I’m gonna go see her right after I’m done filming.”

Feel better soon, Miley!

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  • Chelsea

    Get well soon

  • miley fan

    I hope you get well Miles ! I know how it feels apparently I have a sore throat too ! love ya`

  • amanda :)

    get well soon miley

  • Bernard

    First comment? Poor Miley :(

  • imde

    get well Miley, love from Brunei :)

  • heat

    aw Miles. Get better soon girl!



  • Anonymous111

    Get well soon miles :)

  • mul

    Get better Miley!!! I love you

  • sonny

    miley is such a trooper. she so dedicated to her job you have to admired her dedication and courage any other star would had cancel their concert but she did not.

    Poor thing she the best role model in my eyes she never give up!!she the hardest working girl out there.

    feel better sweet angel you have angel eyes.

  • xoxo

    Hmm…as much as I would like to believe this humble story, I think it’s just another one of her stunts to get attention. If you didn’t notice, she tweeted about a sore throat the same day Selena’s and Paramore’s new albums released and Britney’s new song “3″ debuted. Coincedence? I think not.

    Plus, if she truly had strep, her doctor would say to quit singing. (Don’t say she’s fighting through it because she could seriously damage her vocal chords by doing so.) Avril Lavigne had to cancel some of her shows due to strep.

    I just wish Miley would quit complaining on Twitter. It’s getting REALLY old. Find some new material, bb. ;)

    P.S. If she’d giving the mic a BJ and stop with the EXTREMELY bad food eating binges, maybe she’d have a chance of not being frequently ill.

  • Delsy

    Miley’s amazing get well soon

  • Vic2763

    I know that Miley’s dancer Ashlee Nino and keyboardist Mike Schmid are also sick. I hope they all get to feeling better. Milez & co were all troopers to finnish the Salt Lake show.

  • Delsy

    @xoxo: Omgosh this is so pathtic. She said she has been sick FOR DAYS. Omgosh bet your a selena fan and selena was never gonna sell that much did you hear her estimate 50k haha pathtic

  • Miley Fan!



  • ELI

    I Love Miley

  • rabia

    jealous much ?
    miley is super hardworking get well soon bb xox <3

  • billythekid


    My own opinion may not be welcome by the biggest Miley fans here, but your opinion that she is faking this over someone’s albums debuting is just freaking outrageous. She just got done saying she was loving the new Paramore Album, and I am almost certain she likes Britney’s new single. I have no clue how she feels about Selena’s cd, which I think is the general consensus of the buying public – more about that in a sec! So that sort of knocks the crap out of your deluded theory.

    But I do believe some of her bad eating habits doesn’t work to her favor, and all this flying back and forth to her shows – when will she just travel by bus with EVERYONE else? – can’t be helping much either. And on top of all of that she seemed to go through some stress over some guy just recently, which probably drained her as well. Add all of that together with some actual illness, and you have a sick Miley Cyrus.

    Now about the Selena cd. If the track record of her soundtrack cd is any indication on the robustness of Selena’s new cd, I don’t predict it will last high in the charts for long. Her soundtrack opened poorly and was at #79 as of LAST week. I would think her new cd will open much better, but it still will probably be short of 100k. Then the question is how many weeks will it hang around the top 30? we shall see.

  • so what !

    XOXO : your a pathetic loser u know that ! if u dont like what she writes in her twitter DONT READ IT !!!!!! so your saying miley is a lier is mitchel too ? her dad ? what a loser u r !

    AND Selena ya not the best cd but she can sing if u ask me !

    MILEY : i hope u feel better hunny ! LOVE U ! GET WELL SOON K !

  • cry no more

    miley : i hope u get well soon

    xoxo : i hope u get a life soon


  • =)=)=)

    =(=(=( get well soon love u bb m!

    some people r just pathtic! i agree she works realy hard and this is what she gets ? why do u guys keep doing this what did the poor girl ever do 2 u 2 get all that hate ? killed your mother ? think befor u say something realy !

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    im sick too lol ! well hope u feel better u work so hard !
    MILEY <33

  • andre

    aww miley get better soon!

    love u!

    u are the best!

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    i cried when i heard the news….. yes i did…. get well soon miley i love u ! BIGGEST FAN!

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    #7 GET A LIFE !!

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    get well miley!!.

  • sophie cyrus

    Praying for a Speedy recovery for Miley.
    Twitter: @sofiecyrus

  • tan

    hope u feel better miley !

  • mileyfan

    awww ! hope u feel better miley i love u girl 4 ever and shut up about selena shes great and no need 2 bring her into this or any other celeb !

  • mashimaroanh

    for all you HATER out there…if u don’t like someone…why bother go up and say nasty, rude thing about them….does that make you better than them…NO!!! u will just be that rude, don’t have a life person…and yes if u r a fan of someone…put that time into supporting that person…don’t go around and hating other…everyone has their own likes and dislike…it’s ok to express it out but keep it to YOURSELF….NO ONE CARES!!!

    @xoxo: really? wow

    ANyway, i went to Miley concert in SLC, even though u can tell that she was sick badly but she did bring to us a HELL of a performance…amazing…very professional…and again she’s only 16…who are u hater to judge? everyone made mistake…no one perfect..everyone deserve second chance whether you agreed or not. So

    GET A LIFE hater….do something better for youself will you? THANKS

  • lo

    That must be tough for her to be sick right now. I have never have had strep before so I do not know what that would feel like. But I do know that having strep throat and performing while sick is not good for you or your vocal cords. I am studying to be a speech and language pathologist and even the slightest amount such as screaming or clearing your throat will do some damage to your vocal cords. I would say that she needs to get plenty of rest and liquids and not perform for awhile but she is Miley Cyrus and she can’t take time out right now to cancel a bunch of shows, only to have to reschedule them for a later time.

    And to xoxo, she is not complaining. She is simply starting that she is sick. She has right to put whatever she wants to on her twitter. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. It’s very quite simple, but I guess you don’t understand that.

  • Deen

    xoxo i agree about she is a little bit emo, but i like her, and i think that she should take care of herself more,
    and i hope she get well soon

  • tan

    what makes u think she is a emo ?

  • tan

    and i agree its her twitter and she can write what ever she wants ! nobody forced u to look at it and read it ! god leave miley alone !

  • selena fan

    omg im listening 2 ” the climb ” on the radio and its AMAZING !!! love u miley and hope u get well soon!

  • xoxo

    hay i have the same name as u !?! i cant believe we have the same name ! but the only different thing is that in not a low life loser tring 2 bring her down xP get a life


  • jimmy

    Hope it is not one of those swine flu H1N1 thingy.. Get well soon Miley!

  • addie rae


    why don’t u shut up? selena did great with her album i’m a fan of miley and selena. but i’m thinking that miley didn’t do great with her EP(with the exception of Party in the U.S.A.) is because she also has a lot of younger fans because they’re still clinging on to hannah montana and the younger fans’ parents wont be the EP cuz miley says piss which isnt bad for our age groups but is for that young and because miley’s danced on a pole and dresses and dances like a slut lately.i love miley but seriously she needs to get her act together or she’ll be the next britney when britney was going through her rough years.think about it, demi (lovato) and selena (gomez) don’t wear these disgustingly short shorts and bras coming out of their tank tops to get attention because they can sing better.miley can sing but still isnt as great as demi lovato, so she has to pull these stunts to get back on top of the attention. she has this constant craving for attention and will do whatever it takes.she even admits that in her book Miles to Go.

  • pearl

    hahaha #32 uve cracked me with the sincere “hope its not those swine flu H1N1 thingy”……lol
    anyway i hope miley gets better soon she is amazing and a hard worker…some stupid friend of mine just read the title and said,”dude isnt strep an STD?”…..and i said,”it sounds like it”
    but aside from the jokes, miley get well soon……and go on making good music and entertainment…

  • Megan

    @xoxo: uhmm miley would never put on that kind of act. she had to CANCEL a show! do you think miley would do that for publicity. its the first show she ever canceled and shes bummed about it. miley would never go that far. in fact she really is sick and you have to get a life other than hating on somebody who has true talent. kthanks?

  • mileyfan

    #34: u go girl !! thanku !

  • Miley fan

    I hope you get better soon :D

  • Miley fan

    I hope you get better soon :D

  • demi=love

    #33 i didnt get your friends joke ?
    anyway i hope miley feels better but even though shes sick she still can make u smile ! check out her twitter shes crazy today !


  • Ashliyn

    Aww, feel better soon Miley!!

  • lifesgood

    Hope she feels better:)
    Poor her! she is probably one of the nicest and strong working people in the buisness! the show went on even with the flu and strep throat! OMG
    if u guys have ever had strep throat…ITS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!
    <3 hope u get better:)

  • Brandon Lee Clement

    @xoxo: HEY, for one thing, Miley wont ever fake about that and second of all you talk trash about miley again, you will hhave a serious problem…… I think that Miley is woonderful, smart, kind, loving, beautiful, andd gorgeous. juist remember one thing…….. if I see your comments and they are bad mouthing miley, I serious will write you a bunch of comments……

    Miley is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

  • billythekid

    Why didnt these people on tour all get their seasonal flu shots BEFORE they went on tour.

  • kamikaze

    @billythekid: all the people on tour did get their flu shots. i even remember mike schmid, miley’s keyboardist, saying on his twitter that you shouldnt play the tambourine right after getting a flu shot. you do realize what flu shots are and the side effects right?

  • olivia

    @xoxo: umm pretty sure if she had to be rushed to the ER then she wasnt faking. pfft loser.