Vanessa Hudgens Has A Bumpy Ride to Vancouver

Vanessa Hudgens Has A Bumpy Ride to Vancouver

After having a relaxing weekend at home in Los Angeles, Vanessa Hudgens ran into some plane trouble while flying back towards the Sucker Punch set in Vancouver.

A fan writes to JJJ, saying, “I was on Vanessa Hudgens‘ flight to Vancouver and we had a little plane trouble. A bit into our flight, smoke started coming in from the back of the plane. It was so scary! Even in our time of terror, my eyes were glued on Vanessa and she looked so scared! She was sitting next to her manager Evan and kept looking to the back of the plane where the smoke was and saying things to her manager. She had a really worried look on her face until the pilot went on the speaker phone thing and said we’d be turning around to go back to LA so we can get another plane. Once we heard that she relaxed into her chair and started listening to her iPod again.”

They continued, “When we finally landed in Vancouver, and were getting off the plane, Vanessa was really sweet and waited for most people to get off before she and her manager did. When I was walking to get off the plane, I couldn’t help but stop and say that I was a huge fan of hers and good luck in everything she did. Vanessa smiled so big and said ‘Thank you! Your such a sweetheart.’ She even walked around Evan so she could get into the aisle and hug me!!!!

“It was the most amazing and terrifying plane ride ever! I’ve always dreamed of meeting Vanessa and meeting her was incredible! Whoever thinks shes a snob has obviously never seen her or met her because shes so sweet and so nice to everyone. She has a heart of gold as far as I’m concerned!!

Reps for Vanessa could not be reached on the smoke story.

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  • marissa

    ive also met vanessa (my idol) and shes soooo sweet.
    people that call her stuck up obviously have never met her!
    vanessa is an inspiration to me:)

  • lisa marie

    that’s terrifying. i would have fainted.

    I’m glad vanessa is a sweetheart. i wanna meet her one day.

  • marissa

    i love vanessa!
    ive also met her. AND SHES THE SWEETEST GIRL:)
    shes my idol. and whoever says anything bad about her has not met her because shes one of the sweetest people i have ever gotten to meet!
    cant wait for her upcoming projects! :)

  • aly

    I’m glad everything ended up fine :)
    Vanessa seems like such a sweetheart, i’m glad that fan got to meet her and get a hug!

  • Lic_Merry


  • Kaitlin

    She sounds so sweet and sincere. Love that girl sfm.

  • kristi

    dude i would have flipped. good thing she’s ok

  • Jordan

    I’m so glad everything turned out alright. It would have broke my heart if anything bad happened to her. :) I’ve been a fan so long that she’s almost like family

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She is probably one of my most favorite down to earth celebrity out there. I smile/get happy when there’s new posts about Vanessa. :D She’s like…gold. I swear. ..Oh boii, that must have been terrifying,, I have a huge scare problem when it comes to planes and heights…lol. About the girl that got to meet Vanessa,, you lucky girl !!! I wouldn’t have been able to keep my eyes off of her either,, LMAO.

  • http://justjaredjr zanessalover45

    omg im so glad she is ok
    shes such a sweetheart
    cant wait for beastly

  • Carol

    Thank god everythin turned out fine!!!
    Vanessa is so sweet!

  • sara12
  • moondirty

    oh V is so down to earh , i looove her

  • Jess!

    she is so sweet!! ♥

  • ivanka

    she is so sweet and you are so lucky

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    lucky girl,
    travel with vanessa
    vanessa is sweet and pleasant I do not surprendeu
    I love vanessa

  • Bradley Bobst

    Gold Vanessa is Ok.

  • Jo

    Does anyone know if Vanessa is attending Vancouver Film Festival tonight??

  • roxana

    omg my Baby V! thank God nothing bad happened on that plane. you are soooo lucky for meeting and hugging her..gosh i bit she is smells so good (pink sugar) not lesbian btw. i wish i can meet her someday, thats my biggest dream. i was iin LA two months ago but unfortunately V was in Canada and didnt have the chance. i met her dad though when i went to visit her house…he is such a sweetheart and you can tell he is very proud of her in the way he talks. Thanks for posting this Jared!!!

  • Katty

    Geez! That’s scary. Glad everything is okay.

  • Babiivfanforeva

    V is so sweet :D

  • Jess!

    I hope!!

  • Ashley

    Yeah she is always really nice to her fans.

  • marie

    oh god, that sounds scary! glad everything turned out okay! and nessa’s a sweetheart! <3

  • kami

    so the plane went back to lax and they boarded another plane? what airline was this?

  • simplylovely


  • nikki

    i bet wen zac hears this he will be like HOLY HELLL! ah

  • listen to mayday parade

    she wasnt in first class?

  • kami


    this happened on sunday the 27th. that was 4 days ago. zac would have already heard about it.

  • Boji

    That is our Vanessa for you, a real sweetheart. She is genuinely appreciative of her fans. Am so glad nothing untoward happened. Thank heavens for Evan! Hope she was not listening into Britney Spears on her ipod.

  • lo

    omg. i love love love vanessa. she is my idol! i love her. i got the chance to meet her and she was such a sweetheart! that story is amazing, she is so down to earth. LOVE her!

  • kgg

    Wow, that was crazy! So glad that someone was with her and that the plane was able to go back. That’s awesome that she hugged that fan…she’s a sweetheart!

  • ashlee

    @listen to mayday parade:

    isn’t there a sliding door that separates first class from coach? maybe vanessa smelled the smoke rather than saw it.

  • mykamicks

    Seriously, I have experienced that also few months back when our plane cannot landed in the airport due to another plane trouble in the runaway which cause traffic congestion for the landing of other planes. For about 20 minutes that time where supposed to land but we couldnt.. Were just up in the air. And its really scary. However, with the alertness of our pilot, and worried for the fuel he able to reroute our plane to another international airport & keep on waiting there until such time its already cleared.

    God is always good all the time. And thank God Vanessa & her manager arrived very safely.

    I super duper love her for that gesture she extended to her fan. Very Sweet Girl.

  • babyG

    whoah! scary!! thank god nothing happened.
    i’d like to meet her also. and she’s really a sweetheart.

  • athena


    Of course she’s going to be nice to people when she felt she may of had a near death experience…So, she has to be grateful for all she has…even her fans….I’ve never met her, but met Zac, and he is really nice…so, I would imagine that their personalities rub off on one another, and their niceness too.

  • Vanessa lover

    glad everyone is ok vanessa was so sweet and she gave her a hug :] i love her i would do anything to meet her

  • Boji

    Athena, let me get this straight. You are saying that the only reason Vanessa is nice is because of her near-death experience and that she is grateful for being alive. And again, you say Zac is really nice and that his niceness has rubbed off on her, otherwise she would not have been such a nice person. HUH? What’s up with you, dearie? Can’t you accept Vanessa as being genuinely a nice person? Why is it so difficult to believe it and I have seen and read many accounts of her friendliness, compassion and niceness prior to this incident.

  • Just Jill

    Not all airlines have a glass sliding door between first class and coach

  • tata

    OMG, I am so happy to know that nothing happened to this plane! it had to be very scary to be inside… But a very sweet story about Vanessa, thank you a lot!!!

  • Boji

    As to the separation of first/business class and economy, so far the planes I’ve been on have only curtains or screens separating the 2 for obvious reasons, in times of emergencies such as this, it makes it more accessible to go through. Doors may get jammed shut.

  • rissa

    wow. that’s crazy. i would’ve freaked out. i’m glad all the passengers on the plane were okay.

  • Guest

    Aww, i know shes sweet. I envy that fan so much. I wanna meet Vanessa too. My biggest dream is to meet Vanessa in person. Sigh, when will it come true?

  • jazmin

    glad that everyone is okay…

    Love Vanessa…

    Thanks JJjr for posting.

  • Christy

    Aww, shes sweet. I wish i was her. I wanna meet Vanessa too. My biggest dream is to meet Vanessa in person. Wonder when will it come true?

  • Karen

    Probably the person reporting this incident was also in the first class section and as Boji said all the flights I have been on only have curtains separating the two sections.

  • kgg

    @athena: Zac’s friendliness and niceness do not necessarily have to rub off on V to make her a nice and friendly person….she already is! Don’t you think that is one of the many reasons that Zac loves her?

  • Boji

    Mykamicks, sorry dear, just saw your shout out on the previous thread. Am doing fine and in fighting form, and I can see you are too.

  • paO

    OMG!! She is sO cute!! XD I love Her!! XD

  • Nicole

    I’m glad everyone was okay.
    That was really nice and sweet of Vanessa.
    I’d love to meet her too! She seems like such a sweetheart.