Ashley Tisdale: Extreme Makeover Gives You A Great Feeling

Ashley Tisdale: Extreme Makeover Gives You A Great Feeling

Check out Ashley Tisdale‘s international artwork for her new single, “Crank It Up!” Isn’t it hot?

The 24-year-old singer/actress recently chatted with about her guest appearance on THIS Sunday’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Ashley shared, “Their reaction [the family's] when they first saw their new house was amazing. And then I came out and Hannah [the daughter] saw me, she freaked out and ran and jumped in my arms. No hesitation. I almost fell over. I was so moved by it. She was adorable. It was such a great feeling in the end.”

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs THIS Sunday, October 4th @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC and don’t forget to watch out for Ash‘s “Crank It Up” music video, premiering on Monday, October 5th.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale behind-the-scenes on “Crank It Up”…

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  • brittany

    aw, that’s a cute story :)

  • gold baybay

    Uhum, so she’s still releasing that as a single huh? Well, good luck…I guess.

  • gold baybay

    Oh and, really cute story.

  • moondirty

    nothing new about the cover

  • Lucia Jonas

    she is the sweetest person I´ve ever seen!
    love her toO muzh

  • mel-luv

    I think red hair fits her well now because she gets really tan these days

  • mel-luv

    I think red hair fits her well now

  • Alex

    @mel-luv: Its not red its just the lighting in the picture It was brunette

  • banana1

    I am officially sick of this girl. Can we move on to someone fantastic. Instead she realizes she’s weak and tries to revamp and get us interested and it doesn’t work. It’s like disguising a bad odor with room spray. It still stinks.

  • kristi

    @banana1: i second that

  • tamara

    Sorry to say DITTO!

  • ashytisdalefan

    why are you reading it then?
    if your soo sick of her
    then dont read it.

    ash is beautiful
    as always <3
    best celeb in the world

  • bri

    if ur so sick of her then y the h.e.l.l u still read her post and feel the need to comment@banana1:

  • katy


  • gold baybay


    She shouldn’t have a right to be a celebrity, let alone BEST? I know we all have our opinions but your’s is so dumb it unbelievable. What has she done other than HSM and producing same old music? With all do respect.@bri:
    She feels the need to comment to let people in on how she feels and personally I agree with her. It’s a free country so she has a right to comment and you don’t have a right to stop her. Unless of course, this was your site.

  • gold baybay


    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Her albums not going to sell, there comes a time when you have to realize such things.

  • lyash

    @banana1: shut up she’s making more money then you im sure, and if you dont like her dont comment or read what she says loser ¬¬

  • mileyfan

    i think she should change the cover dont u think so ? and i love ashley tisdale one of the best

  • osama


  • Jannii

    Love her to death =DD
    The pics are great & i caaant wait for more…!


  • =)=)=)

    haters please suck something we r sick of u and ur whining !

    go ash shes awesome i love her !

  • nina caplan

    i love ashley, so excited about her music video =)
    you guys can watch the premiere and a documental about ashley on on monday =)

  • silvy

    i love ashley, so excited about her music video !! she’s really best of all !

  • craig stairs

    this isn’t quite going to be enough to keep this girl known. she’s either going to have to release an adult tape, get pregnant, or just disappear.

    it seems like this is the path of all the disney girls.

  • xoxo

    no ithink she should do more movies than albums ! but i love her album she shouldnt quite just focaus more on tv ! like vanessa !

  • Josh

    can’t wait for the music video and the EM:HE episode! ^^

  • ZJ207

    Ashley is VERY interesting. Suddenly she has no right to do albums? I mean there are a lot more artists who’s album did worse than Ashley’s and are still known!
    And as long as there are thousands of people loving her, her music and her movies, then why wouldn’t she continue?
    Haters, your comments are useless and stupid. And by Lily Allen’s words “F*CK YOU”.

    Ashley is the sweetest thing on this planet! And i can’t love anything more than i love her! <3

    and to JJJ – There’s a commercial of the Extreme Makeover episode ft. Ashley and while performing “What If”

  • Nadia

    ashley haters seriously just shut up! god, us ashley fans are sooo sick of u and ur stupid comments. Ashley is completely amazing, and if you don’t think so, shove it up ur butt. If you’re sooo sick of her, why do u comment on her news? There are a lot more Ashley fans than Ashley haters, so go away, we’re all sick of you. -.-

    I thought maybe Ashley shouldve taken a still from the music vid for her cover, but this one is still pretty hottt (:
    love you ashley <33

  • Nadia

    @ZJ207: i see agree with you zj <3

    Ashley Fans Rule!
    As people say at my Forum, Ambition Freaks Are The Best Freaks, but we got a new saying, ASHLEY FREAKS ARE THE BEST FREAKS YOU’LL EVER KNOW :D
    loves ya ash <33

  • Anabel

    I AGREE! :D
    TO HATERS: F**K U! :)

  • Brittany

    ashley rocks!

  • .

    no one said she doesnt have the right to do albums, but calling her the ‘best celebrity in the world’ is just plain dumb. What has she done except disney/children movies? No one except young kids and teens could tell you who she is.

  • Renata

    haters are so stupied, i think they should get a life, i mean.. serious!
    Sarah said this cover is FAKE, I didn’t really like this picture, but i love this song and it’ll be AWESOME. The videos looks amazing and I can’t wait ’till 5th october!
    ASHLEY ♥

  • tamara

    This is America. The boards are for everyone! Not just the Jaded! She is not a great singer, dancer or actress. Obviously the ONLY thing great about her is her reps. To have a less than ordinary girl do what they’ve done with her is great. Ashley is not. Next time they should take a homeless man or woman and help them.

  • nana

    see this is tha main reason y i dnt get on here
    there aint nuthin but haters tht need 2 get off tha computer and stop talkin about sum1 tht u dnt even kno personally
    seriously get a life

  • LG

    @Nadia: Actually I’m 100% positive that no matter who you are you’re going to have more haters than fans except for MJ, Brad, and Angelina.
    And there’s a difference between a celebrity and an actor. A celebrity is somebody from reality television shows while an actor is somebody like Brad Pitt. I have to admit Ashley looks semi-hot.

  • Nadia

    @LG: there’s a difference between haters, and nonfans. yes, there’s more nonfans than fans, but haters? no. :)
    and of course, she always looks hot, even as a girl i can say that lol

  • bri

    @gold baybay: for your infomation her album already came out and it sold 25,000 copies in the first week. number 12 on billboard 200 charts for 6 weeks still counting. and its not the same music. if you listen to her first album you can tell its different from this one. OK. what is your reason for not liking her, she hasn’t done anything to you, she doesn’t even know you. so why do you hate her.

  • ZJ207

    Haters should seriously find something to do in their life instead of posting this non-sense over here!!!!!
    JJJ is becoming an awful place for Ashley’s fans because of them and their stupidness!
    It’s not like you people are obliged to love Ash, but leave us alone! We love her, and you can’t change that!

  • http://WWW.E!.COM ashleysharpay

    I think ashley mustnt be on Just Jared JR. She must be on Just Jred because she is 24 years old!!!.
    And about that pics?let me tell u 2 things:
    1-Ashley gotta to understand that the word “CHANGE” is not meaning to do sexy pose to the camera and get pictures with small clothes.
    2-Ashley is WAY prettier with brunette hair.I am so dissaponted she came back to blond.she looks like a High school student,and not like a gorgeous woman.

    and 32#-tou allright.
    Ashley is talent,but we cant compare her to the real big artists.

  • Nadia

    @ZJ207: I agree ZJ. Stupid haters. -.-
    @ashleysharpay: i agree on the Just Jared thing :D she should be on JJ not JJJ.

>>>>>>> staging1