Kyle XY DVD Art Revealed

Kyle XY DVD Art Revealed

Check out the DVD cover art for the final season of Kyle XY!

In the final season, while Kyle (Matt Dallas) and Jessi (Jaimie Alexander) begin to work as a team and uncover the secrets of their origin, Kyle’s world is turned upside-down when his powers suddenly disappear.

The prom is fast approaching, and Kyle wants his night with Amanda (Kristen Prout) to be perfect. After a dance neither of them will ever forget, Kyle comes face-to-face with the ultimate mystery.

The box set DVD comes with audio commentaries, deleted scenes and Kyle XY: Future Revealed – A look at what would have happened in Season 4.

Kyle XY Season Three DVD hits shelves on Tuesday, December 22.

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  • liz

    i wanna get it! I loved Kyle XY so much and stupid ABC family had to go and cancel it just when it was getting soooo good.
    i love Kessi!!!1

  • kevin

    what happen to his belly button O__O

  • Sheryl

    ABC Family once again shows how out of touch it is with it’s fans. Cassidy is in one stinking season and they put him on the cover. Why not show some respect to the loyal Kyle XY fans and put another long time castmember on there? They advertised the Kyle/Amanda/Jessi love triangle before the season started. Why not put those three characters on the cover?

    I can do without the “future revealed” part. If they cared enough to let us know what the future would have held, they should have given us a wrap up dvd or mini-series.

    I hate ABC Family.

  • LG

    That guy is hot!

  • imde

    Matt Dallas!!!! Man… i’m so hoping to meet you at the concert later. anyway woohoo…

  • xoxo

    u guys realy love this sh!t ? wow

  • JONas

    matt dallas is soooooooo freaking hot! xD

    and i just loved the ending of kyle xy! i seriously cried at the end xD
    too bad its over :(

  • kyle fan

    matt dallas is so damn hot.

  • Erin

    i love this show so damn much! i miss it.. :(

  • Renee

    I love it! I wish they would have finished it!

  • Joseph

    Wish it dident end but glad season 3 is finally going to be on dvd just in time for christmas!

  • iluvrobpattz

    no bellybutton…. O._.o


    it’s beset.

  • philkeely

    They never should’ve cancel the show! Its a good show!!!!

  • Kaylie

    Kyle XY is the greatest show ever and Matt Dallas is the hottest actor alive. *swoons* Bring back Kyle XY!! I haven’t been to ABC Family since and never will. Hmph!

  • Clem

    are bellybuttons bad.?
    and to think, JanetJackson
    flashed a ‘funbag’…oh! my

  • annonymous_man

    ABC Family decided unfortunately they didn’t care about Kyle XY anymore or its huge fan base when they under promoted the show’s return with the season 3 premiere — earlier seasons they did advertising everywhere — TV ads even on other channels but Kyle XY Season 3′s only TV advertising was on their channel only making it harder for fans to know when the show was coming back. Even then some did come back but it was not as many as season 2 had. I knew something was not right when the Clue Tracker was not updated for season 3.

    Wish the show was not canceled — hopefully it can still be saved. I want to see what Kyle does with Cassidy after Cassidy told him that their brothers. Also I want to see more of the story with Sarah Kingsley arriving on the series.

    Latnok was not a major part of season 3 we see Cassidy throughout all 10 season 3 episodes and the students for Latnok he recruited (Mark, Nate, Jackie) but with the exception of the season 3 premiere we don’t see the Latnok Board shown in some mid season 2 episodes and the season 3 premiere after the premiere episode to the third season.

    We see some glimpses of Latnok’s undercover work to resume Adam Baylin’s experiments (some lab scientific activities) in the finale for a few scenes but that’s it no Board members etc. Was kind of odd. Also would have liked to see if Kyle would finally tell Amanda everything since she already figures out by the end of season 3 for herself how he was created. Also based on his quick chat with Mark in the finale when he says Latnok is not what they say they are do you think Kyle would have ever told Mark his secrets?

    What happens to the Tragers? To Declan? To Hillary? What happens with Josh and Andy’s relationship with the whole long distance thing?

    I now hate ABC Family — hope they go bankrupt.

  • manpan

    The season 3 finale of Kyle XY was a great season ender (i.e. season finale) but sucks as a series finale. Obviously it was not meant to be the finale — I hate you ABC Family for canceling Kyle XY and robbing us of a decent ending.

    Save The Tub! Move The Tub! Kyle XY is still a great show and if ABC Family had not interfered with it the show had the potential to continue — even now if it were not for the cancelation the show could have continued to be great.

  • zurd0

    This show deserve a season 4, and much more… there are no shows like this! only stupid girly shows… God I miss Watch Kyle XY!! I hope ABC Family or any TV Network (SYFY Would be excellent) Bring back this amazing Show! Help us to save this show!! Join to the SAVE KYLE XY Campaign! You can find more information on ABC Family Forum, SyFy Forum and Forum… SAVE OUR FAMILY!!! SAVE THE TRAGERS!! SAVE THE TUB!!!


    This is a very cheesy cover. It looks like they took the old one and photoshopped Cassidy into the background.

    I am a devoted Kyle XY fan, but I won’t be buying this and giving a dime of my money to ABC Family. The commentary on what might have happened is probably just a rehash of the same information that they had on their website when they interviewed Julie Plec after the cancellation.

    I miss the show. We are still working to save it on another network.

  • KASH

    To all kyle xy fans , I have an advise
    if you wanna be healthy, look at the back of the food box and see how much calories and to be a super healthy don’t watch any thing from ABC family .

    Dear ABC Family :
    we will not buy the DVD , and i mean it ,, even if you but one more episode that’s will be not enough for that great show ,, we are a fans and what we need you do to us ,, we all agree with a fourth final season of the show ,,, don’t cut the show like this its not fear .

    Let’s work on it and

  • dimon64amd

    Jessi&Kyle FOREVER!!!!

  • Jesim

    This sucks man. they can’t just cancel it like that. it just makes no sense to the end of season like that.

  • Holls

    Bring ack Kyle xy. I love this show.

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