Ashley Tisdale: Squabbles On Set With Dad

Ashley Tisdale: Squabbles On Set With Dad

Ashley Tisdale is all set to see the debut of her Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode on ABC tomorrow night.

The 24-year-old actress caught up with Access Hollywood to dish on the ups and downs of working side-by-side with her dad, Mike, what she helped out on and her own house construction. Check it:

On not always agreeing with her construction foreman dad: “We definitely had some bonding and some squabbles. He would be like, ‘No, do it this way,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m gonna do it this way!’”

On her own new home in California that her father helped build: “We went green. We did solar panels. We recycled the windows and the cabinets. It’s an amazing house. It’s done. It’s beautiful. It’s really great. I love it. He [my dad] still comes over every morning because they still have little things, putting in stuff. They are down the street from my house. It’s not like they are far!”

On helping design Hannah’s room: “I helped out a lot around the house. I did the floors in the entryway. I did a little of the designing of Hannah’s room, which is the little girl who was super excited to meet me. I also worked a little bit on the chicken coop in the back and the barn house as well.”

Ash‘s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode airs SUNDAY, October 4 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

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Photos: Mike Wingo/ABC
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  • julia mion

    She is awesome! Ashley rocks :)

  • Megan

    Ashley rocks!!The best <3

  • angela

    ashley rocks

  • Jo

    i’ve seen an episode or two and that show always makes me end up crying

  • margie

    I love it, but mike is not her dad. mike tisdale is, but this mike is mike maloney.

  • iheartashleytisdale

    cant wait to see it!
    ashley is so amazing(:

  • Lucia Jonas

    Ashley is so sweet!
    that´s another reason why I love her so much :)


    She’s so sweet!

  • jahanna

    Word is she is very BITCHY to any girls around her. Sad! She should be nice to people even though she assumes they aren’t buying her stuff.

  • tamara

    She’s doing reality shows now? Wow! That was quick.

  • yourfriends


    just as a guest !!!

  • osama


  • ZJ207

    I love her so much! :) can’t wait to watch the episode! :P

  • ZJ207

    @jahanna: Please, don’t post non-sense comments about something non-reliable and with no source, AT ALL. This is non-sense, and totally not true. She’s sweet and funny. And Extreme Home Makeover proves it. She’s ready to give and have a big heart!!

  • Noa

    well Miley was in extreme home edition too so what?

  • me.


    Big heart? lol
    That is calling PROMOTING YOUR FAIL ALBUM :)

  • jaymee_x

    @me.: lol i think vanessa’s album failed more; ashley’s album peaked at 12 and higher in some other countries and vanessa’s album only peaked at 23. & released no other singles…i dont think u should ashley’s album “fail”

  • noha

    jaymee_x shut up leave vanessa alone and don’t conpary vanessa and ashley they are like twins i stars to love ashley cause vanessa and her are best friends
    i love vanessa so mush and the haters fuck
    plus ashnessa 4ever

  • me.


    1. loooooooooool what Vanessa has to do with that?? loll
    2. it’s SAD that you care about the # LOL # do NOT give money :) (What’s Ashley wants :D)

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @jaymee_x: nobody mentioned Vanessa in there, so why are you bringing her here, Vanessa didn’t do anything, I like Ashley and love Vanessa and these two are like sisters so stop trying to compare them and start an argument… Just live your life!!! Love :D

    p.s if you like Ashley then be happy for her… Be happy that she hasn’t disapeared from this business and hopefully will do what makes her happy!!!!

  • Jannii

    Maaan… calm down -.-

    Ash is sooo sweet & I love her so much… the show will be awesome !! =D
    & Thats nothing about and fail Album or stuff… ^^ why could a ppl. just help other ones… W/OUT to want something.. ;)

  • atsgmcdl


    Me- u need a life…

  • ashleyrocks*-*

    @me.: the album was not a fail :) it wasnt as good as headstrong IN SALES cus the songs in GP are awesome, and believe me ashley’s making muuuuuch more money then you :) and she’s not bashing other people :D so get a life lol, stop bashing on her for envy :)

  • Brittany


    oh wow get a life ugly bitch

  • silvy

    wow she’s so sweet ! i love her !

  • kehinde

    who cares about this broad her album failed and vanessa failed ….you six year olds need a life……..anyways vanessa is doing beta than ashley in 2010 someone needs 2 give this chick a job!!!!!

  • taylor

    @kehinde: She has a movie coming out, a production company, she’s been recording Family Guy and Phineas and Ferb, she has endorsement deals, and she’s going on tour. She has plenty of jobs.

  • jahanna

    Everyone who has the wool pulled over their eyes says she is sweet. PROOF! Did she do this for free? Does she ever? She is mean when the cameras are not on her.

  • me.


    Lolllllll LOVE IT!!! You rock!

  • nina caplan

    im soooooo exciteeed :D

  • nina caplan

    and the song in the add makes me sooo emotional =l

  • Josh

    Ashley amazing!! can’t wait for this episode! :D

  • Kevin

    Let them dupe it out! Finally something interesting from this show!

  • Anabel

    how do u know that she mean off cameras? do u have proof?
    i ddnt think so. You dnt even know her. Just keep those ugly cmmnts to yourself.

  • Anabel

    i watched it! :D

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