Selena Gomez: Now My Fans Know Where Ghana Is

Selena Gomez: Now My Fans Know Where Ghana Is

Selena Gomez had the chance to chat about her recent trip to Ghana with the Associated Press.

The 17-year-old youngest ever UNICEF ambassador shared, “It was completely life-changing and eye-opening, and when we came back we definitely had nothing to complain about.”

Selena also revealed that she’s glad to have a voice that people listen to, saying, “That’s why I feel very honored to have a voice that kids listen to and take into consideration,. I had people on my tour asking me where IS Ghana, and they Googled it … and because I went there, they now know where Ghana is. So it’s pretty incredible.”

Check out Selena‘s full interview below!

Selena Gomez Talks Ghana
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  • julia mion

    She’s amazing, love her!

  • Hehehe

    Pimping it out some more her intentions show

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    stunning amazing!!!

  • Fernanda


  • SElena is amazing

    I love Selena,
    She is the best, talented, such sweetheart, great actress and singer,
    Great sense of humor.
    I love her to death.
    can’t wait for her show in Nov

  • Lucy

    i think she’s so annoying! no offence…

  • Elainna

    I love her…..she’s so humble. I just love the fact that she’s an amazing role model to kids including me :) and of course, congrats on the album!

  • none

    Um I’m a fan and I have always known where Ghana was at. People can’t be that dumb.

  • Julianne Moore

    I LOVE SELENA….she’s amazing


  • shannz

    @none: she means like her smaller fans smart ass. its not that u guys don’t know what she means is just that u guys can’t just admit she great are doing something good so every chance u guys get u rag on her most the time for no reason at all which is so messed then u claim i’m a fan but BLah BLAH BLAH can’t ppl just lay off geez

  • pouty

    she’s an outstanding teenage girl AND disney star… other disney stars should take her as example. i used to love miley but now i think she wanna become some disney p o r n star!

  • Ashleigh

    love selena and love what shes doing, what a role model.. but how could people be so stupid and more importantly so ignorant as to not knowing where Ghana is??!!!

  • gold baybay

    I like the fact that she’s doing something good but seriously, “Now they know where Ghana is”? Really? Does she think she has complete idiots for fans or something? Obviously a majority of them know where Ghana is so why’s she trying to paint them as stupid? Not cool, Gomez. Should’ve said something like “Now MORE of my fans know where Ghana is.” Geez.

  • gold baybay


    You can’t call that person a smart ass for misinterpreting her statement. You do realize not all of her fans are young. She also could’ve said “Now my younger fans…”. I’m not even trying to rag on her, she obviously has a promising future, but seriously. And why is it that you can only be a fan if you agree with every single thing she says? Different opinions is good.

  • gold baybay

    I’m sorry, I meant *are.

  • none

    @shannz: She should have said younger fans which would have made since. Older fans like me know where Ghana is and it isn’t cool to dis someone. I just made a statement. If people aren’t that smart then maybe they should take a geo class and learn where Ghana is. Oh and for the record I am a fan.

  • sophie

    I love her!!!

  • Roman

    really impressed by her,she’s such a good person!
    And she’s right,a lot of people in the USA don’ t know anything about geography,you know,i’m from Belgium,and i talked with an american who didn’t know where was Belgium,well not exactly,he told me:”Why aren’t you black,Belgium isn’t in Africa?”^^

  • http://SHOWNGANA eveie


  • yourfriends

    People !!

    Don’t just read the title but read the whole article
    she said that her fans came up to her and asked where Ghana is so now she said that these fans finally know where Ghana is..
    I don’t think she was talking about all fans but just this certain fans who happened to ask her the question…

  • miss zanessa

    love her
    she´s so young and humble and she has a kind heart
    a great role model to look up to :)

  • David


  • lauren

    @pouty: why always an idiot make a comment of miley on a selena’s article? grow up, nobody cares if you aren’t a miley fan ok?



  • dana

    i love you selena but i knew where ghana was even before you lol

  • nada

    I love her. amazing rolemodel. She has such a sweet heart, and she is definitely not taking fame to her head. She deserves everything she gets and more.

  • olivia

    @gold baybay: does it REALLY matter that much if she said “my younger fans” or not? she might’ve meant that. seriously, get over it.

  • olivia

    @lauren: i agree! this article has nothing to do with miley!

  • Noa

    omg are people in amerca that dumb? that they don’t even know where ghana is? wow what about the schools in america?

  • Noa

    btw I don’t get why she gets so much attention for that because hillary went there to and no one asked her about it

  • lucy

    she’s trying to be better than Miley but she sings like crap who is buying her music??????????????? 5 year-olds who also like Hannah Montana and have no taste

  • Cassandra

    @lucy: Even when she does something good there is an idiot to say mean things about her.

  • ljcg

    She wasn’t talking about her fans as a whole. She clearly said that people on her twitter asked her where Ghana is and then they googled it. So yes, because of the fact that she went to Ghana, those fans now know where Ghana is. There’s really no need to take any offense to this.

  • Angela

    @Cassandra: i know right? people are just making excuses to make her look bad.
    i luv you selena!

  • gold baybay


    It matters to me, okay? I said what I had to say and you’re telling me to get over it? See, you yourself said “might’ve”,and what if she didn’t mean that? You should get over YOURSELF.

  • ddlovatoFAN


  • Leah

    “I had people on my tour asking me where IS Ghana, and they Googled it …”

    She actually said “I had people on my TWITTER asking me where is Ghana…”

    @gold baybay:

    I bet Selena has a lot of fans who are, like, 12 years old and would have no idea where Ghana is. They would be the fans who asked her were Ghana was and who looked it up.

  • grace kane

    mesh mesh mesh.

  • grace kane

    selena gomez is well, a slut. and i dont like her music, she sounds like a computer or a dying rabbit either way you want to look at it really. nick jonas is way too good for you, and the only people who bought your album are 5 year old who are stupid enough to believe that you a cool and wizards exist. so basically all 5 year olds. love rachel, xx


    HI Selena,

    Wow,your soo sweet that you went ghana to meet those poor people!!!AWWWWW your a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and your song ‘FLY TO YOUR HEART’ is soo sweet and your voice is soft in that song (Fly to your heart)

    i love ur and demi’s friendship alot!!!!!
    me and my sisters love your SHOW’S(WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE AND BARNEY)

    you and demi also came on barney right cause i saw a firl in blonde hair she was just like you!and demi was wearing glasses but now she does’nt wear them anymore i dont know why!!!!!!!!!!!and now you have dyed your hair Black that’s the favorite colour!i like your and demi’s special handshake…..i m a true fan of you both but i live in pakistan,karachi can you come in someday to Pakistan,karachi to do a concert!!!!!!!!!!!pls pls pls!think you also went to ghana now pls come to Pakistan,karachi…..

    i love you and your friend demi lovato and i hate miley cyrus i made a nickname for her.. it’s ‘MILEY VIRUS’ lol my sister made it cuz she and my sisters HATE’ her!!!!!

    pls date nick jonas
    i went to a concert of him i asked ‘Do you love Selena or Miley?
    he said ‘Well,i ask that questain everyday by myself but Miley is dating justin gaston and selena is cute,sweet and lovely and i like her!’

    i said ‘nick if you hate miley so i made a nickname for miley it’s ‘Miley virus’!
    then nick,joe,kevin and me burst out laughs sooo many even thought nick is shy!

    i love you selena bye!



    Cheryl Cole
    your hugesst biggest fan from pakistan!

  • Maame

    hi selena,, i’m frm ghana nd well i thought wat u did waz really cool!! thnx ^_^

>>>>>>> staging1