Jonas Brothers: Eat Fresh, Live Green

Jonas Brothers: Eat Fresh, Live Green

Joe Jonas and younger brothers Nick and Frankie do some shopping and grab dinner together at Fresh on Spadina in Canada on Saturday (October 3).

Joe wore a Kings of Leon t-shirt. Nick and Frankie wore matching brown leather messenger bags!

The Jonas Brothers, on break from shooting Camp Rock 2, were accompanied by pal Maya Kibble and her mom Kiyoko, whose husband was one of Papa Jonas’ best friends (he passed away about 10 years ago). His last wish was that the Jonas family take care of Maya and Kiyoko. Kiyoko is now one of the Jonas family’s assistants.

10+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers eating fresh…

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jonas brothers fresh restaurant 04
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Credit: Sean ONeill; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Victoria

    Nice purse Nick!
    What are you Indiana Jones or Alan from The Hangover?

  • Lipi Katiha

    I love the Jonas Brothers!
    They are so hot!
    and they rock!

  • Lipi Katiha

    @Lipi Katiha: oh sorry!
    i was second!
    hehe :D

  • sarah(france)

    they are so amazing tjose guys but where is kevin???

  • natalie

    awww, nick and frankie are wearing matching purses…er… i mean bags.
    haha, theyre adorable. (:

  • kara

    okay seriously…it’s like kevin isnt even part of the
    band anymore. :( its always just joe and nick now.
    ohh well.

  • Ally

    Nick & Frankie look so cute together with matching bags! Joe looks a bit scruffy, but still really gorgeous! I love the Jonas Brothers so much. Where is Kevin by the way, he’s not there?


  • Lauren

    kev is with danielle, people!

  • sarah

    Nick’s hair always looks so perfect, how does he do it?

  • pouty

    gay gay gay gay! pffft

    only teen girls will find them hot coz real women can recognize real men!

  • Annonymous

    anyone know where maya’s cute plaid hoodie/jacket is from?

  • Angela

    matching bags! how cute haha :)
    kevin is with dani, i think .

  • London Lemming

    Kevin will be spending his free time with danielle or maybe he just wanted to chill at home its no big deal

  • Kaylee

    They look flawless, and I never see Kev with them anymore, he wasn’t there when they where with demi in ontario doing a little show, and he wasn’t there when Nicholas and Joe where calling a fan on saynow.. I miss Kevin =l Frankie looks like he’s getting big what a cutie haha :)

  • Lauren


    they r real men

    and u r stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    aww guys leave Nick alone w/ the manbag. LOL! But seriously, I am quite sure he needs it to carry around diabetes related supplies, so lay off Nick . He is looking quite handsome and JOE. Oh My! He looks incredible. The sweater, the hair… he is perfection.

  • alejandra

    wow!! joe looks soo hot!! I love him and nick and frankie too!

  • Kayla


    Sarah, I admit. They all have great hair, but Nick definitely has the greatest of the three. His curls are perfect. And that’s annoying, b/c mine are not!!!! ;-)

  • sophie

    aww matching bags :)
    joe is just perfection seriously. he is hot, he rocks the KOL top, his “cardigan”, everything about him is perfection.
    i’m also missing kevin though :(

  • sarah

    I miss kevin! :/ Its okay though, I know he is probably with danielle planning out the wedding! I still cant believe he is getting married!!!

  • Chris

    Great pics! And so cute to see Nick and Frankie matching.

  • brooke

    Aww that’s soo cute! Frankies tryna be like his older bro!!! AWWWW!!! lolzz and yes, Nick’s hair is always perfect! Joe looks greatt too!

    Kevin’s totally AWOL! lol where is he??

  • Julissa


  • rinee

    those are roots village bags from canada! :)
    lol, i have the same one.

  • jayajonas


  • Kayla


  • Kayla


  • shan

    i feel so sorry for frankie, srsly.
    what is with that bag thing?
    and WHY did they let him AND nick wear it?
    have they lost all sense?
    i’m guessing so.

    hm, joe’s looking nice though (;

  • kay

    aw. nick and frankies matching bags. lol. i love them
    and kevin really is AWOL. i know you are off being engaged but re-surface dude!

  • swe3t



  • SJS

    LMAO@ the matching bags. Atleast you know Nick’s not too prideful to be seen matching with his 9 year old brother. haha. Joe looks great. His hair looks great here & I want to steal his sweatshirt cause it looks insanely comfortable. :)

  • Yvonne

    Kevin has been missing since Nicks birthday, and he was hardly seen the whole month of Sept. Its high time he quits hiding. I miss him so much :(

  • tatii

    ahh they’re soo cute :)

  • josie

    i love them.. but honestly they will turn gayy.
    DO NOTTTT like the bags.

  • Courtney

    JB is so amazing!

  • Emmaxo

    Frankie is coming like Nick 2.0! So cute (:

  • Lauren


    they r NOT gay

  • shamilah

    Joe looks sooo hot awh & Nick!!!!

  • Lexie

    awwww! The matching bags are so cute! Hey, it’s a better deal when you buy in bulk! ;D Kevin’s probably off on a romantic date with Danielle or something. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS! Nick, Joe, and Frankie, looking cute as always. Or as cute as they can minus their big bro. To all you people who say the bags are gay: LAY OFF! Pockets can’t hold everything, you know.

  • Sienna_ryan

    OMIGOD joe is so freaking hot its not even funny. ;]
    gorgeous to the bone… <3 ;]
    what happened to that goofy smile, joe?? i want my old joe back…
    still love you ;] you’re tooo cute ;]

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @pouty: Yeah and what are you?
    They are the nicest boys ever!
    I’ve met them and they’re so nice and care so much about their fans!
    They’re truly my inspirations!
    The haters suck!

  • jo-li

    they look so cute…but i was wondering isnt nick and maya the same age….or she younger.

  • vanessa

    OMG i jus luv da jonas brothers they rock and nick and frankie look so cute and so dose joe but wheres kevin? =( you cant forget bout kevin <3

  • sophie

    maya’s like 13 isn’t she? anyway its a nice story how they know each other.
    and people need to stop with the gay comments. you know maybe nick wanted to buy a new bag, plus he needs something small for his diabetes equipment. maybe frankie liked the bag too and bought it aswell. me and my friends have bought the same things we liked together before. its not a big deal seriously.

  • cam

    so nice to see how Frankie looks up to his big brothers. Great to see Maya & Kiyoko too. I’m sure Kevin is with Danielle guys, they are getting married & may like to spend some time together away from the others once in a while.

  • Chris

    The bag has his diabetes supplies in it. Who cares if he wears this or a back pack. It serves the purpose. And he looks great!

  • Anna

    What’s that HM bag? cuz i doubt it’s H&M….?

  • cassie

    they all look so cute!! wish kevin was there too…miss him!!

  • cassie

    they are all so cute…wish kevin was there too, totally miss him!!

  • efdsdfsdfsdfsdf