Ashley Tisdale: Crank It Up Official Music Video!

Ashley Tisdale: Crank It Up Official Music Video!

Crank it up Till the walls cave in

Check out Ashley Tisdale‘s new music video for “Crank It Up!”

In less than a week, the 24-year-old singer rehearsed and shot the video in North Hollywood, California. Can you spot Ash‘s band mates Mike, Paul and Jacob in the video?

Over the weekend, Ashley was spotted grabbing some dinner with her music director boyfriend Scott Speer at Mo’s.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Ash’s new video?

Ashley Tisdale — “Crank It Up” Music Video
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  • tamara

    She tries so hard to be the girl but doesn’t get it. I’m starting to feel sorry for her. No one likes her anymore.

  • veronika


  • Kačka

    SLOVAKIA loves Ashley´s new clip (: it´s amazing (:

  • flor

    come on, you’re just jealous, the video was great and she shows that she can be naughty or nice or whatever she wanna be
    i love it!!

  • flor


  • sahar

    i love you ashley she is so sophosticated now

  • Cam!


    no… NO!

  • agama

    i love her, I’m a super fan but i don’t like the vid!! so sorry!!

  • marcelo

    amazingggggggggg ,but i think this will not be an amazing hit. it should be masqueradeeeeeee

  • listen to mayday parade

    this video is quite provocative considering her music appeals to such a young crowd. I know she wants to show shes grown up and wants to show a sexier side of her, but this is just gonna give kids the wrong impress and start dressing slu.ttier than they already are.

    smokin bod though – the gym has really paid off for her.

  • ilaaaaaaaaaaaaaana!

    she’s SO amazing.
    my hero.
    i love that girl, no matter what.
    that video’s amazing, she haaaaaaas such good videos.
    i love her.<3


  • L

    I hate the video

  • taylor

    Not her best, but still good.

  • Jo

    I think she’s trying too hard to look sexy in that video, but it just doesn’t come off naturally. the song is good though

  • daniel:D

    that video is the hottest lol and remember this SHE’S 24 not 16 she cand wathever she wants :)

  • ally

    she is bringing back her rocker side even tho she is blonde… i do like the video but the scenes with the wall reminds me of he said she said

  • Karol

    ashley is the best !!!! I love this music video !!

  • Cherry.lipstick

    I like her new video.! ;*

  • fashion girl

    CAROLINE CLARK IS THERE TOO! I think she is next to Jacob! Looks liker her! LOVE YOU ASHLEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • SJS

    This song sounds like an over-produced Britney Spears song & the look of the video is kinda that way too. I like her well enough, but this was not impressive at all.

  • Endrys

    well…i like songs so much but i think this video is not like her…i don´t know that sounds like brittney spears…i don´t like this video at all.

  • aNNI


  • vicky

    I don’t know whats wrong. Really, too Hilary Duff’s Reach Out video. Too Britney… Too anything, less her personality, if she has one. I used to love her, but… give me a rest! I have 16 and I like sexy music, but… not her style.

  • Endrys

    well…i like songs so much but i think this video is not like her…i don´t know that sounds like britney spears…i don´t like this video at all.

  • roger

    I think they could have done more with the clip, ’cause the song is so cool but the clip is a bit boring

  • nicci

    @daniel:D: you have to remember she still as young fan,most of her fan are young . and i think she is trying too hard to be in the spot light. she look very in provocative in this video.srry

  • Jannii

    *LMAO* .. what? … You’re WRONG!!!! She have a LOT of fans.. and ppl who loves her!!!

    She is 24 not 16 like some other kids in here.. who starting to pol dancing and stuff.. -.-

    Ash is amazing & the video is HOT and she is sooo pretty…

    Haters.. get a life.. and look at ur own.. !!

  • Jannii


    Yahh… GROW UP dude

  • keke

    EPIC FAIL ! …..she should seriously stick 2 acting….. she’s a cool chick though…singing is just not her thing

  • Lauren

    i like it…its different for her… more sexy an it goes with the song and the whole thing ties in together….it could be a hit…its what people is listening to

  • zv

    idk i think shes trying tooo hard to be sexy like you don’t hav to wear such revealing clothes to be sexy shes trying to hard..i mean i get it shes 24 she wants to change her image but sorry ashley its a bit too much!!!

    plus whats up with the wings lol!!!!!!!

  • Jannii

    …the most important thing is… I LOVE THE VIDEO AND ASH IS AMAZING..

    Keep going & keep rocking Ash =***

    @Lauren… I agree =)

  • musicgirl

    why do you people tell us who doesnt like the video to grow up? thats all you could come up with? im not trying to be rude but come on if they dont like the video they dont like the video and there is nothing to do about it! get over it!

  • Pauline

    She is 24, so i think the clip is going well with her age and is going well with the song! except that she can’t dance!

    But the problem is the song! the song is too Britney, the voice is too britney and in a bad way! i don’t know what a song like “crank it up” is doing in a album like guilty pleasure! I mean every songs on the album have a rock side except this one which have a dance side! the song doesn’t go with the rest of the album! I don’t know why she decided to make crank it up her second single while the song doesn’t show the colour of the album!

    PS: I’m not a hater, i say what i think and i try to be objective and sorry for my bad english, i’m french

  • mohamedashry

    this video is HOOOT!!! it’s soo cool how ashley’s getting hotter and better every second:D:D awesome video

  • fifi_

    TOTALLY in love with this video.
    Everyday more PROUD of ashley (:

  • lol

    really bad
    she tries to be like britney!!!!

  • Carrie

    Scott speers messed this video up!! She really needs a new director!! I hate it.

  • Cynthiia


  • http://none jasmine

    omg you people need to relize that she is 24!! its not slutty she is showing her sexier side. god she cant act like shes 12 people. give ash a break the video was really good.

  • lilo

    so sexy!!!! It’s good that she changes style. Perso I would grow tired if she remained smooth!!!! Ashley so continues it is very well

  • me.


    1. Vanessa – ONE.
    2. What she has to do with that? :)

  • veronica

    I don`t like this video at all, she`s trying to dance in sexy way but she can`t I don`t knows she looks weird like that`s not her style, but anyway good luck ashley even when I didn`t like the video. could someone explain me what the wings at the beggining of the song means??

  • banana1

    OH GOD! It’s all bad her pretending to be a bad version of Britney Spears. Her chubby arms, Her whole look she looks like a fan lipsinging to a song. The video looks like she got her young neighbor to do. It’s HORRIBLE!!!

  • sandra


    I didn’t get the wings either. The whole thing was a hot mess to be nice. She looks too innocent and not fat just not sexy to do this video. It doesn’t fit her. Plus the filming was amateur.

  • zz

    @flor: thank u for sayin that!! i agree

  • zz

    i think she did great in the video. but i think she needs to stop being too sexy

  • lilo

    You are jealous or what? if she wants to take her darling as director that what is what that can make you

  • Claire

    I prefere, it’s alright it’s okay

  • pink sugar

    love the song but not the video.

>>>>>>> staging1