Ashley Tisdale: A Piece of L.A. Candy?

Ashley Tisdale: A Piece of L.A. Candy?

Ashley Tisdale bundles up in a light blue hoodie after her workout in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (October 5).

The 24-year-old “Crank It Up” cutie just premiered her new music video today! What do you think of it?

Since Summit Entertainment is now looking to make Lauren Conrad‘s book, “L.A. Candy,” into a major movie, Stephanie Pratt has already cast her part. She revealed to MTV, “I would probably say Queen Latifah. I love her. I really love her. Someone more in my age… does that mean Christina Applegate is too old to play me too? OK, Ashley Tisdale.”

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Gabriela Aroca

    FIIIRST ? *-*
    I love you soooo much Ash ! *-* ♥
    Your new music video (Crank it up !) is soooo awesome ! I love that !

    xoxo Gabriela from BRAZIIIL !

    ♥ <3 s2

  • Ruby

    she looks so pretty and i hope she gets the part anyways i love her video just a little too sexy but i still love it



  • dalemurph

    The video is amazing. Ashley, your video is already on Myspace. It has been since 7pm EST. She looks so beautiful in the video.

  • taylor

    She looks great here. Much better than when she just wears tights and a tshirt.
    I think she’s too good to be in L.A. Candy.

  • sandra

    Sad. She’s just sad.

  • niki

    Not liking the music video. Looks like she is trying to had to be sexy and its not really her. Did like the music.

  • Jannii

    She looks pretty as always =)

    Sad? Why should she be sad? ^^
    Her music is awesome & her video is absolutly AMAZING.. her fans are loving her.. her relationship is going well.. her family supports her.
    No need to be sad.. =)

    GO ASH =*******************************

    I send u tons of love =)

  • katie

    Summit? Oh no, you don’t wanna get involved with them Ash.

  • justbeingme

    I think she needs to change it up.
    It’s the same thing over and over. Which is BORING!
    If you look at all her other videos, she’s going to be dancing with a wall as a backdrop and then later she’s all over someone.
    Scott may be her boyfriend, doesn’t mean she has to use him in all of her music videos.

  • justbeingme

    Why would you want to play a reality tv star?
    There are plenty of different movie roles out there. Just be good enough to get casted.

  • Lauren

    i agree with @taylor: shes too good for LA Candy, ive got a feeling that movies gonna suck

  • silvy

    she’s really amazing and I love her new music video !

  • ZJ207

    @justbeingme: I think you’re in the wrong post. lmao

  • ZJ207

    She looks really great! :) <3 i love her to death 4 everrrr

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @ZJ207: Why is she/he in the wrong post???? What are you implying??? Can’t she/he just say anything without it being seen as something else??? God… You people… Anyways if ashley wants to do the movie it’s her choice… But playing a reality tv star… That’s just going the wrong path… She should concentrate on real movies… That way she will at least do some good in acting other than kids movies all the time… That’s just my opinion though so no need to take it The wrong way…ok??? Love :D

  • Gonzalo

    I love you Ashley!!! you are the best! =)

    I love crank it up music video, good job!

    Ashley THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful girl, PERFECT!

  • Gonzalo

    Ashley is cool always !!!!!

  • mac

    Shez so tiny!wishin her success in her career.GO ASHLEY!

  • iliana

    nice. i love her hair.

  • ZJ207

    @Jenny.s.: wow. slow down there! he IS in the wrong post lmao.. he’s talking about her music video, and he posted the SAME comment in her music video post on JJJ! lol you want the link to beleive it?

    and guys, it’s just the girl who’s talking and picking people to play her. AShley is NOT playing her lol

  • katy


  • nina caplan

    aaaaah… love heeer

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @ZJ207: Ok there is no need to prove it to me, i get your point and sorry if the comment came out in a harsh or angry tone but it was meant to be a more inquisitive one, i was just asking what you meant by it and now that I’ve got the answer it’s fine…anyways what I meant was that even if he was talking about her music video, it is still her thread so… There is no point explaining though so it doesn’t matter… Plus I was just stating that if Ashley does hear about this and wants to do it then she will but I feel that it will be a stepdown but it’s her life so whatever…Love:D

  • Serena

    She’s trying WAY too hard to break out of the Disney image

    and now the ten year olds that look up to her are gonna become wh0res

    Great Job, Ashley. What a rolemodel you are!. -_-

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @ZJ207: My comment must have not come through but I found something funny earlier on when I re read the post… Turns out he was actually RIGHT in posting his comment because jjj asks what do people think of her new video… So no need for apologies lol… It seems that YOU have to read the posts very carefully before you say anything lmao… Anyways enouh of this… Love:D

  • mohamedashry

    she looks soo beautifal:D love the music video

  • Lucia Jonas

    she is soo pretty!!!
    I love her so much :)

  • ZJ207

    #CrankItUp and Crank It Up were both trending on twitter yesterday!! :D it was amazingggg haha
    JJJ – you should post the pics of her giving Maui a ride on her new bicycle haha <3 so cute :P

  • iliana

    yeah you have to put it. she look so adorable and maui too. :)

  • iliana

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  • nina

    She looks so pretty (:
    I love her!
    The new video is great.

    @Serena: ??? Why is Ashley a Wh0re? Are you crazy?

  • iliana

    vote for ashley crank it up video on musiqtone the video is osment so we have to vote for her.plies vote www,

  • nicole marie lasala

    hey gril
    can you tell Zac Efron to stay together with Vanessa Hudgens because he is not that cute don’t tell him i think he is cute