Corbin Bleu & Madison Pettis: Meet Penelope Ann Miller

Corbin Bleu & Madison Pettis: Meet Penelope Ann Miller

Corbin Bleu and Madison Pettis squeeze on-screen mom Penelope Ann Miller in a hug as they present her with three cupcakes for her birthday in this new clip from their upcoming movie, Free Style.

TeenHollywood recently caught up with Corbin to chat about the film. Corbin shared about the multi-racial cast, “(If) a script is dealing specifically with a racial issue, then you really have to play to the part. But this was a script where there was no hint of that.”

He continued, “It was really just kind of our own doing that we really wanted to (make it that way). Especially if we were going to have me in the lead role and have Madison Pettis playing my sister, we didn’t want to cast two Black parents. We wanted to make it what it really is. I have a Black father and a White mother and we wanted to play that.”

Check back tomorrow for another Free Style clip on JJJ!

Meet Penelope Ann Miller
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  • gold baybay

    I really like that. The whole having a white mother works well. I personally have a white father and a black mother and in movies with bi-racial kids or w/e they usually have two black people. Yeah, um that’s not how it works guys.

  • jack nuit

    corbin my loveeeeeeeee

  • oh

    Yeah I agree with number one. When an actor is biracial at least have interracial parents. So if Corbin has a white mom and a black dad what does Madison have cause he definitely said “I” implying only him.

  • all that glitters is gold


    Maddison has a Mexican mother and an African American father.

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