Justin Bieber Plays With Puppies

Justin Bieber Plays With Puppies

Justin Bieber sits down to have some fun with some puppies in this behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming music video for “One Less Lonely Girl.”

The 15-year-old singer reveals about his prized dog tags in the vid, saying, “A fan actually gave these to me. The dog tags belonged to a friend of theirs, he was in the war and he passed away. I wear it because of the memory of him.”

Fun fact: Roman White, who directed Taylor Swift‘s “You Belong With Mej” video, also directs “One Less Lonely Girl.”

Justin Bieber – “One Less Lonely Girl” Music Video Sneak Peek
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  • joanne.

    haha yes ! i knew it , i knew that director looked familiar ! i was gonna go check to see if he really was the same guy who directored taylor swifts vid .. but i forgot to check x]


  • http://justinbieber2.webs.com sarah

    i love you justin so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    juuuuuuustin <3 MY justin hehe.

  • jessica

    he is so cute:)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Why does he have to be so darn cute !? His smile is what attracts me to him. :D That dog tag he’s wearing just made me fall in love with him even more….♥♥

  • Penny

    I think the whole dog tag thing is sweet!I can’t wait to see the whole video!O and Puppies rule!( as long as you don’t say it like crulelle de ville )

  • nikki

    NOONE CARES FOR THIS KID!! stop posting about him gosh dangit!

  • me.

    i don’t think he looks cute in pics.
    but in videos… yumm! :d

    i wish he’d cut/trim his hair a little, though.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/03/06/the-suite-life-on-deck-covers-people-magazine/ sherydan

    I love you.. and that puppy

  • http://myspace.com/annycarolini Anny Carolini

    OMG OMG !
    he’s so cute *-*
    I love U favorite boy ♥

  • Anne Sofie

    I have the same computer as him. And for some reason I thought it would be cool to say….

  • gabby95

    omg, Justin is fantastic <333 I love him and I can’t wait for his new music video! He’s awesome… Justin – please, visit Poland ;) we love you

  • Danielle

    aww…he’s soo cutee(:

  • !!!shs girls lov ya!!!!

    Justin we love ya we where bord at da school so left ya coment on dis website
    shs girls
    hannah becca audrey bailee

  • kay

    He’s adorable. It’s all in the smile. Cute song!
    The vid. seems like its going to be really cute. fun. :)

  • Jasmine P.

    Woo hoo!! He’s pretty good at singing I guess and he really is cute!! :)

  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @nikki: Uh you’d be wrong.
    A lot of people LOVE Justin Bieber!!!!!
    I DO!!!! :D
    I don’t know who’s cuter.
    The puppies or Justin!
    Hahaha XD

  • justin bieber lover

    i love ya i dont want to be crazy but i love ya come to quebec canada

  • kaylee

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  • HockeyGurL

    @nikki: You must do ,if you took the time to comment about him.

  • vanessa

    he is 15 his b-day was on june!

  • daniell

    i loveusomach

  • haley

    that boy is so fine!! he looks like my wannabe bf lol!

  • http://iloveyou reeeza

    i love you justin bieber… you are so beautiful ….(L)

  • alex

    his birthdays in march? not june ‘vanessa’

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    OMG Justin Bieber you are so freaking hot and cute. I’m bored so I just wanted to let you know OK? Give me a call at 717-235-6538 Krystina Adams home phone number.

  • Justin Bieber fan and lover

    omg justin bieber is soooo baeutiful
    i love justin bieber
    hes the best star ever ♥♥♥

  • http://gggtg sim

    my two favorite things justin bieber and puppies you are sooo cute come to south carolina please

  • http://aim.com BABY V

    He already has a girl!!!

  • susi

    omg Justin Bieber I Love You

    you are so hot

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    I Love you Justin Bieber

    you are so hot

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  • Samantha

    wow Justine you look so cute in the video. Hope you can visit Wisconsin.
    i live in the water capital of the world.

  • Samantha

    Justine i love how you love animals i love them to. I love dogs so much i have 2
    hope you can come to Wisconsin

  • MEEE:3!

    I LOOVEE HIM..! ♥_________♥

  • katherine

    where do you live?

    i want to meet you because seem like a very nice 15 year old boy whose really good singing

  • http://puppysrule katherine

    my name is katherine and I’m 13

  • http://google haley n.

    i think justin is nice. plus he knows how to sing.

  • caitlin *bug*

    Oh my gosh i LOVE you Justin Bieber you rock!!!!! Your songs One Time and Favourite Girl are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will always love you and plan to meet you one day. <3333333333333<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333

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