Kevin Jonas: I'm The Groom Who Wants To Plan My Wedding

Kevin Jonas: I'm The Groom Who Wants To Plan My Wedding

Newly betrothed Kevin Jonas caught up with CTV on the Canadian set of his upcoming DCOM, Camp Rock 2 and chatted about his upcoming nuptials to Danielle Deleasa. Check out what the 21-year-old musician had to say:

On what he and Danielle have to still plan: “We’re in between a bunch of things right now like choosing dates and things like that but we’re just trying to figure everything out and we’re enjoying it, we’re having a blast. I’m definitely into the planning process, a lot of guys you know are like just go ahead take it all but no I definitely want to be a part of all of it, as much as I can of course. It’s fun and brings us together and we get to make a lot of decisions together.”

On brothers Nick and Joe planning his bachelor party: “That’s all I know about that, is that they’ll being doing it. So they are my best men and she has two sisters as well so it worked out really well and I think we’ll have a good time, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Younger bro Joe on Kevin’s upcoming nuptials: “It’s going to be really exciting. We’re really happy for Kevin and Danni and I think, I don’t even know much about what is going to be happening but I know Kevin keeps trying to plan his own bachelor party and that’s not going to happen. Me and Nick are like ‘we are not going to let that happen.’ So we are going to figure out the right place and have fun and it’s going to be a good time. He wants to do golfing but that just seems a little too normal. We have to do something outrageous and fun. Something crazy.”

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  • andrea

    i love the jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    Jared could you please post the video it says i can’t see it in my region :(

  • tara (mrs nick j)

    GO JOBROS :) i love you boys..
    still waiting on my email to be an extra in cr2 ;) i really hope with al my heart that i get in!
    and oMG i cant even belive..i posted a comment on AND ITS THERE! :) hahhaha i love u guysss
    that made my dayyy :) :)

    i love u nicckkkk

  • cassie

    kev’s awesome!! he and danielle and going to have the perfect wedding.

  • Cathy

    awww… kevin and danielle are too cute together! the jobros just make me smile everyday! =]]

  • Katie

    how adorable. (:
    i’m so happy for Kev

  • Luis F. Gomez

    And that ladies and gentlemans is what love is about… The only thing that matters is that you love your girl and your girl loves you… and thats it! The perfect formula for a succesful marriage… Kevin and Danielle are gonna last forever… God bless their marriage!! Greets from Guatemala!!

  • Shelly

    I cant see the video. Jared, can you please post it here? I love them together

  • Emily

    Spelled dani wrong.

  • gina

    dani is lucky. she got a keeper ;) lol

  • MaiChi

    No offence but not many people care about their wedding because…
    1. Kevin Jonas is the least popular JB.
    2. Who the heck is the fiance?
    3. They’re both pretty bad-looking.
    Offense kinda intended.
    Oh, well. :l

    I wanna hear about a Zanessa wedding. In the way future but that would be the wedding of the century. :]


    Zanessa?! SuperLOLs.

    Kevin’s awesome and adorable and his fiancee is lovely!

  • Shelly


    STFU and GTFO!


    @Shelly: Well put. :)

  • cassie

    @MaiChi: too bad no one really cares about your opinion!! so please STFU!!

  • cassie

    @MaiChi: your opinion really doesn’t matter!! don’t care to hear it.

  • xo

    i love how so many people are supportive of kevin and dani its nice when people are so supportive of of celebrities choices because its their choice to make and sometimes other people think their opinion is important for these sort of things even though they dont know them


    They met in the Bahamas, they shoul get married in Cancun, Mexico. Beautiful place in the Caribbean as well. Let`s vote for it.

  • http://justjaredjnr Samie:)

    wonder wat kinda of crazy joe is talking about lmfao ! :)

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    MaiChi: i aggred

    and her bag she always were it .. it’s a nice purse but come on !!
    and i’m going to say my opinion either you guys like it or not !!

  • nwl

    everybody loves kevin and he is not the least popular brother and so what if his fiance is not a celeb and i think she looks cute and he is very smart for marrying a normal girl it would be so easier for both of them

  • alina

    cool kevin and friends!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • tara (mrs nick j)

    @tara (mrs nick j): OMJOMJOMJOMJ


  • Courtney

    Kevin and Dani are amazing!

  • victoria

    i think they should get married in atlantis since thats where they met. but someone said they broke up and it came from kevins mouth and i wanna know if its true or not.. i mean probably not since just jared and oceanup and all the sites would have it up here but i hope not, i love them. and girl please, kevins is adorable and the sweetest brother so smd. =)

  • ashley

    vamessa hudgens is butt ugly!kevin is fine:) vanessa looks like her parents found her in a trash can!zac deserves better.

  • andrea

    @tara (mrs nick j):

    you are so lucky!!!!!! have fun :)

  • kylie

    What I want to know is what Frankie is gonna be in the wedding!!!

  • Kenna

    shut the fuck up. vanessa is a whore.


    CONGRATS!!!! I’m so happy for you two!!!

  • katerina

    happy marriage kevin and daniella!!!
    be happy forever!
    love you