More New Moon Footage To Air at Scream Awards 2009

More New Moon Footage To Air at Scream Awards 2009

Spike TV screamed for more New Moon — and they got it!

The 2009 Scream Awards, which honors the best fantasy and horror flicks, is airing more New Moon footage at the award ceremony and Twi-cast will introduce the clip.

The Twi-cast is nominated for several awards at the ceremony including: Best Fantasy Film, Scream Song of the Year, and Best Supporting Actress for Ashley Greene. Start voting HERE!

The 2009 Scream Awards will premiere Tuesday, October 27 at 10 PM, ET/PT on Spike TV.

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  • katie

    Really? How much more can they show us until we have actually seen the whole film?

  • emma


  • Beth

    Why are they doing it? Publiciity? They don’t need to, there are actually people flying to the like 2 days early premier!!!!!! I think its really horrible trying to get people EVEN more obsessed, knowing they’ll pay through the nose for tickets, action dolls, posters, books which are exactly the same but with Robert Pattinson and Kristen steward on them. I like Twilight but I am not willing to participate in this obsession

  • demi

    Can’t wait..!

    I LOVE ROBERT……..!

  • jasmine

    Awesome! Cant wait to see Kristen!

  • florence

    can someone tell me.. r they showing the MOVIE or just a CLIP?

  • Mimi

    OMG i hope my mom can get me tickets 4 this. I WANT 2 C ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ingeyla

    I’d love 2 c da cast n ofcourse Rob n kristen dere but i agree wid katie 2. wat is left 2 show more? atleast sum of i shud b left 4 da movie itself. ofcourse, even if dey showed major parts v will still go watch da movie but still dis is bad

  • xo

    @florence: just a clip from the movie

  • Nicky

    I thought they would they did last year with Twilight. Cant wait!!

  • http://justjaredjnr Samie:)

    will it be another trailer or just like a sneak peek before the priemere ?

  • Sia

    I love Twilight and WELL I DON’T GIVE A DAMN what people think ! Bring on the clip.

  • amanda

    They have shown us so mcuh gosh how much more can they show us?
    I mean what’s left?

  • Nina

    yesssss god knows how much i love scream awards, k-stew and new moon (no twilight) Be still my heart

  • EnoughOverkillPLEASE

    Good grief, ENOUGH CLIPS AND TRAILERS, already!

    It’s really detracting from the anticipation of seeing the whole movie. There is no mystery about New Moon anymore, and it’s because they have COMPLETELY over-saturated the fans with relentless trailer after trailer and still shot after still shot.

    ENOUGH – don’t show anything else until the actual premier date!!!

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Cool! I have already voted back in September. cannot wait.

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