Selena Gomez Makes The Day Better

Selena Gomez Makes The Day Better

Selena Gomez, wearing American Eagle jeans, gets a giant bear hug from many of her young fans as she visits Charnock Elementary School for OfficeMax’s A Day Made Better event in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (October 6).

A Day Made Better recognizes the fact that teachers around the nation spend around $1,000 of their own money for school supplies. OfficeMax’s event supplies 1,100 teachers with over $1,000 in school supplies and brings awareness to their need.

Be sure to check out Selena‘s new “Under Pressure” episodes!

15+ pics of Selena Gomez making the day better…

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for OfficeMax
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  • mandy09

    shes soooooo gorgeous, extremly pretty!!! and super sweet…. definitety the best!!!

  • selene

    I love her!

  • amy

    LOL i was wondering what she was doing there and then i saw


    album promotions

    oh well

  • Naomi

    This was really sweet of her. Your awesome Selena! :)

  • aMY


  • kehinde

    lmao dis chicks album is gonna blow…FAIL! loved her in waverly place

  • =)

    she is the best, really sweet and beautiful
    I want her cd!!!

    xoxo, from Mexico

  • SElena is amazing

    WOW! She is just plain gorgeous. Such a sweetheart.
    I LOVE her style.
    Her album is AMAZING. I listen to it like all the time.

  • alyson

    aww. the pictures of the kids hugging her are so cute ;D
    @amy they were free; so not exactly an album promotion.

  • grace kane

    selena gomez is well, a slut. and i dont like her music, she sounds like a computer or a dying rabbit either way you want to look at it really. nick jonas is way too good for you, and the only people who bought your album are 5 year old who are stupid enough to believe that you a cool and wizards exist. so basically all 5 year olds. love rachel, xx

  • dfs

    i love this girl. she’s the sweetest. drama free. grounded. genuine of the three

  • mandy09

    gosh i love her so much, shes has a pure gold heart!!!

  • Adam

    @grace kane: DUMBASS ALERT!

  • Adam

    @grace kane: I just saw that you just put the same freaking comment on three Selena posts. Wow, congratulations on having no life whatsoever you sad excuse for a human being.

  • claire

    i love her!!!!! shes gorgeous and i always love what shes wearing!!! and im really glad she changed her hair to the longer style! soooooo PRETTY!!!

  • nikki

    actually she did make it to the top ten


  • mandy09

    @adam i couldn´t more agree with you, poor grace kane what a pathetic loser you are, just a person extremly jelous hahahaha i just laugh in your ugy face grace kane….

  • PAjAMA-llama :)

    OMW!! ShEs soooo sweet… amazin.. :) i dno if i shud b jealous of her or if i want her 2 b my BFF.. LMAO!! KIDDIN :)

    bt i dooo luuurve her… :) shes an awesum actress nd singer nd person…

    nd SUM ppl need nt b so rude… :) jealousy makes u nasty nd nasty makes u fat :P

    *peaCe OuT* xxx


    YOUR AWESOME SEL how cute god bless you

  • zzz

    @grace kane:

    Aww, don’t be so jealous, maybe if you try to be nice you’ll finally have your own album. Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s never gonna happen since you’re not a celeb!!!

  • Asia

    hI Selena I love and I want to say to the peple who met her are very lucky!
    And if some body knew her number please tell but don’t fake it plz omly give the number!
    I love you selena I am your biggest fan ever and I wish you can read this!
    Wish all luck guys!

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