Selena Gomez: My Mom Gets Hit On Before Me!

Selena Gomez: My Mom Gets Hit On Before Me!

Selena Gomez shows off her sparkly heart lips as she gets ready for her Kiss & Tell photo shoot in the new episode of her web series, Under Pressure.

The 17-year-old performer joked behind-the-scenes in the video on why she’s single. Selena shared, “I’m single because guys hit on my mom before me. No one hits on me, everyone hits on my mom (laughs)!”

If you listen carefully, you can hear Selena blasting BFF Taylor Swift‘s music in the background!

Selena also attended a charity event at Charnock Road Elementary School in Culver City, California this afternoon (October 6).

Selena Gomez & The Scene – Under Pressure, Episode 5

Selena Gomez & The Scene – Under Pressure, Episode 4

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Credit: Eric Brogmus; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Grace DIMOND

    aww she is so nice, with all the charity work
    Love her (L)

  • diane n.

    aww, haha.
    thats so cute and funny. (:

  • Anonymous

    awww i love selena shes so gorgeous, cute, very talented and has a great personablily.

  • Anonymous

    aww i love selena shes gorgeous, cute, very talented and has a great personability.(:

  • 21057876989

    she shouldn’t be suprised her mom looks like she’s about in her 20′s! and she’s gorgeous lol

  • Alex

    I love selena! You totally need to put up her album photoshoot

  • none

    Her mother looks like her. She is such an interesting person.

  • listen to mayday parade

    I heard The Academy is !

  • Qwerty

    I definitely feel for the poor make up artist, it’s amazing that her idea was even heard, let alone done. Too many people in that industry are kind of tossed aside, and I thought it was very sweet of Selena to vouch for her, and support that idea. The whole album booklet is amazingly done, they should all be very proud.

  • iluvrobpattz

    huh. another thing about selena. i cant believe people aren sick of her yet. i sure am. AND WHAT GREAT ALBUM WAS THAT? it never hit #1 on iTunes even w/ all that pubicity. ha. Paramore beat her. Paramore rulz.

    And to all u lovers o’ selena ignore dis. dis is just my opnion. dont go bashin me for standing up 4 myself. =] peace=]

  • iluvrobpattz

    OH AND WHATS W/ THOSE LIPS? i aint stupid i know they are on her album but, what the hell>

  • Deen

    so proud of her, she is an amazing artist, very talented girl, i really love her

  • amanda

    so i think it sucks that the band “the scene” isnt in any of the photos. just their legs which doesnt really count. lame

  • iluvrobpattz


  • iluvrobpattz


  • mandy09

    haters are so pathetic losers!!! seriously this girl is the best, is so gorgeus, talented, and down to earth!!! has a gold of heart!!!

  • mandy09

    btw all of photo shoot are insane gorgeous!!!! her face is so angelical….

  • Christina…

    If you take a look at the previous episode she explains that she wanted a band but she had to kind of fight Hollywood record against it. The Scene is not in the pictures because they want Selena’s fans to buy the cd, they wouldn’t if it was a random band that nobody knew. She is not in charge of publicity, she is just a kid in a big corporation with people telling her what to do. Give her a break….

    Besides the band came near the end after all the songs were recorded, they are basically there for the live performances.

  • Me

    I got her CD! It’s pretty good! My fave is I Won’t Apologize, but they’re all awesome. =]

  • alyson

    aw; hahah, that was funny xD
    .& bleahh. haters are hilarious. if you want to make a point, at least try not to sound like a dumbass?

  • grace kane

    selena gomez is well, a slut. and i dont like her music, she sounds like a computer or a dying rabbit either way you want to look at it really. nick jonas is way too good for you, and the only people who bought your album are 5 year old who are stupid enough to believe that you a cool and wizards exist. so basically all 5 year olds. love rachel, xx

  • davidhot

    Selena is a pity I never came across you I would hit on you anytime :-)

  • Alex

    @grace kane: Well i’m 13 and will buy her album and my mum loves selena too so that is a poor argument. I know many other people who are not 5 who love selena gomez.

  • dfs

    haha all i had to do was read the name”iloverobpattz” and anything after that i couldn’t take seriously

  • Nadeeya

    @alex : thirteen is a kid duh -,-

    I’m so sick of her.. not that I hate her.. it just I’ve heard too much about her recently

  • atsgmcdl

    OH? So selena actually made her lips like that? I thought it was computerised….I think its gr8 for selena to start singing but i think she needs a little more lessons-cuz she thinks er natural voice doesnt sound gud- it wud actually sound better than that compuerised voice in falling down-well..

    Just practise and ull get dere1


  • Gossip Girl

    Dude! She looks like Demi in that shot :D

  • Adam

    @Nadeeya: It’s called “looking the other way”. If you’re sick of Selena, just don’t click on the post and find some other post instead.

  • Ali(:

    I’m sick of people that always find reason for bad! eh.
    So people who made Selena (& every other celebrity) thought that she’s talented. Disney always wants multi-talented people. But for reality, music & movies are soo many, for example just genres. Some people like rock, others pop & rap and so on. Same for movies: comedy, romance or horror. After all celebrities are just people, that actually made it. I’m sure none of haters & those who critize, haven’t make it big, yet or don’t have time to. Reason I post this just, I believe there are so many talents & there will always be people who’ll love & who will hate. For example I don’t know any person, who’s 1000% loved by everyone [as friend]. I used to not like celebrity, just because everyone else did… now i try to like or be indifferent.

    Opposite of Love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.
    ~Elie Wiesel.

  • SElena is amazing

    Selena all the way! too much to say: funny, gorgeous, talented, great singer/ great actress, beautiful, kind,

    Haters go away!. You guys are LAME.

  • a

    she’s amazing <3

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Hahaha XD


    CAnt wait to see you perform sel, you rock she so sweet listening to TAYLOR SWIFT CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Selena may be cute, but if I hit on her, it’d be kind of creepy. So naturally, I’d be more than likley to hit on her mom than her.

  • Julia

    Hey! I think I have that white shirt that she’s wearing when she’s getting her hair done and choosing outfits. Target! wooo.

  • Sam

    Selena is a nice girl, too bad she can’t sing very well. When you release a CD you better hope people buy it because of your talent, not because you are nice.

  • iloveselena

    ahhhh, i love her! she has the cutest personality! i love the part where she is talking about her mom getting hit on before her lol!!! LOVE HER<3333333

  • http://yahoo dashia

    selena is a very good singer!!!!!!!!!SHE ROCK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SELENA GOMEZ

  • http://yahoo dashia


    @Sam: Selena is a very good singer. so shut your mouth

  • tyler kissane

    selena gomez is so unique i love the way she acts, shes really cute,hot,amazing lol man i wish i could be ur boy
    facebook ( i have a myspace and a twitter

>>>>>>> staging1