Joe Jonas is a Camp Rock Cooker

Joe Jonas is a Camp Rock Cooker

Joe Jonas intently listens to a friend as they pick up some groceries at a local Whole Foods Store in Toronto on Tuesday afternoon (October 6).

The 20-year-old musician recently caught up with JJJ and revealed that he’s getting really into cooking as of late. He shared, “I want to make a pasta – that’s our next goal. I’m excited – I’m going to make it tomorrow night, probably. I think it’s going to be fun.”

Joe continued, “I made fish tacos and that was a big hit – it was the first time I’d cooked for more than myself and people kind of freaked out, they loved it! It was really exciting for me so that was really cool to see that they liked it.”

TELL JJJ: What meal would you like Joe to cook for you?

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Credit: Todd G; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Shamilah

    joe looks soooo hot!

  • alexa

    I could cook for him

  • Yasmin

    Joeeee looks smokin; :P

  • Julissa

    what’s my number? XD!!

  • Courtney

    Joe is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilo

    That’s my kind of man.

  • shamilah

    :) I cant wait for Camp Rock 2! :)

  • Saahirah

    ‘ I cant wait for Camp rock 2;’ ! :)

  • sophie

    oh joseph. please cook for me, i like anything. just not fish tacos..

  • kay

    those are zac’s glasses =/

  • Lauren

    I would love if he makes me mac and chesse :)

  • Shaye

    isn’t he the hottest thing ever?!?!?!?!?!

    he should definitely come to Jamaica and let me teach him how to cook. grass is also green but is it any good? lol

  • Shaye

    Jamaica, Jamaica…oh
    lol just words from a song.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Joe Jonas looks awesome.

  • nikki


  • brad

    @kay: i know only ZAC could pull off those kinda glasses :)

  • sarah

    I think joe looks good in those glasses. if joe cooked for me i would let him decide because whatever he cooks im sure it will taste amazing

  • hun98

    Aw, Joe seems like such a nice friend.. I want him to listen to me.. :) also, that is so cool he’s getting into cooking.. man, does the guy get any more talented and down to earth? too bad there’s only one of him… but I hear he has a younger brother.. :P

  • karolina

    visit the information of the jonas brothers and demi lovato in every language

  • jessica

    joe is soooo hot
    and he looks great in though glasses:)

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I´d like to see him cooking the Thanks Giving Dinner hahaha… that would be a huge hit… he is getting into it… good!! I like to cook too… hahaha its fun and relaxing… greets from Guatemala!!

  • Mai

    I can’t Wait For Camp Rock 2 !! :D

  • janie

    @kay: ZACS FOR SURE

  • chastity

    how did HE become my favorite Jonas brother? ahh gosh.

  • Siana

    I like him to cook pasta and Vegetables.

  • cassie

    that’s awesome that joe can cook!! :-) i’m not sure about fish tacos though….that sounds kind of out there. but the pasta sounds like it will be good :-)

  • brandi

    I love how ppl make fun of guys for wearing shorts above their knees…sorry that he doesn’t have his entire butt showing and them hanging down mid calf..its called style..learn about it

  • LOVE

    I AM IN LOVE!!!!



    HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luckkyme

    How much gayer is he gonna get? ha kidding, maybe ;p He is hot tho. but he needs to cut his hair. and straighten it. and maybe bulk up SOME MORE. and learn some good grammar (like in interviews he sounds so stupid he just rambles on and on with no such point) and Get a bit SMARTER and not so STUPID. and stop being a kid, and actually become a MAN.. not a man-child. and there you have it.

  • eLLa

    Joe looks so good in the jacket and glasses.. but not with that shorts.. haha. But he still look HOT as always.. ;)

  • JONas

    wow sweet , funny , hot and can cook! ladies what more do you want?!
    i would eat joe’s food any time ;)

  • yeahh…

    @nikki: those aren’t short shorts…

  • nwl

    i’m sure if he cooked for me i won’t even care if tasted gross i’d be too busy drooling over him

  • sarah

    I would taste anything he cooked for me. Then I’ll make him an amazing dish! Id also make cookies cake brownies etc. fatten him up! hehe. I like to listen to music while i cook. It makes it more fun :]

  • jonascyrus

    Can he BE ANY more hotter ?? strut yourself Joey .. god those short shorts are amazing !!! god the more he grows the more he gets sexier and he’s a man now!! freakin tease

  • may

    Joe Loooooooks So H.O.T

  • sheery

    joe you soo great … Iiove you soo much …
    I cant Wait For Camp Rock 2 !!

  • shelby

    i would love joe to cook pasta an friut salad i love to cook its great fish tocos sound good

  • Cathy

    i’d love to eat his tacos! :DD

  • anarella

    jonas los amooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
    i love

  • Rach

    I wish Joe would cook for me! <3

    Dont get me wrong here, i absolutely love joe, but his shorts are kinda on the short side :S Oh well, he can pull it off.

    Overall, he looks smokin’ :)

    Cant wait for camp rock 2!

    peace. love. jonas!

  • TiffanyLynn

    AMEN, to that !!! lol

  • Sapphire

    @Luckkyme: haha Luckyme, your comment made my day lol<3″be an man!” love it!

  • Jade

    I WANT HIM TO COOK ME PASTA! I love Italian food…and everything else italian lol. That includes him obviously.

  • nabeela /clair

    joe can cook thats amazing and shoking i cam cook for him

    heeeeeeeeees so hot

  • nabeela /clair

    i love to cook i’ve been cooking since i was 10
    and i love joe

  • jazz

    joe can cook me anything :)
    i love that boy!!!!

  • katie

    he is sooo cute and soo funny