Sabrina Bryan Returns To Dancing With The Stars!

Sabrina Bryan Returns To Dancing With The Stars!

After her shocking elimination during season five of Dancing With The Stars, Sabrina Bryan is coming back to the ballroom!

The 24-year-old singer is putting her dancing shoes back on after she was announced as the Design A Dance celebrity winner on last night’s results show. The Macy’s Design A Dance contest is the viewers ultimate fantasy — their fave couple, dancing their fave dance to their fave song.

Viewers have chosen Sabrina to dance the Paso Doble to “Eye of the Tiger” — but her costume and partner are still amiss. Be sure to log onto to cast your vote on who you would love to see her dance with!

Sabrina posted on her MySpace, “Wow I’m still in a daze. I haven’t been this excited for the longest time. I’m so grateful and honored that you all voted…I promise it’s going to be amazing! I’m sooooo ready to tear up the dance floor!! Can’t wait to start rehearsing!!! Make sure you vote for whoever you want me to dance with….so excited to see who you guys pick!!”

Sabrina Bryan Returns To “Dancing With The Stars!”
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  • Donna C

    A well deserved trip back to the ballroom for Sabrina! She was, in my opinion, the best celebrity dancer ever on DWTS. Her fans learned the hard way what happens if you don’t vote long and hard for your favorite on this show, and we were not going to let it happen again. Congratulations Sabrina!!

  • Jaqui

    I’m sooooo happy for Sabrina!!! She totally deserves it, more than anyone. I just can’t wait to see her dance again, she made DWTS history.
    We love you Sabrina!!!!!

  • Lindsay b.

    So happy Sabrina won. She is a great dancer and deserves it. Cant wait to see her back on the dance floor. Love ya Sabrina!!

  • Jack

    Sabrina is SO HOT. Thanks jjj for the update.

  • michele

    Congratulations Sabrina. Her fan base definitely did learn the hard way and pave the way for other fan bases not to make the same mistake. It is definitely only right that she get this second chance. She is an incredible dancer and I can’t wait to see her on that floor!

  • Kat

    Congrats to Sabrina, she definitely deserves this honor.

  • monica

    So excited to see Sarbina Bryan dancing again. Congrat’s girl :)

  • jeff

    Sabrina Bryan is so sexy and I have been wanting to see her dance again for awhile. I love you Sabrina.

  • gina

    Happy that Team Sabrina brought her back. <33333 Miss Sabrina Bryan :-)

  • Asia

    Yes,that she won :) :) :)

  • Brenda

    It feels good to hear that she is coming back to dance again!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johanna

    Thank you Jared for telling us that Sabrina won :) I will be tuning in when she dances on the Dancing with the Stars. Sabrina is super gorgeous!!!

  • pink sugar

    Not to be mean, but she was spending out tweets asking people to vote her. LOL

  • miley

    Congrat’s all the work paid off asking your fan’s and everyone to vote for you and your fan’s came through for you.

  • selena

    You go girl


    Hey Sabrina….Way to go.. You definately deserve to dance again. I was one fo the people who voted alot for you to win So happy that you did!! wahooooo

  • demi

    AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!!!

  • britney

    Hey, Finally…a Candidate that I Voted for that wins!!! Sabrina Bryan, you may have broken my Bad Luck streak. Lol Luv you girl

  • Polvopaw

    I’m so happy that Sabrina won this, I cant wait to see her dance, she is going to dance the BEST Paso Doble that DWTS would ever seen!!! LOVE YOU SABRINA!!! <3

  • victoria


  • kelly

    You are incredible young women. It’s not just the beauty outside but it’s the beauty inside that makes you who you are. So happy that we get see you dance AGAIN . Congrat’s love

  • christina

    Congrat’s Sabrina I am very proud to be a fan of yours love the shoutout you gave in the video thanking us on abc. You truley know how to appericate your fan’s and so glad we got to get to vote and help you win.

  • hannah

    It was nice seeing you smile..You are beautiful Sabrina and seeing you happy is the best. So congratulations!

  • chloe

    I am so excited!You’re my favorite Dancing star! ;)

  • Jeannie

    So proud of you!!! can’t wait to see your firece paso!!

  • rosalinda

    woo hoo!

  • leslie

    Soooooo glad you will be on DWTS again!!! ITB :-)

  • Carroll

    I SO voted for you! Can’t wait to see you dance again!!!

  • alisa

    You go Sabrina and you rock!

  • Randi

    Cool. Congratulation

  • shannon

    Congrats on winning Sabrina We’re spreading smiles every minute hearing we could bring you back and we did it!!!!!

  • nick

    She is hot x

  • myrna

    Congratulations Sabrina Bryan

  • rena

    Sabrina YAY

  • cecilia

    Congrats on winning

  • Tami

    I am so pleased that Sabrina won the celebrity spot on the DWTS DAD segment. She is such an awesome dancer! I can’t wait to see her back on that floor. Thank you Just Jared for doing this blog!

  • Emily

    I think she’s been the best dancer EVER on DWTS. She’s seriously amazing. I love watching all of her performances back. <33 Her Cha Cha = <3

    I hope she’s partnered with Mark! Honestly, he needs to break up with his gf, and get back with Sabrina. They like, belong together. Not even lying. They’re the best couple ever. The best couple on DWTS ever, except for Julianne + Chuck (who were dating before hand, though).

  • sonia

    Whooo hooo so Stoked that Sabrina won it!
    Team Sabrina rocks!!! Can not wait to see her dancing again soon!!!

  • Kimmee

    Congrats to Sabrina!!! Can’t wait to see you tear up that dance floor with yet another awesome Paso!!!

  • Jellybean

    The best dancer won! Congrats Sabrina!

  • grace

    Congrat’s girl

  • erica

    So pretty Sarbina and she’s my idol

  • jennifer

    God I love her!!!!!

  • nicole

    yes, she did it =)

  • tiffany

    Happy for you Sabrina Bryan (:

  • mark

    Your so gorgeous wish it was me picked to dance with you . You need to come to Rome sometime and dance with me Sabrina.

  • angela

    Yes!!!!!!!!So estatic tha you won Sabrina Bryan. I hope you get a great pro dancer to dance with and it will b a great dance with also a great outfit.

  • nicki

    I so can’t wait to see Sabrina dance again… I don’t even care who it’s with :)

  • Tonya

    So happy to see Sabrina back on that floor!

  • cody

    I lOVE this woman’s Dancing

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