David Archuleta: No More Puffy Cheeks!

David Archuleta: No More Puffy Cheeks!

David Archuleta shows off his non-puffy cheeks in his new YouTube video.

The 18-year-old singer writes in the notes section of the video, “I gave up on the last blog, so I just made a new one. My cheeks are finally back to normal! I’ve had a nice time recovering though and relaxing. Went to the Colbie Caillat concert!”

David continued, ” [It] was awesome getting to see her again. She’s one of the nicest, casually cool people you could meet. [I've] been exercising and getting back in shape! Going to Nashville for the week to start working on some writing and new projects. Christmas album comes out October 13th! Next week!”

David Archuleta: Puffy Cheeks Be Gone
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  • chloo

    He’s so damn hot!!

  • Jess

    I love archieeee

  • Kaylee

    last 30 seconds is so funnneeeeee

  • Masbonita

    Can’t wait to get the CD !!!! Have you guys heard the new snippets? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkY3BNmRAkU

  • me!!!

    David is simply THE BEST!!!! even his video blogs are THE BEST!!!! :) I adore him!!!!!

  • pam05

    This friday is release of his mp3 CHRISTMAS FROM THE ♥ AT AMAZON Squeeeeeeeeee

  • jamie

    he’s adorable<3
    i love him.

  • sydbk

    He’s really really Hott! Why can’t I have his perfect skin! I’m saving all my bday and Xmas money for his cds for sure!

  • sv18


  • dani

    I love you David Archuleta!! (so getting this cd!!)

  • dulce

    Aww he is so cute , I love him

    Archie come to Venezuela :)

  • mary

    Ohhh…he looks hot…hotter than usual

  • violet4ever

    Glad David got to see Colbie! If you’ve never saw David sing Colbie’s Bubbly, search YouTube for Archuleta Bubbly – I love the videos by waitingforyesterdayx (best video) and MsLemonade08 (best audio and the fun explanation beforehand). David first sang it as a last minute encore in that solo show. And I can’t wait for David’s Christmas album! BTW – Benton’s keyboard survived it’s surprise encounter with the floor.


    love him !

  • me.

    i love him to death. <33
    i wouldn’t mind seeing his chubby cheeks, tbh. he’ll make it look adorable. ;P

  • kelsye

    i love love him soo much <3 awww lol he DROP the keyboard hahah
    CANT wait 4 the x-mass CD <3 <3 OCT 13 BABY weee


    DAVID lol he is sooo FUNNY i love him <3 <3 i cant wait 4 his x-mass album <3 <3 IT’S TUESDAY YET?

  • Marcela

    David Archuleta need his own web show seriously, he’s is the most entertainement celebrity out there right now. His skills of comedian are just natural for him and his big knowledge of all kind of music is a bonus..and his pure teen behaviour is so funny .

  • http://www.facebook.com/KelvinBeh06 KelvinBeh06

    David is Awesome….. ^u^
    hey guy i have David Archuleta – Melodies Of Christmas (Full Version)

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