Joe Jonas: I Can't Wait For Dublin

Joe Jonas: I Can't Wait For Dublin

Joe Jonas cracks a big smile as he heads to Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre to work out before heading to the Canadian set of Camp Rock 2 on Thursday afternoon (October 8).

The 20-year-old actor/musician caught up with JJJ recently and revealed that he’s looking forward to getting back out on the road once filming is done.

Joe shared, “I’m actually excited to perform in Dublin, Ireland – I have this charity event that I hold – that’s a 5k run to raise awareness for the Special Olympics. I did the first one in San Antonio and it was really cool – we’ll be doing the second one in Dublin, so I’m excited to do that and get that started again.”

10+ pics inside of Joe Jonas hitting up the gym…

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Credit: O\\\\\\\'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Ashleigh


    thats okay!! seriously!! I’m ashamed of louis and john and edward!!We all are over here!! I’m so sorry..I think i was rude, :( i still think I could have handled it better!! I just get……angry easily haha! And ye, I know Ireland have druggies too, although more so in Dublin than anywhere else (haha) ;) But don’t worry I don’t think you all are because of Amy…And btw my idols come from england- Leona Lewis and Cheryl Cole!! I LOVE THEM!!! Ireland doesn’t have many amazing singers but I do love The Script! We’re proud of them!! GOSH.. I FEEL SO BAD, YOU’RE REALLY NICE!!! You handled me really well, haha..Seriously I accept your apology! ACCEPT MINE NOW!! I hope i didn’t make you think all the irish are really rude because of meee!! And I adore english people and their accents!! Haha ;)

    but sorry

    I still think you should shut up

  • omg

    haha, i love his smile :)

  • Alice


    Thanks…after that comment, it feels great to be Irish:|

    The difference between you and the Irish is that we speak our minds hence why those “idiots” shouted at you to go home =]

  • Alice

    Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to sell my tickets to that concert:(
    That’s the second time I’ve had to do that with a JB concert

  • Fiona


    im sorry i didnt mean to be rude its just that those twins make me so angry mainly because ppl think that all of ireland loves them when really only the ppl that know them do!! and how did they get through last night and rachel in the bottom?? nearly broke the tv i was so angry lol

  • Steff

    im Not being bad anni ^^^
    but you might wanna get yor dates right because Miley isnt coming here to Dublin until the 16&17 of december ha the Jonas Brothers are coming here on the 24th of November :) So there obviosuly just hapy to be doing a great event for their charitys :)

  • Laurenn


  • Laurenn


  • mina cullinane

    heyy i love the jonas brothers i am living in ireland now but am orrgiannaly from i read a comment there from somonne saying irish people are idiots and i am saying that for the 2 years i have been soo nice
    i am goin to the conert in dublin and i am just wandering dose eny body no wen this fuun run is ??
    if yhoo no can yhoo emailme @ thankyou

  • jonasfreak



  • Elizabeth

    im volentering for special olympics tooo!!!!
    im in love with this boy!!
    and irish people rule i should know because im irish!!
    x x

  • Christina


    Ireland is way different the people think it kinda sad you based what you think about something on from a tv show
    Do you get your come backs from Hannah Montana?


  • Christina

    No a 10 year one seicnce year award

    And we get great test results in are junior and leaving cert

    So we smart!

  • Christina


    Sorry i did’t know you said sorry for it

    Sorry for that

  • Josie

    OHMYJONAS I shall be there!!! Yay!!!

  • Laurenn

    im irish and i couldnt care less of what you think about where i live… nobody else should either? maybe you lot should just grow up tbh ha

    anywaseee, can any bodyyyyyyy tell me where he will be doing the fun run when he is over here, ive looked everywere to try & find out…
    if any one knows pleaseeee let me knoww..
    taa :]

  • Laura

    omg are u serious u cant judge everybody from ireland like that were very friendly people just because u had a bad experience with a irish person thats not all of us ur just jealous joe decided 2 do the run in dublin and not were u live u now ur jealous hah x

  • Aoife

    K there were so many mean comments about Irish people there so I am not singling anyone out *Cough Dianne cough*
    I am Irish and proud cos most people love Irish people like when we go on holidays people like us! :P
    And also we have a culture (Music, dancing and a LANGUAGE) s take your hate somewhere else and POG MO THON!

  • Miichelleee

    @Diiane: Not all Irish people are like that, believe me. You were probably just in a rough town or somethin?..
    Cuz where I live, there’s so many nice people. I’m goin with Aoife on this one! haha..

    Póg mo thón. agus don’t single out every irish person out as mean just cuz you had a bad experience! :P

  • Ciara

    Ahhhhhh!! I’m super excited now!!:)

  • allie


    irish people are NOT idiots,they are amazing and lovely people,probably the most genuine in the world.No wonder Joe loves it here.(ur just jealous u arent from great ireland!!!)

    btw,cant wait to jog with joe :)

  • Sarah

    Hey Does Anii One Know When This Fun Run Is??
    Im Sure Its In November Because Thats When Theyll Be Here For The Concert But Does Anii One Know The Exact Date??
    I Love The Jonas Brothers!
    They Rock My World!!
    I Support Joe One Hunderd Percent!!
    Irish People Rule!!!!!!
    I Should Know ….Im Irish :D

    Love Ya Joe :P

  • Laurenn

    can anybody please tell me were joe is doing the fun run and when?

  • kelliee

    Hey erm.. anyonee know when & where this is on ? Im on the internet everydayy looking for it and i acc cannott find anythinggggg :( I assume its next week when the concert is on id just like too know whereeee. If anyone knows can u email me pleaseeeeee my email is xD


  • laura dever

    @Laurenn: there doing it in phoinix park

  • Aisling

    @Ani: Miley is not in Ireland at the same time as then. You are wrong so stop being a jealous little fool.

  • Aisling

    @Diiane: One person says something to you so you immediately label all Irish people idiots? I think it is clearly you who is the idiot.
    Oh and what country do you live in because i would love to know what country has no inhabitants that ever insult each other, please do share, is it neverneverland???? No, wait, they still did there too, so please enlighten me.

  • Lindsay Henry

    Hey everyone,
    I’m doing the Special Olympics in Dublin too.
    I’m so excited i can’t!!!
    I love voluntary work. It makes you feel like you have helped and done your bit. I enjoy that much that I always want to do something else!!! =D