Miley Cyrus Is Done With Twitter

Miley Cyrus Is Done With Twitter

Miley Cyrus has deleted her Twitter account — for good.

The 16-year-old actress’s last tweet read, “Liam (Hemsworth) does NOT have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine, with good reason.”

Most recently, Miley has been touring the nation on her Wonder World Concert Tour — her next stop: Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Miley deleting her Twitter?

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  • miley fan

    #WewantMileyback #ComeBackMiley #ihateLiam #fuckLiam #mileycomeback #wemissmiley #mileydontleaveus let`s make this trending so miley will get a new one!

    Please Miley!Care for us!We love you!

  • miley fan

    #WewantMileyback #ComeBackMiley #ihateLiam #fuckLiam #mileycomeback #wemissmiley #mileydontleaveus let`s make this trending so miley will get a new one!

    Please Miley!Care for us!We love you!

  • Rochel

    It just shows her fans that she is not
    as tough as she claims to be :(
    It also shows when life gets rough just QUIT :(

  • Kaygarcia

    I bet she is gonna miss twitter more than twitter is gonna miss her

  • billythekid

    @yo momma:

    Millions of people actually you dumb jerk. Your dumb comment aside, my personal opinion follows.

    It’s obvious she was upset at OceanUp because they posted a series of twitter comments between some minor Twilight actor and someone posing as Liam under KingHemsworth. It was wrong for them to post what that person was saying as if they had any kind of proof who the heck the person really was. Well, Miley said Liam doesn’t have a twitter, which I will take her at her word. Was it the sort of response I expected from her? No, not at all. In fact, I never assumed she would make any response to the silliness that is OceanUp. Personally, if she felt the need to respond a much better approach would have been to announce to all the world that she has a boyfriend – Liam – and that he does NOT have a twitter, and therefore OceanUp is full of crap as usual! But quitting twitter over something OceanUp did? Doesn’t really make too much sense.


    Oh screw off Rochel. Maybe quitting wasn’t the best way to go about it, but lets not get over-dramatic here. She quit twitter, not her tour, or a movie, or her TV show. Sheez, some people are just so stupid, why???

  • Jess!

    thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is not fake!

  • marissa

    i love miley:)
    people take her tweets way to serious so i undertand her decision!
    im gonna miss it though!
    cant wait to see her on tour next month :)

  • Lorrayne santana

    She knows the reason and that’s enough!

    Miley BRAZIL loves you so much.

  • __decoy

    I think its sad coz it even though Im not a fan it was fun to know what shes up to and stuff …but anyway its her decision …anyway maybe twitter wasnt that improtant to her …

  • Ana

    Miley, come back!

    BRAZIL loves you so much.

  • Mileyxobsessed

    Well, I think Miley should come back because Million of People support her on twitter and i think Miley can’t reach quickly 2.Million Follower again.. It’s sad and this because of Liam! aww I hate Liam so much.. But i think it’s also good that she has deleted her twitter she’s not so much in publiycity and can relax without she’s tweeting!
    Whatever, Miley we miss you.. and I hope you’ll read all the tweet
    from your fans.
    We love you forever.

    PS; can’t wait till December the 13th when i’ll see her live in London.

    peace and love from England. <3

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    gd job miley!!!!<3

  • Lauren

    is @billythekid: right; was it because of someone posing as liam an rude things that OceanUp saying things about her and her family; cos i did read a post saying how her family isnt happy with her relationship with liam && also the same story has been reported on celebuzz; is there any other reason behind the twitter deletion?

  • Caetano

    What is him good reason ????
    BRAZIL loves you so much!!!

  • Lipi Katiha

    She deleted it??
    great deed!

  • Isabelle/Mileycfan93

    Awww:( It`s sad…:( but It`s her desision and not ours but It was Fun to read her tweets and that stuff, miss it alreddy :;(
    And many pp joined twitter just because of her…
    But i hope she comes back :)
    But i`ll Support her true every desision she make :)

    Love Miley Ray Cyrus Always and forver <3
    Love from Norway :)

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Aw man!
    I wanted to follow her on
    Twitter when I got one :(
    Oh well, there’s always JB!

  • jessica♥jonas

    i cant belive she left. i loved her tweets

  • booyahh

    Aw mann! :(
    i loved seeing which quotes she was next gonna use
    miss you mileyy

  • b_j_d

    If she deleted it, who cares it is her business. If she deleted it JUST because a boy told her to, then she is dumber than I ever thought. Doesn’t she know not to do something because a boy tells you?

  • RAchelBlair

    Girls should not change for their boyfriends or do things that they don’t want to do but their boyfriends tell them they have to. It’s weak and Miley is not a weak person. I agree with Billy Ray on the whole Liam issue. He is not good for her.
    Miley is going to miss twitter more than twitter is going to miss her. One day she’ll realize what mistake she made in ever dating Liam, who just seems to be controlling.

  • d

    i bet she’ll come back

  • k

    it’s sad. but she must have a good reason to delete her account when she had more than 2 million followers…

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed for another account from her :)

  • giselle

    why miley just because a stupid guys tell you to do so
    you have to do it .you dont have recive order from nobody ok
    liam is fine but i dont think you should go out with him is just my opinion
    but if you decide to go out with him i always gonna support you
    because you are asome ok love you

  • julia

    well…yes it’s sad..:((i loved seeing what miley is doing cause she is so faous and still on the ground but…it’s hard i thought she loved twittering with all her friends like demi lovato or taylor swift…i hope she’S going to miss twittering like we miss her!!!!xoxo

  • heyyyy

    she choose the guy who she met for like 2 months and told her what to do than her 2 million fans. they are both pathetic i hate them both now. i hope she never comes back!

  • Gracie

    Stop hating Liam!! Miley is happy with him she said it herself “I’m the happiest i’ve ever been”, and he just told her she should deleted her account but he didnt tell her GO AND DELETED it, she did it and she knows her reasons, if you are TRUE fans, you’ll support her, stop hating him, she loves him, does it make any sense to you?.

    i do not like Miley but do understand this, give her some privacy.

  • naatalien

    OMG !!!! miley, noo !!!! why you do this ??? Miley plz come back !!!!! We <3 you so much ;***

  • Jannii

    Who cares ^^

  • Jennifer

    I thought it was a joke. I didn’t think she was actually gonna do it.

  • naatalien

    Gosh Jannii don’t say that !!!! ahh if miley will be read this she will be sad !!!! aww if you guys don’t like miley …go away !!!!! nara jesteście dziwni żal na maxxxa x] mil come back <33

  • alzykayten

    im currently grieving the loss of miley on twitter. boyfriends come & go miss miley cyrus but fans stay with you FOREVER. as you can see im hurt! lol :( im gonna miss her soo so SOOO much!
    shes the reason i got twitter in the first place and i fell in love with her and what she’d say and what wa son her mind.
    ahh.. i really do miss her already :’( i hope she comes back!.. someday.. somhow.. please!
    ily miley x

  • gfhgfgf

    we’ll making the twitter account she should have known what was coming but she shouldn’t delete her account FUCK Liam who cares if there dating but i believe tht she will miss twitter and make a new account

  • vvvvvv

    No wonder there wasn’t 20 tweets in one minute from her JK JK I’ll miss her.

  • girl5


  • Vakna4Life

    She’s back!!! Miley is on twitter again!!!

  • Vakna4Life

    …. Or she was back….

  • chey

    why are all of you obsessing over her not being on twitter like your life is gonna end because of it? chill out. go make a freaking facebook or something.

  • maria erica

    this is so retarded
    just cuz liam said she should delete hers doesnt mean that she should do it!
    i loved mileys tweets

  • ben Dover

    I think it’s pathetic…a dude comes into her life for probably only a couple of months and she let’s him do this? I have no interest in her life or anything but really…this is pathetic what she done…letti g a dude get to her over crap.

  • Fernanda


  • Chelsea

    Nooo! Miley come back! You had like what 2 million followers on there? Those 2 million of us cared about you and supported you. Ignore the haters, just think of us. We love you and want to see you do well. Please come back to twitter! It’s not the same without you! PLEASE Miley. Do it for your fans! <3

  • Fernanda


  • jennifer nunez

    she shouldn’t delete because of him :|

  • Lety

    What’s the matter wiff Liam?? IS Miley account NOT his account … MILEY YOUR FANS NEEDS YOU!! PLEASEE COME BACK!!!!

  • Carla

    Cmonn!!! today i went to her twitter page and found that it doesnt exist now!!! im sooo sad! why would she do this? twitter wont be da same without her! i made my account because of her… and i knew twitter just bcos of her. Twitter owes most of its popularity to Miley! Cmon, Miley, you shouldnt care about what they say!
    We love you and i loved reading your twitterings and watchin your awesome photos. It was an approchement to your fans!

    im so sad :|

  • cami

    THANK GOD! haahahahahah miley’s fans must be dying
    it was the most annoying twitter ever!

  • jill

    What a nice way to disappoint the over 2 million fans following her. Wow she is so good to us fans that made her famous

  • cami

    i give her 1 WEEK, hahaaa seriously

  • Lisa R

    I am upset and sad she deleted it. I just dont understand how she can let someone tell her to delete it.
    Its like the same thing with nick, she said that he was a bit controlling or something and that he wanted her to have highlights, well liam is told her to delete it, and she did, so she is going into a trend of doing stuff that her “boyfriends” are telling her.