Taylor Lautner is a Motorcycle Man

Taylor Lautner is a Motorcycle Man

Taylor Lautner lets loose as he rides a motorcycle on the beach in Los Angeles on Thursday evening (October 8).

The 17-year-old Twilight hunk’s photo shoot is rumored to be for Rolling Stone magazine.

Taylor was seen having fun on the cycle and doing a series of his famous flips and handstands. During the shoot, Taylor was also able to show off his football skills.

No word when the issue featuring Taylor is supposed to hit stands, but stay tuned for more info!

15+ pics inside of Taylor Lautner

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Credit: Johnstone/Raishbrook; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • diane n.

    why hello there hottie. (;

  • nikki

    well hello there UUGGLLLYYYY!!!!!

  • sarah

    taylor = hottie


    He is definitely a cute kid! I’m sure he’ll have a long successful career.

  • brad

    UUUUMMMM, why does he always have a football??? its kinda stupid. weird, do something else kid :(

  • Bailee

    He is so HOT!!!!

  • overated.

    do people only like him for his body? cause that’s the vibe im getting. i really don’t see how he is hot..

  • ewww

    @overated.: i agree! he is NOT hot! NOOTT hot

  • Roro

    He does not deserve to be in Rolling Stones magazine. I expect an equivalent amount of Rob/Kristen covers!!

  • 1

    He has a tattoo ??

  • Karen

    Taylor is adorable, I love him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    That last picture is AMAZING!

  • Sancha

    MANNN haters can shove it; taylor is gorgeous ! definatly this times brad pitt. Talented actor, with looks to killlll.

    now about the pics; i think he REALLY got the wolf pack tat ! thats soo much dedication right there !

  • Angelica

    I think he’s a sweet and genuinely nice person. His hot body is a bonus :P Awesome pics… Oh and I read that he likes to carry a football on set because it helps him relax and unwind and he likes to play around with the cast and crew.

  • cs

    dangg taylor has a nicee bodyy!
    he iss cuteee vut i want more rob!!!
    team edward forever<333

    and he doesnt deserve to be in rollingstone!
    rob deserves it more D:<

  • justine

    He should not be in rolling stone, he is not that famous and BIG yet. maybe robert could not him :(

  • demi

    I’m so sick of Taylor! He is always naked or wet! Come on he is only 17 and trying too hard to be sexy!

  • amy

    The boy blatantly loves himself, give him the chance and he’ll get his kit off at any opportunity. It’s ridiculous!

  • me

    @Roro: Why? “Robsten” is like every Beyonce single, “overplayed”.

  • pilar


  • Katie g!

    you have all like been hit over the head or something.
    especially if you think rob pattinson is hotter then him.

    loveeeee himmmmmm<3

  • Kay

    Okay you guys say hes always ‘wet’ or shirtless; HELLO ITS THE PEOPLE ON SET THAT MAKE HIM DO THAT! Do you think every photo shoot he goes to he says ‘Okay time to take off my shirt!’ No, i really doubt that. Hes just doing what hes asked to do, its the photographer’s decision on how hes posing and what he wears (well thats wardrobe but hopefully you get my point.) NOT HIS

  • funderpants

    On a stack of bibles, I would never complain about someone who looks like Taylor always being “naked or wet.” This guy’s got an amazing body (as well as an amazing smile and great skin) and every media outlet is capitalizing on whatever aspect of Twilight that they can. I think he may be enjoying the nakedness, that he worked out for, which he did for work, and the naked is part of his work. He also seems enthusiastic and pleasant during interviews, also part of his work. So he’s happy doing his job, good for him.

  • sweetnessa


  • ceci

    @Katie g!:

    Oh really!??

    *rolls eyes*

  • H.

    He’s a cutie. And yes, it is the people doing the photo set that make him do whatever he’s doing in the photo set.

    Jared, please post more Jackson Rathbone!

  • lalala

    He’s hot but too bad he’s like 5’6

  • Kay

    @lalala: lmfao you’re way off, hes 5′ 10 1/2″

  • lais oguchi

    he is so hot :99

  • charli

    if you look the naked photos are almost always promos or on set for a character that is topless a lot. and he’s wet cause he’s photographed in water.

    also, he doesn’t pick the poses, the photographers do. so don’t take it out on him.
    and frankly I’m glad that it’s not all Rob and Kris. that is seriously old. if you read the books, and I had to so I could say if they were too mature for my 11 year old niece (I’m her guardian) you would know that his character is just as crucial in the 2nd and 3rd books as Rob’s. and Rob has had a ton of covers and such. so now Taylor gets some attention.

    and he’s just as good looking as Rob. maybe even more so cause he’s not all sickly and anorexic looking.

  • Mandy

    Whats wrong with you people? He’s GORGEOUS!!
    Can’t wait for the magazine to come out!!

  • charly


    He doesn’t need to try.
    Plus, he’s got a lot of things going for him; like, he’s smart [he already graduated from high school], he’s down to earth [or at least he covers up well for the camera which would also make him even more talented]. Also, he’s got a smile that could stop anyone’s heart!

  • teeeheee

    quit hatin.

    he’s a hottie ;-)

  • Aisha

    I seriously, SERIOUSLY don’t understand y ppl click on a photo/article of him and bash him!! If u don’t like him, y look at his photos or read anything about him? Just leave it alone. Go drule over Rob whenever he gets his article/photos out. He’s cute n all. Don’t get me wrong. But Taylor deserves just as much publicity as Rob. So DEAL WITH IT!!! The saga is about Bella, Jacob and Edward. So naturally all 3 of them will get magazine covers and photo shoots to promote the franchise. Golley grow up. “He doesn’t deserve to be in RS”. Who the hell r u to make that decision? The magazine thinks he is so they take his photos and show it to the world!! DEAL WITH IT!!! His fans (like me) thinks he deserves it so too bad for u HATERS!!! We’re loving that he’s getting so much publicity. It’s about time I say!!! He does his job well!! They want him to take his shirt off or do stunts wt bikes or play football or do flips. So he does that. U don’t c him walking around town without his shirt on do? I don’t c the cause for complaints about his shirt being off for a photo shoot or pics from the set!! HATERS get lost!!

  • Ronnia

    @Roro: Wow! He’s hot! But why is it that every time I see hot pictures of Taylor Lautner, someone has to pull RPatz out of their ***? I mean really, I don’t even waste my time to google Robert or Kisten! how do all these Taylor haters end up here? I know…..(smile). The more you hate him the sexier he looks!!!

  • Ronnia

    @nikki: That’s a little harsh crypt keeper!!!

  • Ronnia

    @demi: Honey, he ain’t tryin!!!

  • Ronnia

    @brad: It’s hard to argue with you Brad, ha, cause am looking at a totally different show than you.lmao!!!

  • Ronnia

    @ceci: You sound cross eyed, I hope they stay that way!!!

  • Ronnia

    Well, my job is done here! Don’t you hate people that go on sites just to make nasty negative comments. ha, ha, ha, ha

  • Kamanie

    Taylor is HOT!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  • cutespatoots

    I am a 50 year old and i woul love to meet Taylor i think he is very good looking. I also like to look at his body too. very hot!!!!

  • jillyn

    @1: he dosnt have one only in new moon its body art

  • danyshbenson(d)

    he’s more handsome in person, i was in the new moon premiere and then he looked at me and smiled, and i taked a picture of him, he’s gorgeous :D

  • LoveTaylorForEvaer

    that was on my birthday…;) IM so happy right now ;D