Taylor Swift: Fifteen Music Video Premiere!

Taylor Swift: Fifteen Music Video Premiere!

Taylor Swift whispers a secret into BFF Abigail‘s ear in her new music video for “Fifteen.”

The television premiere of “Fifteen” will be included in a 90-minute special, CMT Fifteen Swiftly-Made Videos, airing Friday at 8AM ET/PT.

The special includes a chronological look at Taylor‘s entire music video catalog, as well as live performances from CMT’s Studio 330 Sessions and CMT Crossroads: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift, and concludes with the world premiere of “Fifteen.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor’s new video? JJJ loves that Abigail is in it!

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  • taylor roooooocks, *-*

  • Renata

    OMG! PERFECTI! 1st!

  • Renata

    GOSH! I 1st!
    Taylor’s perfect, my only diva ♥

  • Anne Sofie

    Taylor looks so pretty in this video! And the video is good too.

  • Teresa

    perfect. loved it. great job taylor.

  • London Lemming

    This is by far her best video as the video really fits with the song, and I like how Abigail is mentioned in the song and also appears in the video.Its fitting and right!

  • Renata

    And taylor, come to Brazil! I’m begging for a concert! I’d go anywhere to see you *-*

  • svenja**

    I just love love love this song <3
    The video is great :)

  • Emma

    it’s beautiful! so nice of her to include the others rather than have it all about herself. i love taylor! :)

  • Feih

    aaah! almost cried! :’( i remembered two of my close friends! i love Abigail ever since! :DD

  • http://www.twitter.com/hannadevonne hannadevonne

    tht was amazing true friendship x

  • Taylor swift rocks!

    I ♥ it!!! it’s by far the best! and i love the effects there so awesome and it cool how she tries to get the spot light on her friend rather than it being just about her like picture to burn also had abigail and her band so is so amazing! i hope one day i can meet her i saw her in concert last may and it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I ♥ Taylor Swift

  • loveszanessa


  • loveszanessa

    Loved that she included her BFF Abigail in it

  • Irene

    Personally i think that is her best video!! I LOVE IT !!!

  • nelly

    Love TAYLOR.

  • http://www.the-dream-road.net Flora

    Wow! This video is so wonderful! I love it :)

  • jaya

    love it love it love it

  • Jess

    great vid! :D

  • Jez

    Simply Beautiful :)

  • danai


  • Sydney

    i love this video!! taylor is always amazing

  • Taylor13


  • Louberry

    love this song, LOVE Tay & Abigail! AMAZING video. ! it really shows what the song is about… exactly how I always thought this video should be! great great great <3

  • gaberi

    I Loved it!!

  • irma

    bello i love the video

  • Ashley

    The entire video is so beautiful. It’s digital like Faith Hill’s Cry but it’s a lot better. Great job taylor!

  • Tata

    LOVE this video!!!!!! i didn’t like “You belong with me”, but this one is great!!! love all her songs!!! go Taylor!! :)

  • Liz

    Its amazing its her best video yet!!! lovely :)

  • Ariana

    HOLY CRAPP THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    I love the video!
    Taylor’s music is very

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Maria-Chiara

    I love this song!
    And the video is beautiful **

  • yay!!!!

    love this song and the video is grand

  • Faith

    I can’t wait to see it!!! Abigail was In Picture to Burn too

  • http://www.dfadhilah.blogspot.com Dhea Fadhilah

    ohh i love the song and the video

  • Hanna

    I’m not a fan of her, but I tried, sorry nothing still. I wasn’t like that when I was 15, I know some are, but I really wasn’t.


    Thank you so much for exending your tour! You rock


    Perfectttttt!!!!!! Best music video ever!!!

  • smiley290gurl

    luuuuuuv it!!!!
    great video!!!!Z
    she’s amazing!!

  • Caroline


  • zanessa4eva

    love it!!!!!!

  • chelsea

    love her love her love her

  • caroo

    great video for a great song… i simply love taylor swift!!!

  • I♥?

    Tay is a big inspiration. I now relate to the song ‘Invisible’ cause of I am invisible to him. Anyway LOVE the vid. SO original. You only get a girl like Taylor ONCE in a lifetime. She hardly has ANY haters. And she only does what she knows is best and STILL is the normal girl all other stars claim to be. She is a nice person and I met her once and she REALLY does care for her fans. Love ya Tay!


  • MoJo

    Amazing!! She’s sooooooooo talented!! Her video was awesome (then again, all of them r!!)

  • a person

    this is an amazing video!!! i just realized her birthday is one month before mine on the same day!! :] hers is in december 13th mines in january 13th!! but she’s turning 20 and im turning 17 lol!!!
    well yeah this video’s cool!!! i cried the second time i watched it lmao!!

  • brittney

    taylor swift is a lyrically and musically genius

  • Elisabeth

    I totally Love this song and the video just makes it even better! Love you Taylor! I Hope I get to see againg SOON!

  • Brittany

    Who is that girl at the end of the video the brown headed girl smiling

>>>>>>> staging1