Miley Cyrus: It's The End of The World!

Miley Cyrus: It's The End of The World!

Miley Cyrus catches up with Wes Rahney and Alley of KISS 103.7 backstage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday night (October 10).

The 16-year-old actress dished on deleting her Twitter, Taylor Swift and her graceful falling on stage. Check it:

On falling on stage: I’ve never actually been standing normally and fallen down, but I’ve been up in the air and fallen down. [If I fell down again], I’d probably do what I just did and blame someone else (laughs).”

On Kayne West taking away BFF Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMAs: “See, what he did was for press and if you give him the press it’s just giving him the satisfaction of what he did.”

On deleting her Twitter: “Oh my God, the world’s coming to an end! (jokingly laughs) I’m just over tweeting on what I was doing instead of actually doing it. Like you can being hanging out with your little sister, but you’re not really because you’re tweeting about hanging out with your little sister. I complained that I wanted my private life more private but I’m the one who is giving the world access to it.”

Miley Cyrus – 103.7 Interview, 10/12
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  • rosa

    we all know she does goes out wit LIAM

  • rosa



    ” I complained that I wanted my private life more private but I’m the one who is giving the world access to it.”

    for the first time she talks making sense

  • rebecca

    hahha i love miley!!

  • meee.

    hmm did i mention i love this girl?
    well i’ll say it now. i love this girl<3
    Miley you rock.

  • Pilar

    she’s really amaziing !!

  • lola

    this is why i LOVE her she is so charming and funny and if her and liam go out they make a hot couple at least he is only 18 and she is about to 17

  • Lic_Merry


  • lola

    this is why i LOVE her she is so damm charming and funny….and her and liam make one hot couple if they go out i support her

  • Miley Fan!

    Shes so cute and adorable and gorgeous.
    Lover her til death

  • Fernanda

    love her so much

  • billythekid

    @THE FAME:

    For the first time she talks making sense? No, I’m sorry my dear, but Miley has always made sense when she has given interviews. Previously, you just didn’t happen to agree with what she was talking about. Now, doesn’t that make a lot more sense?!? It does to me – and what you think doesn’t really matter – and that’s all that matters to me :)

  • gold baybay


    Lmao, she doesn’t need your support. If she wants to go out with someone she likes but you don’t she won’t care what you say.

  • bruin

    this interview has so cute:] her charisma is something to envy

  • bruin

    @bruin: wow i am sorry this interview *was so cute:] her charisma is something to envy

    Read more:

  • tinsleypurple

    I freaking adore you! and i love knowing what you are doing even if its really dumb i pretty much had twitter just for you!
    please come back to twitter soon !!!!!!
    i love you and you have so much talent and you are so beautiful !

  • tinsleypurple

    i loveeee miley

  • Daisy

    oh my god… she… she actually said something smart!!! IS SHE HIGH?
    haha no sorry, seriously now… i’ve only heard crap from her so far, but this one was.. grown up. kanye west and twitter… whoa. she just rated up two points on my rating

  • lala

    cute and adorable. love her!

  • hun98

    She has a point about the whole twitter thing, but we will miss her for sure on there! Love this beautiful girl! Hope she continues to grow!! God Bless!

  • lala

    Shes so cute!

  • Yaya

    How cute is she!!!! Luuuuvvvz her! :)

  • Smacky35

    I love this video she’s so funny.

  • Sa5m

    love the video ….
    love you miley <3

  • kay

    i’m really starting to like her now. can someone post the links to the pics of her and liam? please and thanks!

  • Bella

    I’m glad to hear Miley wants her private life private and this time actually went through with it. Deleting her Twitter was a smart move. Also, that she didn’t comment on her and Liam or the Kanye issue. Good job, Miley! Keep this behavior up. Keep things on the downlow from now on.

  • Kuntae

    yes it’s good that you quit your twitter miley… good for you… it’s nice to keep your private life private

  • waschal

    so funny. That’s why I like her so much. Just a funny girl and she is right with what she is saying about the publicety.

  • Heather

    This invterview made me love her even more. She was right not to comment about kanye or liam, and she was so funny when she was like ”Oh my GOD the world is coming to an end’

    I also love how she’s like ‘yeah my twitter was just for fun and my fans it wasn’t for promotion or anything like that and i didn’t do a countdown for albums or anything like some people did’ cough cough selena cough ‘it was just for my fans to relate to me and i never tweeted for press’

    and she doesn’t even care how any followers she has. she just wants to be happy and to inspire. LOVE this bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Miley is so of the best interviews I have seen of her;)
    She is so adorable and has such composure;) She is a total pro and deserves her success:) I respect her reason for deleting makes sense:) I love her;)

  • judy

    your all so stupid her boyfriend is nick jonas not liam maybe she kissed liam at the airport to get him jealous. she didn’t say she was dating liam she said can’t deny and confirm. she would never be this happy with anyone other than nick

  • Gabi

    Oh yeah… cause Nick is so amazing… rolleyes.

  • jimmy

    @judy: Hahahahahaha you should read your own comment. Obviously someone is obsessed with Nick Jonas.

  • flashmob

    Nice video, except, pratfalls are bad acting – so odds are she’ll she avoid them in the future.

  • jimmy
  • Prih

    she is so funny!!! I Love her so much!!!!
    ^.^ Miley Brazil loves you,come here please!!

  • billythekid


    Are you suggesting she purposely fell over one of those cheap, fold-up metal chairs, nearly smacking her face into the wall in the process? Wow, you must subscribe to that sub-set of people who believe that everything a celeb does, whether real or otherwise, is intentional. Even the Pope in Rome doesn’t have that much control over all his actions, let alone a 16 year old adolescent girl.

  • VAshFanForLife

    @judy are you completely freaking out??? Obviously I love Nick Jonas but if miley is with liam it’s great too. and u don’t have to make such rumors like. she want’s to make him jealous. bla bla bla.
    I hate all those niley fans who can’t accept that they aren’t dating anymore. Get it girl. they’re over each other and JUST friends…

  • billythekid


    I totally agree that “most” Niley fans are a wee-bit on the obsessed side, and have a hard time acknowledging reality when it’s staring them right in the face. However, I must also admit that Miley was supposedly in love with another guy – Justin – only to try again with Nick, albeit so briefly this past summer. So, the Niley fans look for this present infatuation/love to petter out just like Justin, and have another go with Nick. I suppose that’s the reasoning?

  • nat

    I love Nick and Miley together :)

  • tess

    she is always talking so fast

  • JazminDanger

    lmfao, when it says (Then Miley Falls Over A Chair). It’s not funny that she fell, the noise it made was funny & I love how she made a joke about it. I love the way she laughs, it’s so cute. She seems pretty real * isn’t trying to be something she’s not. Shows how mature she’s getting. Good job Miley. :]

  • VAshFanForLife

    @billythekid yeah totally! well I think they will have something with eatch other in future but I think – even if I like them to see together – they do better as friends than as a couple. (sorry for my english, I’m from Switzerland)

  • Gossip Girl

    @judy: No you’re stupid. Miley ditched Nick along time ago and has moved on. The JB’s just want her for money these days and not relationships.

  • flashmob

    @billythekid: Um, Like the scene where she dives in Hanna Montana movie.

    Those antics don’t work. They are called “indication” in acting. Even where they are deliberate, such as when Tom Cruise jumped on the couch during an interview, they don’t serve the actor.

    Glad she’s ok, in any case.

  • allie

    i like where she said “thats who i am” thats reallly cool. she doesnt seem like a bad person. even though people make her seem like one.

  • bailey

    miley is amazing!! haha she is so funny

  • taylorlautnerluvr

    well thts true about her telling more about her life when tweeting. ily miley:D

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB


  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    and great interview love her

>>>>>>> staging1