V Factory Wows Wendy Williams

V Factory Wows Wendy Williams

V Factory shows off their skills as they perform their hit single “Love Struck” on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday morning (October 12).

Wesley Quinn, Asher Book, Nathaniel Flatt, Nicky T and Jared Murillo will be collaborating with Asher‘s Fame costar Naturi Naughton on their next single, “Get Up.”

Asher shared with MTV, saying, “”We built the relationship and then afterward, you know, she just has such a phenomenal voice and we thought it would be cool to have a female vocalist on [the track] to see how that would sound, so it came out good.”

V Factory – “Love Struck” – The Wendy Williams Show, 10/12
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  • jesssssss

    5 gorgeous guys with amazing voices, moves, talent and personalities!

    Way to go guys! Love you!!!

  • hotmess

    when will there cd ever drop???

  • ertyu

    their dancing is nothing new or amazing. they are lip singing

  • ella

    asher book is so freaking hott! (: i luv there voices.

  • shani

    i love them soo much! they should be really big by now. ha but ill wait. hehe
    but seriously got soo much talent and they all are SOO HOT!
    i was literally screaming wen i was watching this on tv.

  • ness17

    Without a doubt, they are lipsynching

  • jaylee ann taylor

    They are so last year. WOW is hotter and better in my opinion by a mile

  • Abby

    I am so over boybands but I love this song. Jared seems like such a sweetheart.

  • stacy

    love them!

  • elle

    did anyone saw that jared fell n he covered it up..?
    just asking..
    they’re awesome btw..hehe..

  • niki

    I love them!!!! Jared is so cute.

  • Sandra

    @ertyu: Yeah, definitely lip synching. And although the song is okay, like you said, the choreography (and their sound might I add) is nothing new or amazing.

  • Jasmin

    They HAD to lip synch there. Have you ever see them live?
    They are sooo talented and they always sing live at festivals.
    But at this show they had to lip synch.

  • anna

    they are wonderful *-*

  • makaiomadness

    yeah they are but does it matter we alll know they can sing lol. You act like they’re the only ppl that does that. They have a 2nd single, called get up. idk why they did lovestruck but they aren’t so last year. “WoW” reminds me of the wiggles, I can’t stand them. They are my fave boyband and they did amazing! im proud of them.

  • amy

    There never really going to be that big are they, there’s no need for another new boy band! Don’t get me wrong there great and very talented i just don’t see them really getting anywhere, but I’d love to see them prove me wrong!

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    @elle: I’m pretty sure that “fall” was on purpose. :)

    They’re good. I mean. They’re not terrible. And they aren’t anything too special. They’re all good looking, and good dancers, and good singers. I mean, honestly, they’re no N*SYNC or Backstreet Boys. But they’re still good. Does anyone else think Jared doesn’t get enough attention? I think he’s one of the better dancers, too.

  • Lisa

    Haha Jared didn’t fall, it’s a part of the dance, he drops his mic and then “falls” and goes up again. :) i thought the same when i saw that for the choreo for this song the first time. :)

  • ola

    but this fall…I mean when he stand up it’s really hard…I try to do this it’s like do push-ups without hands :D

>>>>>>> staging1