Jordan Pruitt & Selena Gomez Get All Wrapped Up

Jordan Pruitt & Selena Gomez Get All Wrapped Up

Teen starlets Selena Gomez and Jordan Pruitt are just two artists who are lending their voices to the All Wrapped Up Volume 2 holiday album.

The darling duo are joined by Jesse McCartney, Jonas Brothers and Honor Society plus newcomers Anna Margaret and Steve Rushton on the record, available exclusively at Target.

Check out Selena and the Jonas Brothers‘ tracks below!

TELL JJJ: What is your favorite holiday tune?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Winter Wonderland”

Jonas Brothers – “Summertime Anthem”
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  • taylorlautnerluvr

    cool i luv selena and jb and the other ppl! cant wait 2 hear songs

    p.s. check out the elbow dance on youtube. its so stupid yet funny!

  • jonaslover988979


  • Heather

    not gonna lie, i can’t stand selena as a singer. i’ve listened to every song on her album 3 times and this, i’ve given her a million chances and my opinion hasn’t changed: she is not a good singer. at all.

    i’m sorry selena fans, i did try.

  • Fernanda

    LOVE Selena and The Scene

  • JMAC

    Jesse’s song needs to be posted on YouTube or somewhere on the internet!!!!!!!

  • marianna

    I LOVE Selena’s song… I don’t have a favorite. I just LOVE Christmas music!

  • keke

    yea i agree with heather…..i wanted to love her album…i just cant…like its really hard to listen to….stick to acting Gomez

  • valeria

    oh shut up selena rocks!!!! love her voice and her acting ! One of the best role models in disney! Ps love the song!

  • aa

    i love selena gomez. She is the best disney singer.

  • redspider

    @keke: @Heather: Both of you SUCK then. :)

    Selena is awesome! I love her songs and I like her singing, even though she doesn’t have an “amazing” voice, she still sings fine and is improving a lot.

  • twitter=xoAndreaxo

    LOVE selena’s

  • cheska

    omg selena gomez and the scene l.o.v.e one
    amo a selygo ella es la mejor


    I live JJ, they post appropriate stuff, not as lame as Oceanup and most of people love Selena, cause I do like Selena too.

    She has an amazing voice, and she is improving clearly, I can tell.

    She is gonna rock! GO SELENA.
    To those who say Selena can’t sing, you are suck.

  • Gossip Girl

    *Sighs* No Miley or Demi this time.

  • brianna

    i love joyful kings by the jonas brothers but this new song is so awesome i love it i think it’s my new favorite christmas song! well anything by the jonas brothers always rocks my world!:)

    and selena gomez is a great singer just saying.

    and jordan pruitt rocks!:)

  • Blair

    ppl are just to use to saying dat selena has a bad voice
    so even if she does sing gud pplwill say dat shes a bad singer b/c their so use to it
    seriously ppl get a life
    shes a great singer
    shes not da same as everyone else buh her voice is unique

  • keke

    wow just came 2 my senses dat dis is justjared”jr” face reality kids she broads’s “album” is gonna blow like her other mates exp demi and miley…those are the only chicks making it in acting the others SUCK!…..

  • karina

    shes so amazing…. really love selenas voice…. you rocks baby!!!

  • Chris

    Bought it and listened to it all. I loved the JB song although it is really old and it’s a stretch to say it is a Christmas song. I enjoyed the Jordan and Jesse songs. Honor Society was passable. I could skip the rest of the CD. I’m sorry but Selena’s was the worst song on there.

  • Julia

    I love Selena as an actor, but as a singer? No, thank you. Have you seen those behind the scene videos on Myspace? Yikes.

  • redspider

    @keke: Demi is a TERRIBLE actress, Sonny with a Chance’s ratings are always low. So you suck for that comment. Selena is a better singer than Demi is with her horrible acting. and Selena’s acting is WAY better than Demi/Miley/JB put together.

    and Selena sold 66,000 copies of her album, which is actually pretty good for HER. considering her album was released on the same day as other legendary, successful singers/bands and she’s new to the whole thing.

  • Flyaway

    @Julia: Judging from her singing in the recording studio, vocal lessons, band rehearsals, etc. she pretty much proved that she CAN sing. You just can’t accept the fact that she CAN sing because you’re used to her acting. just get over it.

  • koolkat

    @Chris: you have a really BAD music taste. Selena’s song was much better than most of them.

  • Angelita

    my favorite holiday tunes are winter wonderland, white christmas, silent night, i’ll be home for christmas, and o holy night!

  • NIkki

    Joe and Nick’s voice has changed so much (: And you guys, give it a rest! Selena’s voice is ok, not the best but it’s still really good. !

  • me
  • chey

    wow the only person that is honest. everyone is stuck on everyone on disney being good at everything they do. obviously selena is the exception. she isn’t a good singer.

  • chey

    that makes you sound really obsessed. selena isn’t THAT good at anything she does. her acting is good but not THAT good and her singing isn’t even close.

  • Sam

    @chey: Yeah, her acting is not THAT good. Her show got an Emmy and she has a feature film coming out next year. Her acting is not THAT good. You make me laugh.

    Selena pwns all Disney stars.

  • selaly

    @Sam: Couldn’t agree with you more, WOWP is the only show that I watch on DC and the only NOT stupid DC’s show. Selena’s acting is just amazing, all of her movies rock. I love her singing too.
    People who says Sel can’t sing should get a life. Her voice is amazing to me.
    All other DC stars suck at acting. Esp: JB and Demi.

  • blabla

    demi is a great actress. You think that she’s bad because you watched the scatches. yeah it’s really bad but it supposed to be like that so you can see the differnce between the scatches and sonnys life

  • Angela

    oh boy, you can hear selena is really improving in winter wonderland. she may not be the best singer out there but she can sing. you must be deaf for saying she can’t.

  • sharid

    Sorry but selena is a really bad singer, she can’t keep her tune in place. I like the jonas, but is miley not there am not even going to buy it. First the put a really bad singer and band the scene.

  • zahari

    selena awful singer and average actor and boring interviewer. The girl just don’t have it.

  • sellythebest

    yayy i love this song…. sel sounds so good!!!! im obsessed with kiss and tell

  • Louberry

    okay, you can say whatever you want, but not that Selena is an AMAZING singer… cause she’s not.
    I LOVE HER. truly do. she is a great actress and so sweet and down to earth. there’s nothing to hate on her. buttt, she can’t sing! that’s a fact.
    so just because you love her as a person, a rolemodel and an actress, you don’t need to say she is an amazing singer, cause she is not.

  • aa

    @Louberry: Well, i think selena is an amazing singer. You CANNOT state that selena is a bad singer as a fact. It is an opinion!!!

  • Angelita

    Can everyone just stop arguing and answer the question? jjj asked what’s your favorite holiday tune. just agree to disagree!

  • Gossip Girl

    @redspider: and Selena is a terrible singer. I love how you have to bring Demi down just to make Selena look good. If Demi can’t act. Selena can’t sing. I mean seriously. I watched the girl’s live performances on You Tube, When ever she sings “Falling Down” she has the audience sing the high nows and practically/talks and mumbles the rest of her songs. And you call that ‘UNIQUE’ if that’s uniqueness, then I am going to HW Records and get my recording contract TODAY cause any one can mumble their words.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Sam: I hope you know that Emyy’s are giving to show’s the have the BEST WRITINGS right. So yeah, her acting is NOT THAT GOOD if it was, Her Wizards movie would have actually made it into Cinemas.

    In fact, all her STRAIGHT TO DVD moview would have been in cinemas

  • andrea


    Thank you for trying :)

  • Teresa

    selena’s (:


    I love SELENA SONG LOVE IT “Winter Wonderland” I love her dress so cute

  • Jenn

    i like this jonas brothers track
    it sounds like some of their older stuff

  • Julia


    I love how everyone on here is either hating or loving Selena. That’s the way it should be anyhow because we all have our own personal opinions! So, let me say this again, in my own personal opinion, she can’t sing and probably won’t make it very far in her singing career. I honestly don’t believe that she’d have a record deal if she weren’t on Disney. Just saying.

  • koolkat

    Selena can sing, not amazingly, but she can sing fine. At least she can carry a tune, and has a nice pitch and tone. People are being way too harsh on the girl, she’s not THAT bad so enough with the exaggeration.

  • amandabbyx

    okay, here’s my OPINION [ and don't hate me for my OPINION ] :

    selena – AMAZING actress, singing’s okay.
    demi – AMAZING singer, acting’s ehh.
    miley – pretty good at both, not amazing though.

    i think that’s how it is, but that’s my opinion [:

  • Sophia

    No Miley or Demi?! No fun. Although i am a JB fan….

  • Cassandra

    @keke: Did u say Demi is gonna make it in acting?Have u seen her acting?Selena is definitely the best disney actress.There’s no doubt about that.I like Miley’s acting but she is much better as a singer.



    Who is Anna Margaret on Disney’s new xmas cd? She is amazing!! All I know is she is 13 and I am trying to find out more info!!

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