Selena Gomez: I'm Going To Mess Up...A Lot

Selena Gomez: I'm Going To Mess Up...A Lot

Selena Gomez is cranking out the next episode of her web series, “Under Pressure.”

The 17-year-old singer/actress shared at the beginning of the new episode, saying, “This episode is about band rehearsals and what I do behind the scenes and learn. Learning about getting behind a mic for the first time and about my inner ears and sound quality. I really love rehearsing because I feel like no one’s watching me and I can kind of be a goofball.”

Sel continued, “So you’ll be able to see how all of that works and that’s what this episode is about. I mess up…a lot. But that’s okay, nobody’s perfect.”

Check out Episode 7 below!

Selena Gomez & The Scene – Under Pressure, Episode 7
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  • jenny

    ironic after dwts

  • rob

    she sounds actually really good live
    im suprised to say but she is great

  • tess

    already saw it on myspace, she is good live

  • maddie

    its funny how the audio just goes out when shes “singing” selena you cant sing. stop trying. you’re pathetic

  • BlaireB

    @maddie: What are you talking about? Selena is singing LIVE, she’s rehearsing! Obviously, YOU are the one who’s pathetic, if you don’t like her then why are you wasting your precious time commenting? That doesnt make sense. Just back off!

  • daniela

    @maddie: I’m going to flag your comment because it’s rude and i think YOU are the pathetic. if you don’t like selena don’t come to her posts and bash her. it’s easy, bye.
    BTW i love selena, no matter if you think she can’t sing or whatever. love her.

  • redspider

    3:22-3:33, she sang that part really good! Yay, she’s improving. I love her voice now. :)

  • Sophiieee

    This is my fav. episode! Its just so cool to see her and the scene rehearsing! Plus her voice sounds amazing :))))) LOVE U SELENA!

  • zara

    she kinda sounds like ashlee simpson. I kinda get the vibe singing isnt really her passion, but can be wrong who knows? she does ok though! sounded pretty good!

  • janice

    @maddie: keep on bashing, i bet you cant do better.


  • rumi

    Selena is great!I love her!

  • aMY

    omgg she is actually good singing live ! im impress goog for you selena! yeahh love her!

  • Matt

    She should tell her cousin to keep his mouth shut.

  • mandy09

    yayyy love my baby girl… she sound so good, love her voice….

  • mandy09

    this ism fav episode…. and she looks so pretty even wearing just a casual outfit….

  • cheska

    i love selena she is the best girl and singing good
    omg selena gomez te amo mi chica!

  • Anonymous

    i love selena shes so cute and gorgeous. she sounds good live shes very talented, has a great personablity and shes a sweetheart(:

  • sellythebest

    i love selena shes so cute and gorgeous. she sounds good live shes very talented, has a great personablity and shes a sweetheart(:
    yay i couldn´t more agree with you!!!

  • sellythebest

    im so jealous of her face, serioslu is just stunning, is extremly pretty!!!

  • Gossip Girl

    Cute girl, bad vocals

  • taylorlautnerluvr

    aww shes cute. i hope shes with taylor l and i hope if the taylors 4 goin out they break up cuz i dont like taylor s.

  • mellz

    Improving…its ok she sound not so good at first..
    Like she bodys least she keep traying n stay beautiful sel..

    And MADDIE !! YOU’RE PATHETIC!!!!!!!!hahhahaaa

  • veronica

    she’s amazing, i love her!

  • patty

    Whoa whoa WHOA! She can sing live??? WTF? All this time I thought she relied on autotune. Damn, she really proved me wrong. I’m sorry for ever bashing her singing. She’s actually really good. You go girl!


    sel you rock!!!!!!!!!!! i love your voice better when you sing live i am very impress you go girl!!!!

  • lucero

    omg she so good she just needs alittle bit of classes

  • DaleMurph

    Great video!!!

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