Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Check Out Chicago

Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Check Out Chicago

Valentine’s Day costars Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are spotted out, touring the Windy City of Chicago Friday afternoon (October 10).

Lautner, 17, flew out to Chicago for a friendly meet up with his costar during her Fearless tour and went on a solo tour of the city with one of Swift‘s, 19, bodyguards before being taken to Allstate Arena where Swift performed that night.

After Swift‘s performance of new single “Fifteen,” the two Taylor‘s shared a happy hug. Check it out below!

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner Hug – Chicago, 10/10/09
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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Kay

    she needs to gain a little weight, i know shes always been thin but 5-10lbs would look good on her

  • Bea

    Love them both. They’re great :)


    aw nice:)

  • katie

    Just waiting for the rumours now!

  • SJS

    I realize guys & girls can just be friends, and I hope that’s all this is. Cause it’d be kinda cruddy to move in on one of your best friends ex-bfs.

    I’m not a Twilight fan, but Taylor Lautner is a handsome kid. :)

  • bailey

    I LOVE HIM!!….everyone screams when they hug. cute friends :)

  • Julie

    the hug was so cute! :D
    love them both (L)

  • Izzie

    Aww!! Love them so much!!
    And SJS, Selena and Taylor never dated, so, both Taylors arent or..would’nt be doing anything wrong if they actually were dating. But I’d love it if they wre,y’know? Taylor L did admit to crushing on her and Taylor S said:”I love him. He’s so cute!”
    Awesomeness!! But I’d be cool with it if they wre just friends,too…..

  • jo!

    its ok if they are just friends. Besides i think he already knows that selena still love him.

  • Lauren

    i feel so sorry for them && robert and kristen (i know that this isnt a twilight post or anything an im sorry for talking about them) just because you can’t be friends with a guy without the whole media-world thinking or creating a story where your suddenly involved with them….these two, i don’t think they’re together they seem like really good friends, an i think im right in assuming that anyone who talks to or is friendly with either taylor you would just fall in love with their personality…but either way im happy for them whether there in a relationship or not

  • Aurora

    I agree with SJS, it would be really cruddy for Tay Swift to move in on her best friend’s ex boyfriend. we ALL know that they dated. how awful for poor selena. Selena seems like such a good person too! i hope they are just friends!! =)

  • Lara

    Aurora and SJS, calm down! For all we know, they are just friends. You’re having an aneurysm over nothing.

  • SJS

    @Izzie: I don’t know for a fact that they dated, obviously. But Selena never confirms when she’s dating someone. Everyone knows she dated Nick Jonas, even though they never confirmed it & they weren’t spotted together nearly as much as Selena & Taylor. She was spotted alot with Taylor, gushed about how he made her feel, & what a great guy he was, etc. If i’m wrong & they didn’t date, then she atleast had a huge crush on him & wanted to date him.

    Either way, it would be cruddy IF T.Swift started dating him. It’s cool if they’re just friends though.

  • jenna


  • Lara


    Shut up!

  • SJS

    @Lara: Stating your opinion is having an anuerysm? Way to be dramatic. We just said it would suck IF it went that way. Learn to respect others opinions please.

  • jane till

    Selena and Taylor L hugging and holding hands together vid still on you tube– not that Selena and taylor L worked together at that time. Of course it does not mean that Taylor L must be Selena since they are young. However, that is just a common sense for taylor swift not to do the above event in the public eye since taylor Swift claims to be Selena’s best friend, otherwise, it just makes taylor S a fake nice person.

  • http://justjaredjr.com taylorlautnerluvr

    taylor swift can fall in the street and her leg can get run over 4 all i care. im in luv with taylor so she can back off. i dont like her. i rather him be with selena!
    ily taylor l:D

  • Lara


    How am I disrespecting your opinion by telling you to calm down? I respect your opinion but y’all are jumping to conclusions and its MY OPINION that you need to chill out.

  • massie

    if you watch their hug, at the end he’s like trying to pull away earlier and she’s still holding onto him. i guess we know who likes the other a litte more…i love them both but not together.

  • SJS

    @Lara: Telling us to calm down when no one was arguing and acting like we’re being dramatic is disrespectful. There was nothing bad, rude, or dramatic about what we said. I don’t appreciate having someone take my comments and blow them out of porportion by saying I need to calm down & that we’re having an anuerysm. You can disagree without claiming that someone else’s opinion is dramtic. And seriously, who’s jumping to conclusions besides you?

  • val

    love them!!

  • Aurora

    @SJS: I agree with you, SJS, even if they DIDN’T date (it’s pretty obvious they did though), it’s obvious that Selena carried a major torch for the guy. Your supposed “best friend” wouldn’t turn around and date him.

  • cam

    all these comments about the 2 Taylor’s possibly dating & hurting Selena seem silly to me. It seems obvious that the 2 Taylor’s are friends & I don’t believe that Taylor S. would risk or ruin her friendship with Selena over a guy. & Taylor S. is a warm person – she hugs everyone.

    The 2 Taylor’s seem to be friends to me & just finished working on a film together – seems innocent to me.

  • Lara


    Talk about dramatic. You took two words and made them into a declaration of war. Again I say, calm down!

  • SJS

    @Lara: Says the person who saw Jenna say “Hmmm,” and told her to shut up. I think you just enjoy talking down to people. Get over yourself.

  • http://celebuz.com silly face

    hes seem bored at the concert i think thier just friends hes been seen with his Ex girlfriend sara i think thier back together

  • Lara


    Wow! Tough guy!

  • minot

    Thanks GOD now Lautner has better taste than other girls rumoured with him..
    Love them!
    wish they will be couple soon ^^

  • Haven shea

    Holy CoW that is CRAPPY that was SO0o00oO0o more then a friendly hug! I am So0o0OOo0o not diggin it ! Little miss bag of bones needs to leave him alone! and he needs to see real beauty in what real girls bodies look like not stick figures! Ok girls and guys we were not ment to look like that it is NASTY! It’s good to be fit not that /\ …but he is so freakin hot dude I would die if he starting dating HER. not to mention the best friend boyfriend thing. I hope TL is just climbing the ladder !

  • deedee

    what? we cant date our friends ex? since when is that law established? will Tsift go to jail if she breks that law? I doubt it.

  • deedee

    what? we can’t date our friend’s imaginary ex? since when is that law established? will Tswift go to jail if she breaks that rule? I doubt it.

    *Updated version*

  • kj

    theres seriously nothing i could dislike about her shes perfection, so talented and real:)

  • http://none jasmine

    dude they kinda look cute together but for all i know they could posibly hate each other. so chill people this is my opinion. =)

  • ohmmqosh

    the hug was so cute u can tell theyre dating it was a nice long hug of love :)

  • naomi

    5:46… WOW what about her MOM???

  • http://justjaredjunior.com melissa

    goodness he is just so attractive! i kinda hope they aren’t dating cause she kinda is a bit too old and he and selena had a past (i assume ) not nessasarity dating but maybe crushing. and it would be a really mean thing for tay swift to date her bffs crush. we’ll just have to see how this goes. And guys and girls can be just friends and he seems like a friendly guy. i mean if i knew him personally i think we would get along pretty well.

  • Lily Thompson

    OMG OMG OMG I WAS AT THAT CONCERT! when i saw taylor lautner i thought i was dreaming and didnt think it was actually him until my friend said it WAS! omg saturday october 10 was the best night of my life!!!! <333

  • Bri p

    okay really? personally I love T. Swifts music, but dang she gets all the hot guys! I guess they just like feline features. I hate her for being pretty and him for being hot and them for I guess being somewhat together?

  • Cbabiie

    Do they go out???? Or iz it just the movie?????

  • teeeheee

    my two favorite people (L)

  • Aline

    Love them both, but she looks like an old lady with this bag.. with that much money she can afford something better..didn’t have to be expencive..just..prettier :)

  • Carol

    First off taylor swift has already denied to dating taylor.l and that he is a good friend and secondly i just got the new issue of ok from the uk where selena told them in an interview that she and taylor.l where just good friends and still is and that she’s lucky to have him as one

  • minot

    HHOOOOTTTTT couple ;)

  • stefi

    la verdad a mi m enknta taylor l. pero m cae zupr mal la taylor s. se cree muxo solo por k ya es famosa y k tiene eso mejor k agarre a otro y k nos deje en paz a taylor l. ok le pese a kien le pese
    Ademas el es mioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



  • Blaire


    How can you feel sorry for them? I think no privacy is a pretty fair trade for getting paid millions after getting lucky breaks.

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