Kristen Stewart Covers Seventeen November 2009

Kristen Stewart Covers Seventeen November 2009

Kristen Stewart spills secrets on New Moon in the November 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine.

The 19-year-old actress dished on her character Bella has taught her. Kristen shared, “You don’t need to give reasons for the things you do – you just have to do what you want. And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what’s right for you. You have to do it and not be ashamed of it.”

Kristen also revealed that no one knew how big Twilight was going to be, including her: “I’m used to doing really tiny movies. But then it turned into a big deal. I mean, I know how obsessed the fans are – they love it, but we love it just as much!” she said.

The November issue of Seventeen hits stands on Tuesday, October 20th.

Bigger cover inside…

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Photos: Seventeen Magazine
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  • Diana

    noo im subscribed to 17 and i dont like her because i think that she cant act!! srry but have you seen twilight??

  • nikki

    @Diana: twilight is full of bad acting, i think the worst actor is taylor!! sorry BUT NOT GOOD!!

  • nathalia

    WOW. soo excited. she looks beautiful as always.

  • maichi


    Plus, they’re all ugly as hell.

  • sarah

    Love Kstew!!

  • justine

    @maichi: yah same, do u have twitter or youtube??

  • liz

    i’m excited for this copy !

  • laura

    “And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what’s right for you.

    I get the feeling she’s talking about how she broke up with her boyfriend Michael for Rob.

  • Serena

    she’s so ugly, she always looks like she’s high. Robert is ugly too. Fuck Twilight.

  • Diana

    omg im soo happy that for the first time evry one agrees with me that twilight sucks :p

  • Diana

    even my teacher said it: they look like if they dont shower

  • christine.

    wow, God blessed her with some beautiful eyes.

  • justine

    @Diana: yeah twilight is SSSOO STUPIIIDDDDDD!!!!!! rob and taylor are gay, well rob is acually prety cool and chill, taylor is gaayyy!!!!!

  • RORo

    You know whose ugly? Zac Efron and his beast of a girlfriend.

  • camie

    wow. and i was the only one that thought the movie sucked…the book on it’s own was pretty good. The movie sucked…. and this media hype just ruined the book for me. None of them can act…and they’re annoying as hell. lol. Sorry if u don’t agree with me but i have a freedom of choice.

  • RORo

    You know what’s stupid? High School Musical.

  • RORo

    You know what’s stupid and badly acted? Any movie with Vanessa Hudgens in it.

  • CS

    STFU HATERS! she’s gorgeous and, like rob said, she’s one of the best actresses of her generation.
    Love you kstew, can’t wait to have the mag :)

  • Shaye

    she has gorgeous eyes!! and i must add that twilight is very good. i love em all!!! If u ever come to Jamaica and say that u did not like twilight, they’d probably kill you… lol, just kidding. but that’s just your opinion, even its a little bit harsh

  • Diana

    @CS: did he really say that?? tell rob to take a bath and maybe then he can see that she cant act for shit!!!

  • justine

    @RORo: uuumm acually zac efron is wayyy hotter than taylor!
    rob and zac efron are the hottest guys in the world! if i cold have both id DIE!

  • justine

    @RORo: you know what else sucks, TWIIGHT A.K.A GAYLIGHT!!

  • nikki

    @justine: dude yeah agree Zac Efron is HOTTTT

  • amar….

    roro: why are u talkin about vanessa and zac?? get over it, nobody is saying anything about them , if you want to shut up twinlight haters, ok do it im with u but common u don’t have to say bad things about vanessa to defend kristen.
    sorry i really like twinliht but i like zac and vanessa too.
    back to the topic, kristen is soo talented and down to earth love her!!
    and haters GO AWAY!!!
    (soory 4 my english)

  • coco

    hahaha you know what’s funny the way her dress is cut ted up there it looks like she has done it or something like really fast, hahahahahahaha

  • cristina

    i liked Twilight before the movie came out and for a little while afterwards, but she definitely can not act! many critics say she’s really good and she kind of was in Speak but she is just wrong for Bella! i don’t really like her and I hate that Seventeen didn’t bother to do a full cover shoot with her. if you look really closely, that’s the same dress she wore at the mtv movie awards a few months ago:
    I’m subscribed to seventeen and i’m really disappointed in them

  • B.

    Such a horrible thing this miss of respect.
    She’s a good actress, better then many actress around
    She’s strong and have her own personality
    Thing that I can say about some girls and some actress today
    And besides, she dosen’t even care if someone like her or hate her. It dosen’t matter anyway.

  • Bells

    What I love about all of you, is that you come to a twilight post to criticize twilight xD but yet, you don’t like and you’re here, and reading xD big LOL for you, that only shows how important twilight is in your little lives^^

  • Jess!

    why? don’t hate

    gorgeous Kikii!!

  • koree

    I agree, haters need to STFU for real.
    Kristen is beautiful and talented and she speaks her mind. I love her personality & outlooks on things.

  • Kay

    honestly, this cover looks horrible. the picture isnt even from a photoshoot, its from the mtv music awards, or it was video awards; i cant remember

  • badhabit

    Oh wow, is the world ONLY obsessed with Twilight now !? This is ridiculous, that Bella girl is on every magazine cover and I try to ignore it, but its freaking everywhere !!!!!! can we PLEASE stop with this Twilight craziness!? Twilight’s gonna be the death of people. TWILIGHT IS JUST TOO MUCH I TRY TO IGNORE IT BUT ITS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ariana

    @Kay: yeah i kno what the heck?

  • brad

    @badhabit: i agree twilight is geting REALLLYYYY annoying, i see taylor everywhere HES ANNOYING!! little prick monkey boy, and i see rob everywher, its stupid

  • luce

    wow. its hard to believe seventeen used an old photo, how sad. first seventeen disapointed me with not going on their word by putting antm winners on the back and now this?! its one of the best things see cool pics of the cover girl in cool clothes, :(

  • Caroline

    @Diana: whats ur promble…u hate on a person just because of there looks…u dont hate on a person just because they dont look good…Beside i think there all a good looking cast there all unique looking in there all way.

  • Elsewhere

    Seriously people! Just because you have a oppion dose not mean you have to share it.Not everyone want to hear what you have to say.
    If any of you knew how stupid some of you come across you would not post at all.I’m just not coming back here any more. JJ& JJJr are full with blatently ignorant people and i had enough. you all need to grow up.

  • ZZZZZZZzzz

    @RORo: YES!!! FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES!!! do u have twitter becuase I want to add u :)

  • ceci

    GO ROB and KRİSTEN…….

  • Anna

    I agree with you ;)

  • Anna

    Bells :D

  • leah

    Why is she wearing a dress from an award show from the past?

  • ninnia

    I love Twilight, and people who dont I really dont get why they go on this kind of sites and only insult others..

    Kristen is very talented, and Rob I woluld like to see in more films…

    Thenk you Stephaniy Meyer and all Twilight team, love you

  • Tiffany

    She thought she was too good and didn’t even schedule a photo shoot! I can’t stand her but of course she is going to be everywhere now that her movie is coming out

  • Annie

    That’s not even a photoshoot picture.
    Seventeen is getting lazy.

    I got mine yesterday.

  • justme

    Hey how come this is her dress from MTV movie awards? She didn’t even do Seventeen photoshoot like everyone else.

  • Charlotte

    OH NOOOOO! They should pick people who are actually good at what they do to put on the cover!

  • beouwolf

    OhHHH… thank you! We can never get enough of KStew and her merry men!

  • Diana

    @Charlotte: i know. pick emma watson she is a good example she is attending college and not smoking out of a pipe.

  • charli

    @nikki: i’ve seen Robert in other things (not just Harry Potter) and he’s got some skill. Taylor I will wait until after new Moon, which i’m sure my sister will make me take her too, before it diss cause he had so little in twilight.

    as for the overall, the actors don’t carry all the blame. remember that a movie also has a script and a director. and in this case, a script based off a so-so written novel (that reads like a 14 year old wrote it, as do the sequels). when you start with bad material and a director that doesn’t recognize that flaw or have total talent herself, the actors don’t have much to work with or much room to work.

>>>>>>> staging1