Taylor Swift Loved LeAnn Rimes

Taylor Swift Loved LeAnn Rimes

Taylor Swift took a break backstage at Oprah before performing to answer a few questions for her fans.

The 19-year-old musician dished on looking up to LeAnn Rimes when she was younger. She shared, “My dream idol to meet when I was younger was LeAnn Rimes. It was so cool to see soemone who was 14-years-old making albums and touring.”

Taylor also revealed plans about her third studio album, saying, “My next big dream is probably going to be making a third album that I’m even more proud of than my second album. I’ve already written so many songs for it, and recorded about half of it, so hopefully when the third album comes out I’ll be even more proud of it than anything I’ve put out before.”

Behind the cut, take a peak at what happened behind-the-scenes at the 2009 MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift Backstage At Oprah

What Really Happened At The VMAs: Taylor Swift
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  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com may

    Firstt !! :D
    <3 U

  • SJS

    I love her hair. lol. I loved Leann Rimes too. There’s another video on OU of her being interviewd by 10 year old Jordan (who has Kate Gosselins haircut. lol). It’s slightly awkward, but cute. :)

  • http://twitter.com/jam_mamacita Shaye

    Leann Rimes is still my idol. I mean, ” How do i breathe without you” is my favourite song!!!!

  • Jan

    At least Taylor didn’t say Rimes was still her idol. If she had, I would have lost all respect for Taylor. Rimes is a mean spirited manipulative selfish person who gloats about wrecking a family with two small children so she can indulge in her lust. I find no redeeming values in Rimes what so ever and I use to be one of her biggest fans.

  • SJS

    @Shaye: Not to mention that she (Leann) is the youngest Grammy winner at 12 for “Blue Moon.” Atleast I think it was the Grammys. lol.

  • jamie

    @SJS: You are right leann is the youngest winner of a grammy to date. and to Shaye the song you are thinking about is “How Do I Live” and despite her personal issues she still has talent and is beautiful in everyway, from her music to her appearance, i think taylor and leann should record a duet it would be such a hit.

    FYI – How do i live is the longest charting song in the history of billboard too so its amazing what leann has accomplished this far. in my opinion leann rimes and christina aguilera and brandy are the most talented young musicians in the business i cannot wait for the 1st two people i mentioned come out with their albums next year.

    FYI (2) – for anyone who likes good music look up on youtube “Leann Rimes – I will always love you” it is almost as good as whitneys and dollys versions.

  • adam

    i absolutely love taylor but i wish she would stop saying the word dream. try just substituting ‘goal’ instead of saying dream. like i said i love her and she can pretty much do no wrong in my book.

  • Bob Brown

    I am disturbed Taylor mentioned “The Dixie Chicks” last. Two days ago Taylor tweeted about her love of Chicago and “I raise my hand.”

    If this kid wants to be a ‘product’ she is well on her way. Yeah Bush sucks, yeah Obama is the glory of God… I get it.

    This rant is probably above most of you but the handlers understand every word. Example: Three current NFL owners have murdered humans… but Rush is the true evil one.

    I love this Swift kid. I hope she doesn’t sell out but my hope is waning.

  • Riley

    to Bob Brown..I totally get what you are saying. But I think she said that she likes their music, ie, before they made idiots out of themselves and disgraced the loyalty of out country. I still do like their music (even though I threw it all out) but I DO NOT have any respect for them. But being the respectful young lady she is, she only mentions their music and leaves the idiot part out..LOL.. I think that with the way she was raised and the fact that she is so grounded and has respect for herself and her fans, I don’t think she will ever sell out. Pray for her and all the other young adults in today’s entertainment industry.

  • Willy

    How do I live was surpassed a couple of months ago as the longest charted song but it is still impressive. I loved the old LeAnn but this new person is to much a liar and a fake. Any truethful person would not say she is beautiful in every way. She lied in her book about her wonderful husband while at the same time of its writing she was sleeping with Eddie. She taunts and innocent wife and takes pleasure in doing so. LeAnn is not the Margaret Rimes who we all admired. I don’t know if she changed or if Deane just kept the real LeAnn Rimes covered up.

  • jamie

    @ Willy —
    obviously we have different musical tastes but saying leann is a liar and a fake is your opinion. i highly doubt you know leann rimes so you shouldnt make such ignorant statements. I dont want to sound rude or anything but i doubt any one on this site knows leann except maybe the jared guy that runs the site.

    FYI – im not trying to justify cheating but obviously leann was unhappy with her possibly gay husband its just a shame she could not go to someone else that wasnt married.

  • Willy

    You must be delusional. Rimes is a black and white liar. In her book “what I cannot change” she glows about her perfect husband in Deane and how they have they perfect marriage that is open and honest and there are no secrets. She was writing this book and dragging Deane around to promote it all the wile she was having sex with Eddie. She lied to and betayed Deane. She also betrayed Eddie when she setup the restaurant security bit as well as the hotel sex romp where her male accomplice returned for room service after the sex. She cancel a conert in Jacksonville so she could stalk Eddie and said she needed vocal rest only to showup cheering at a basketball game only ten hours after the concert was to end. LeAnn is no different than Eddie in that she is a proven complusive and pathological lier as demonstrated by her own words, written and verbal. You are also wrong in my taste of music. I think she has a very good voice but it comes out of a very bad person.

  • Willy

    Oh yes, I forgot these lovely statements from LeAnn just a few months ago. “I love my husband dearly” “I would never do anything to hurt my husband” “I am not considering a divorce” “I love my husband who has made me what I am today” “I will love what I can not change” These statements were all made by LeAnn while she was humilating Deane and obsessively stalking Eddie.

  • Bob Brown

    To Reily: Thanks and I mostly agree. Taylor really does good for her fans whether lowering concert ticket prices or simply buying pizza… both of which Taylor has done.

    She does indeed speak from her heart in verse, but in the darker quarters of Hollyweird they are writing script to strip her clothes off.

    Taylor, they will put you on a pole like Miley faster than you can say a. Hang in there kid and watch out for the animals.

  • jamie

    @ Willy

    Get over yourself what you say is your opinion and that is that. And no i am not delusional i just dont judge people like a dumbass like you.

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