Meet The Victorious Cast -- First Look!

Meet The Victorious Cast -- First Look!

Thanks to creator Dan Schneider, we can introduce you to the cast of his new show, Victorious!

Nick starlet Victoria Justice is joined by Ariana Grande, Daniella Monet, Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, and Leon Thomas.

The series, set to premiere in January 2010 on Nickelodeon, focuses on a new girl (Justice) who attends a performing arts high school.

Be sure to follow everyone on Twitter: Dan Schneider @DanWarp, Victoria Justice @VictoriaJustice, Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande, Elizabeth Gilles @lizgillies, Leon Thomas @leonthomas3, Daniella Monet @DaniellaMonet, and Matt Bennett @mattbennettmb.

10+ pics inside…

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  • chris

    can’t wait:)

  • nick07

    Why is Avan Jogia (4th picture) shown when he’s not listed in the cast?

  • nick07

    @nick07: My bad, I meant 5th.

  • jamy

    ARIANA IS SO BEAUTIFUL! shes really hot hah
    i looooooooove her hah merry me!!!!!

  • Mamic

    ariana and liz!!!! love them in 13!!! =)

  • tee

    what about avan jogia?

  • lala

    well, y’all already know harper (leon) can sing, now it’s time for these guys. I’m sure all of ‘em can carry a note, except maybe for that dude drinking from a coconut, or maybe he’s the best of ‘em

    who knows, dan LOVES surprising people

  • melissa

    lala, they sure can carry a note! haha, two of them have been on broadway and are AMAZING everybody will be blown away!

  • maria

    sooo exciteddd!
    all the girls are beautiful and cute guys:)))

    cant waittttttttttttttttttt

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    i love it =D and vic is such a beautiful girl !

  • maichi


  • Lizzie

    Haha, I know for a FACT Ariana and Liz can sing.
    They just got done as cast members in the original Broadway show ’13′ by Jason Robert Brown.

  • Barbara m

    Ariana was GREAT in 13 and is truly a rising star! Good luck Ariana.

  • nicole

    victoria justice can’t even sing. or act that well. i think nick is just trying to use her because she’s pretty. and i’m not hating on her because:

    1. i can admit she’s pretty.
    2. i still love and support people like vanessa hudgens for example, who is way more gorgeous than victoria.

  • essie123

    victoria justice is a really good singer and so is the rest of the cast. and they are all really funny

  • Maddy

    ahh i cant wait to see ariana and liz!!!!!!!

  • act_sing_star

    this is going 2 be an awesome show!! the creator does icarly and used to do drake and josh, so im sure this is going 2 b just as awesome!

  • Madison

    I love Ariana. I listen to the 13 musical everyday on my ipod.
    I am so happy for you Ariana!
    Good Luck!
    Madi M.

  • Madison

    i love ariana she can sing so admazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ariana is so much better tham victoria

  • Madison

    hay victoria,

    all that is admazing about you is that you have nice teeth!!!!!!!!!

  • Madison

    ami right?

  • Sweetyyyyy

    ARIAAANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth lizzie

    i’m soooo excited can’t wait

  • olsobthesong

    woah i just saw this show on Nick and Liz and Ariana were deff much better at singing than victoria…awkward. I love the show it will be great :)

  • carrot man

    hi ariana grande i would love to meet you live i like you personality and by the way i love candy to

  • joel

    victoria justice,daniella monet,and ariana grande are OD hot

  • victoria101

    i love Daniella Monet she is sooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

  • victoria101




  • Misbah

    omg im in love with Avan Jorgia he is so hot xxxxx im your number 1 fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    omg!At this monemt i am crying knowing that i , i , i , i , a 11 year old girl could be meeting the faboulous vict-victorious creww w w!!!Caan i?I love them ! Caat-Amzing soo cutee and funny , Tori-Is the main for a beautiful reason! Jade-because every eposode i watch , shes just amazing! Beck-I mean beck has great hair and he is sooo funny and cute,but dont worry jadee!Loool , andre-Hhaa haaa , lets hope you dont have a ketchup problem because i dislike ketchupp haa haa ! Robbie and Rex – just hilarious! Sikowitz-siko is the only word!Trina-i’ll change your bloody mouth lool!I luuv youu guys … i’ll do anything to be in one of your episodes of victorious , im half cast so maybe becks andre’s cousin – no offence , or maybe cats , i’d love to be cats or jades or any ones but not robbies or skiowitz or the puppets , but any one else plz , im ur numb 1 faan-see my room!Let me know , pounds pence dollers i’ll give up my sister for you”! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-can one of you add me or something on msn and maybe invite me!If u have web cam to prove it , it would be better! looool xxxx i luuv ur pretty faceess xxxxxxx i caan sing too , i have enterd competitions and have been let down at 2nd place , at least let me win this race?xxxxx


    i would love to see sriana and elizabeth gillies the sing very good


    i like elizabeth gillies she is my favorite


    elizabeth gillies


    hi y name is meredith and my favorite character on victorious is elizabeth gillies who plays as jade she is awsome and prettY!!!!!!!! im a femal just to let you know!!!!!!!


    hey elizabeth gillies you are awsome


    hey elizabeth gillies if you have facebook plz add me i would love to be your friend you sre interesting i want to look like you!!!!!! you are the best on victorious


    grr my coment shar always says your comment id awayting moteration

  • haley

    I love Daniella Monet and Elizabeth Gillies they are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still love the rest of the cast.

  •!/Young_Eddiiee Eddie

    I love Victoria justice and ariana grande and the rest of the cast i really want to go hollywood and meet all the whole cast and see where they shoot the magic


  • http://joujajija sabrina

    i love you victoria

>>>>>>> staging1