Selena Gomez Dreams Out Loud

Selena Gomez Dreams Out Loud

Selena Gomez: Actress, Singer, UNICEF Ambassador…designer?

You read right! The 17-year-old starlet is spreading her wings even further and working on a new clothing line she’s named Dream Out Loud. The line will focus on pretty, feminine and bohemian clothing — a line, Sel said, that mirrors her own style.

Selena shared with WWD, “Growing up in Texas, I was sort of close-minded and kind of a tomboy, but as I’ve traveled, I found such a love of clothes. It’s really always been a dream of mine to have a line.”

She continued, “With my line, I really want to give the customer options on how they can put their own looks together. I want the pieces that can be easy to dress up or down, and the fabrics being eco-friendly and organic are superimportant. Also, the tags will all have some of my inspirational quotes on them. I’m just looking to send a good message.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena developing her own clothing line?

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  • Sydney

    I THINK IT’S AWESOME! Selena rocks and I can’t wait to buy clothes from her clothing line. Where will it be sold? HOPEFULLYYYY NOT WALMARTTT! like miley’s… I mean Miley’s clothing line is cute but it’s cheap quality because it’s walmart. I hope Selena’s is sold at Kohl’s or Macy’s or JCpenny…

  • Lulu

    erm… i hadnt finished! lol, erm… yeah! it’s a bit annoying that she does everything, spesh the singing thing, but i’m glad she’s doing a clothing line! i’m not really a fan of hers, but wow i love her clothes! i especially loved that pink dress she wore at the ALMA awards! i hope the line comes out in the uk then! xxx

  • Jo

    ugh, not another celebrity “designer”.. stick to acting

  • Lauren

    im soo happy for her and im glad shes getting to do more things than acting cos i love her as a person and as a actress/singer…..but is it me or are all the celebrities got clothing lines – i think its just abit too much over the top…but im still happy for her

  • Jasmine

    hope it expands far!
    i’ll definetely love that shop!

  • Lois

    Sydney is right!
    Too bad I live in the Netherlands, it’s really expensive to buy clothes on the internet..

  • angelie

    Congratulations. Wow, this girl is non stop doing what she loves to do. I’m really happy for her. :)

  • judy

    selena is a fake wake up america. she is jealous of miley. people only look at a person whats on the outside and not whats inside if you paid attention to whats going on twitter and why miley left u know selena had something to do with it. wakeup america

  • lalle

    too much like miley….

  • caro

    great! i love her style!!

  • Party in the usa

    Cough Miley Cough.

  • becca

    why on earth does she have to do a clothing line? The album was already a mistake. This is clearly a case of someone seeing how much money Miley is making from her clothing line and trying to hop on the bandwagon. Selena needs to just act & stop doing all these side projects. I heard she’s going to do a makeup line too. Why is that necessary?

  • JAsmine Ray

    I don’t like how everyone is doing a clothing line now, but I really think selena has a great sense of fashion and I probably will check it out!
    And really I think its great that she has the courage to follow her dreams no mattter what people say. If she wants to do this she should! Shes just following her dreams, which all of us try to do. The only difference is that hers are more public. I love Selena and shes a huge role model to me!

  • Ali(:

    if i would be actress and singer and abassador, i would still want to pursue my dreams to be movie director and have my own fashion line. i have so many dreams and if it would be possible to reach them i would do it no matter what, after all these who always want to be for you, will understand that you want to follow your dreams.

    great job, Selena!

  • carley

    as much as i like her style, i’m pretty much over the entire “list of things you must do if you are a disney star” thing.
    older stars made a perfectly good living by just acting!
    but now all these younger stars coming out have to sing, act, dance, design, etc to be famous.

    i’m sick of the long list of side projects everyone has these days.

  • amy

    um that’s nice but she really doesn’t dress “boho-chic”? she wears like classy skirts and tailored jackets. not eco-friendly hippie stuff. but w/e good luck to her.

  • milshakee

    miley much? seriously shes annoying. i like her but wow.

  • janickk

    she is awsome….sorry butt miley cant touch her.. selena sounds wayyy better live..miley sounds better on cd than selena ….you never know if disney is making them do all this stuff it coould be part of the contract..if you hadnt noticed everyone on disney sings nowww !!

  • yenny

    i think this is awesome i love her style and i hope their clothes will be like her outfits aww
    GO SEL

  • Chau

    Oh jeezus…not again. Just another plot to make money off of naive little kids (or their parents anyway.) Please stop.

  • Izzah

    Selena is SOOO much better than miley ok???
    but anywayz… YAY!!! Go on girl!!!

  • tess

    i definetely like her style, this is amazing idea!!!!

  • koolkat

    What the hell? “Miley wanna-be”? “jealous of Miley”? Are kidding me? Selena is NOT jealous of that obnoxious, untalented girl at all, nor does she wanna be like her! Selena said, like a million times, that there’s no need to be jealous of anyone, she already has a TV show, movies, album, a clothing line, and her friends/family. She’s living a wonderfully blessed life and she’s able to do things that most people would dream about. Why would she be jealous of Miley? Miley may be more famous, but that doesn’t mean she’s more talented, as a matter of fact, I think Selena is WAY MORE TALENTED AND WAY FREAKIN PRETTIER than Miley Virus!

    You people are probably 9 year old little trolls who has no idea what they’re talking about. Selena and Miley are both COMPLETELY different girls, with different hairstyles, different fashion styles, different personalities, different manners, they’re just really different from each other. So I have no idea why you think she wants to be like Miley. I mean, wtf? Grow up.

    And Miley is definitely not the first celebrity to start a clothing line, so I don’t know why you think Selena is “copying” her just because she wants to do her own clothing line. Selena just wants to design clothes for her FANS. Simple as that.

  • Smacky35

    Seriously I am so sick of the Miley vs Selena argument. It is pathetic. Both of them are amazing at what they do you shouldn’t be putting them against each other. Also ya ever thought maybe the reason miley is like this now is because you people are treating her the same way as britney. Not that I think Miley is bad at all.

  • janickk

    im so agreeing with koolkat SELENA IS MORE CLASSY ..IM NOT BEING A HATER BUT ITS TRUE..

  • pouty

    @judy: just SHUT UP! she’s definitely not jealous of Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s the opposite of Miley: Fresh, talented and she’s herself! she can try different things cuz she’s young and thats when you wanna experience new things… she has dreams and getting a chance to really them. what would u do if u were her?? we can forgive her mistakes cuz she’s young! GO SEL!

  • Patty

    Miley and Selena are both great. THe only Disney star I loathe with a passion is Bitchy Lovato, I mean Demi Lovato. :D

  • Meagan

    @becca: The album was a mistake? Um, did you happen to hear that all of Selena’s concert dates have sold out?

  • sellythebest

    yayyy i love my baby girl….. shes definitely the best disney star ever!!! selena rules!!! cant wait for her line…. yayyy!!!

  • sellythebest

    shes so gorgeous, and way more better in everything than miley vyrus…..

  • tin

    like seriously when they talk about selena you guys have to bring up either miley or demi in all these posts (same with miley and demi’s posts you have to bring those three together)…it’s really annoying when you talk negatively about selena and say one of those two are better and you should stop cause they are all so different in their own good ways. so stop it!!!

  • yvonne

    this miley shit has to go…
    its like someone wears the same shirt-
    OH SHITTTT: that girls just trying to be like the other one.

    everyone has a cd, a fashion line, and a tv show…@ hollywood
    god, CHILL…


    she’s a fashion icon!!!!so I’m definitely looking forward to BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!sel rocks

  • lauren

    you seriously need to shut up. selena and miley are very talented girls. i can admit that your right on the fact that selena isn’t copying miley. she just wants to show off her style to other teens. but you calling miley cyrus not talented and saying she isn’t a good singer, will not make selena gomez any better! so stop with the hating!

  • `124363q64q346

    Everybody is saying Selena is trying to be like Miley! But Miley isn’ tthe only star who acts, sings, dances, and has their own freakin clothing line!!!! Tons of other disney stars sing but nobody else gets acused of acting like Miley. HOw do you know Miley isn’t trying to be like Selena!??!?!?!??!?!? Selena is #1 for me but I also like MIley but why do people have to hate one of them just because they’re a fan of the other!?!?!?

  • x

    @yvonne. why is it not that selena bitch that has to go? why does it have to be miley?

  • nicole

    i knew people would accuse her of trying to be like miley. let’s keep in mind it’s miley AND max azria. i’m not even sure if miley contributes anything to the outfit, they just attach her name on it so people will buy. and hilary duff and raven symone had a clothing line BEFORE miley. so miley copied them. it’s a clothing line. miley doesn’t own the idea.

  • Fernanda

    AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!! OMG. I NEED IT!! love her ♥

  • ilovedisney

    Personally i think that she is copying Miley Cyrus. I mean i like Selena (granted not as much as Miley) but still. Look at her past. hough i am looking forward to seeing it.

  • olivia

    @koolkat: wow. i think ur the one who needs to grow up and get over the miley hate. seriously has she ever done anything to you? no. im not really a big fan of either of them but YOU need to stop comparing them.

  • olivia

    @tin: totally agree!!!!

  • winnie

    okay seriously you guys are making me sick. you have the rights to say everything here but remember one thing JUST BECAUSE OF ALL THOSE STUPID RUMORS BACK THEN IN 2008 ABOUT THE TEAM MILEY VS TEAM SELENA THING, DONT ever bring it to things like this. okay it’s over! OVER!
    selena is NOT copying miley for goodness’ sake and sorry, miley is not the first celeb to start a clothing line, so why dont you say miley is copying LiLo or perhaps someone else in Hollywood. it’s sel’s right whether she wants to be a designer or not. she loves designing thing and if both sel and miley love designing and mileyh started first so you call selena a copycat? BULLSHIT she just wants to do what she loves! dont bring miley into this. im also a miley fan but this thing is making me sick.
    you guys just love to bring selena down which actually INSPIRES her. so go get a life, think twice before you put something mean here.

  • erin

    This will be better than her album.
    Feminine clothes for classy girls are missing in the teen fashion industry.
    Selena’s style will be a breath of fresh air to a hardcore-rocker-girl sort of industry.

  • Tricia

    Uhm, okay? I would love it more if Vanessa did a clothing line. (: Her clothes are awesome!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    cant wait sel u rock

  • Mitchie

    I’d totally get it! But, I want Miley’s too, and I can’t even find that in Wal Mart in Canada, so Selena better sell her clothes in Canada & somewhere that I can get them, which is only Wal Mart where I live… :/

    I love the idea of her making a clothing line, though! If I can’t buy the clothes in stores, I’ll buy them online or something. :)

    I <3 Sel!

  • mamamamamamamamamam

    It should be sold at Target ! Wooooooo hoooooooooo. Or Kohl’s.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @Patty: lol me too but i dont hate her i dislike her!!!!! UGLY LOVATO!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


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