Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove: Los Premios Ladies

Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove: Los Premios Ladies

Selena Gomez gives gal pal Miranda Cosgrove a warm hug backstage at the Los Premios MTV 2009 Latin America Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif., on Thursday evening (October 15).

The darling duo caught up with each other before presenting at the awards. Selena wore a nude strapless cocktail dress with a sheer nude crinoline floor-length overlay from Paule Ka‘s Spring Summer 2009 collection with Melinda Maria jewels.

Selena presented with Latin group Reik (Jesus Alberto Navarro Rosas, Julio Ramirez Eguia and Gilberto Marin Espinoza) and also introduced the robot with Teefey. Miranda also caught up with Latin singer PeeWee.

10+ pics inside of Miranda and Selena at the Los Premios MTV 2009…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Christopher Polk/WireImage
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  • Jessica

    I Agree with you.. Sel is the best and way better than Miley.. Sel has class and is a down to earth girl..

  • Kruster

    I think Selena would whip Miranda in a fight.

  • kanani

    @cfvgbhjnkm: You’re really stupid, you know that? Not everyone that is hispanic speaks spanish. Many people in the US that are hispanic don’t know how to speak spanish because their parent’s never tought them. I have friends like that. You obviously know nothing. You don’t have to speak spanish to be latin. It has to do with your ethnicity, not the language you speak.

  • tin

    @cfvgbhjnkm: o ok…so if you don’t speak the language fluently your not that nationality…what about vanessa hudgens?…she’s so proud that she has a Filipino background when she can’t speak the language fluently….geeze if your proud that you have a different culture as your background then so be it…you shouldn’t be so rude that she can’t call herself a represent that background all you can do is say how much it means to you that you are what you are…you can also share little things about the country that you know to represent how proud you are to be in that background i should know cause i am like vanessa hudgens where i can understand tagalog but i can’t speak it fluently but i’m so proud being who i am.

  • kanani

    And also, the reason why she talks about it a lot is because she embraces who she is and she’s latin.

  • tin

    @kanani: YEAH THAT IS SO TRUE

    also guys can you please stop talking about miley on selena’s post like seriously… they are both two different people but with the same kind of dreams


    SHE dosnt have to be showing legs to be hot !

  • Diana

    @cfvgbhjnkm: you are right. im latin and i speak both english and spanish excellent! i mean why doesnt selena take spanish in school? get a spanish tutor and learn it and show that you are proud to speak it!!

  • rocksii

    It’s so stupid that some of you are saying she’s not a latina
    because she doens’t talk spanish..
    that’s so lame..
    I live in the border with mexico.. in brownsville, texas
    and my parents are mexican and of course spanish is my first
    language and i speak it fluently BUT here in brownsville
    there’s a LOT of people who have hispanic/mexican
    last names and are latinos and don’t even speak a word
    in spanish! and that doens’t mean they are not latino..
    it is just so dissapointing to read comments like this
    where you guys are criticizing selena for no reason..
    she may not speak fluently spanish but she sure is a latina..
    plus its no big deal.. grow up.

  • Dorothy

    selena’s dress wouldve been cute if it didnt have that weird transparent thing going on

    and miranda looks gorgoeus!

  • pame

    i love reik

  • Lisa

    Miranda cosgrove said on her twitter that she’s irish english and french. Just saying cause ya’ll talking about selena’s race. Which I think its really cool that she’s mexican and italian. She embraces both her races.


    I LOVE SEL DRESS SO”CUTE” seriously CAN”T WAIT for her CLOTHING LINE!!!!!!!!!!!! the guy couldn’t stop looking at her LOL

  • keN

    . . . . . true,,Miranda DOES always look great.
    but girl, did you reciently tweet “if I were to work out”.
    I thought all stars did some kind of cardio, strength
    stuff. Getz in da gym now ! Do It…

  • Gossip Girl

    @cfvgbhjnkm: well said, She’s Latina and can’t speak her own language and her family members (well her dad I hear) speaks fluid Spanish. That is just embarrassing.

  • Gossip Girl

    @sellythebest: Yeah and I am pretty sure Selena would mind being The Highest Paid Teenager for Two Years Straight, and I sure she would not mind having her own 87 million dollar 3D concert Movie and I am pretty sure SHE REALLY DOSE NOT WANT 5 Number One Albums and Two Top Charting Singles cause only sluts can do that./ Sluts with actual talent and can actually get into the theaters.

    Oh and doesn’t an Oscar nomination for her animation movie “BOLT” sound Nice. SOMETHING SELENA WILL NEVER GET. Seriously dear. Comparing Selena and Miley is like Apples and Oranges. USELESS so just STFU

  • Shawna

    @Gossip Girl: Comment fail. Miley was never nominated for an oscar. Get your facts straight before posting .Miley only has 3 #1 albums FYI and she never had #1 hits on the billboard hot 100. Selena has an emmy which is something to be proud of and I’m sure she’s just fine being Selena Gomez.

  • me

    omg some people here can be stupid. you don’t need to be fluent in speaking the language to consider yourself to be that nationality, as long as you embrace it and know your background as to why you have that culture. i know tons of people who know their ethnicity but don’t even speak the language. and for gossip girl i am sure selena gomez doesn’t mind how much she makes or anything that miley cyrus does you know why?…she mentions it every time in her interviews that she’s thankful and blessed in what she does and what she’s able to do….get it….plus selena has won an ALMA awards, it’s like getting an oscar only it’s for Latina and latino actors, and it was for best tv comedy actress. and her show won an emmy…with those accomplishments i’m sure she’s happy with it….anyways both selena and miley have the same dreams and they both are in this entertainment business where you can be a singer, an actress, a designer, and so on….so comparing them isn’t so different only when it comes to their personalities, characteristics, and maturity. I can tell you that selena is headed in the right direction and can go far.

  • WTH

    Using the native language argument…hardly anyone in the US can be proud of their heritage then. All ( except Native Americans) of us came from somewhere else but very few of us (after the first generation) speak the language of the place we came from. If you don’t want her in Latin America..we’ll be happy to keep her up here.

  • http://redtube erik

    i love miranda cosgrove i erik

  • Annie

    Love both but Selena is the best!!!!!

  • Roxana MORAND de Suisse

    Selena je suis trop fan de toi, Demi Lovato et Miley Cyrus. Je trouve que tu es trop belle et tu chante trop bien avec Demi et miley. Est ce que tu es amie avec Miley et Demi ???


    Répond moi stp ( sil te paît) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    jai plain d amie qui t adore mais moi je t aime encore plus , MA CHAMBRE EST PLAINE DE POSTER DE TOI ,DEMI ET MILEY . RASSURE TOI J EN AI 35 DE TOI ,20 DE MILEY ET 16 DE DEMI .

    tcho bella !!!

  • Roxana MORAND de Suisse

    je trouve que cette robe te va tres bien

  • Izzah

    Wow I usually don’t like Miranda but she looks stunning in that picture…
    And Selena?? Well……
    Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of the dress…
    What happened, Sel? You usually looks amazing in beautiful dresses,
    NOT this one…

  • selena gomez


  • lottie

    aww i love miranda and selena they are both beautiful i wish i could meet them!!!! i love selena’s dress there it looks good on her xx

  • http://yahoo jorge vargas

    selena gomes is so hott.