Taylor Lautner is a GQ Guy

Taylor Lautner is a GQ Guy

Taylor Lautner looks sharp in a tailored blue shirt and tie in the November 2009 issue of GQ magazine.

The 17-year-old actor revealed to the magazine on how he gained those 30 pounds needed for the role of Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. He shared, “I tried to stay focused on the things I could control.”

Taylor continued on the evolution of Jacob, saying, “When a man transforms into a wolf, all of his clothes get shredded. When he comes back to human form, he’s wearing ripped jeans, and that’s about it. It’s the way it was written. The great thing about this series is we stay true to the books.”

Check out more of Taylor‘s pics at GQ.com.

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Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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  • nikki

    honestly he doesnt deserve to be in GQ im sorry but hes like only in twilight and like hes no a A-list celeb. he just got into the world, so he doesnt deserve it, SORRY but its true, and he doesnt really look all that good either :(

  • tess

    First!!!!! taylor looking so hoooooooot!!!!!!!!!

  • listen to mayday parade

    my thoughts are so illegal when they come to this boy. damn

  • Katie g!

    i love him.
    hes hot.
    i love him.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @nikki: if thats the case, then you better have been anti robert pattinson on the cover too. cause hes really only done twilight as well.. thats all hes famous for at least.

  • nikki

    @listen to mayday parade: yeah i dont think rob deserved it either, i mean he is a better known actor than taylor, but taylor isnt really that good at acting in my opinion. but hes wayy to young to do this mag. I SERIOUS! like come on, like its stupid, hes annoying

  • florence

    i dont like this photo shot hes a pretty boy here but not hot.. i kinda liked the one in da bech better!!! but still love you jacob and love u sharkboy!!!!!!!!!!

  • georgia

    honestly, i saw the default picture and i was like “mmmmmm!”
    then i scrolled down and saw the topless one.
    i dropped my laptop.
    he gets two – MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @nikki: hey I completely agree, its all a money grab. Thats why they put taylor and rob on the font cause they know the twilight fan girls will buy their magazine (even though there is nothing in the magazine other than these pics that they will enjoy). save the covers for george clooney and gerard butler! ps. i dont think robs that convincing of an actor either… or any of the twilight cast for that mtter lol

  • Bea

    just a word: PERFECTION.

  • christy

    i love him but ke has better abs on new moon than on these pictures :-/

  • Dee

    I shouldn’t be thinking what I am thinking when looking at the pic of Taylor since he isn’t an adult yet, with his shirt open but damn he is looking good.

    He really worked on his body and now has a man’s body not a boy’s body. Hopefully he can keep up his look because he looks older which may benefit him when it comes to future movie roles.

  • Mimi

    okay i’m 15 and i dont think hes hot… at all. srry.( twilight attack in 3.. 2…1)

  • Dee

    @Mimi: That is totally okay everyone has their own tastes so hopefully no one will slam you for feeling the way you do.

  • summer herman

    hey you iss freakin sexy and i hope you know that i love you taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sexy though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lois

    he is a pretty boy. soooo cute. I love his skin color.

  • mrsefron.




  • Bee

    I don’t find this sexy… I find this funny and I have no idea why :D He has too small head for his huge muscular body… But truth to be told when I saw the Rolling Stones behind the scenes I thought “I WOULD SO DO HIM!” but with a pillow on his face I guess… but anyway, Team Taylor&Team Robert :D

  • luce

    wow! he is fiiiiinnnneee!!!!!!!!!!

  • me.

    @nikki: i agree. i mean, i love him (or loved. idk) but i think this is too early. that’s just my opinian though.

    but i’m sooo tired of him being shirtless in every pic. sure, his body’s hot but REALLY? ugh. and i think he isn’t as hot as he used to be. his body is like too big for his head.

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    i dont think he is the kind of guy who knows whats best 4 him cause this just proved it ! and in every single mag he has 2 show his body im getting sick of him he loves his body too much ! and its like nothing on this boy but body he talks about it every time and had 2 do this i had 2 do that comon nobody give a ….. and he is not hot ! AT ALL

  • luce

    i get the point that he really arogant, and to many shirtles pics, but on him being ugly, wtf? maybe you dont but i find coffee colored skin really hot

  • Jason

    better than that hack Zac Efron

  • twihard

    seriously..guys..give him a break..it’s not like he purposely puts his body on display or something..even he admitted that he feels weird and shy when he sees himself shirtless..it’s what the photographer wants..and come on..let him be..if he has abs..let him show it off.. he did put in loads of effort and stuff to get them..so..you know..chill guys..i agree he is not exactly hot in these pics but cute and very boyish and sweet instead..and one more thing..ROB deserves his spread in GQ mag..OKAY!! im sorry..but he does

  • http://justjaredjr.com taylorlautnerluvr

    luv him and his body. i wud drizzle some chocolate on him and u can use ur imagination 4 the rest. he is so hot!

  • nikki

    @Jason: uummm no, he has a good body, but ZAC EFRON has a wwaaayyyy ore attractive face :)

    this kid just shows his body and thats it, GIVE ME A BREAK!

    people are in love with zac efron because he doesnt have to show his body he just is a nice person and sexxy


  • Steame

    omg he’s so beautiful, i mean he’s hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace taylor lautner fan#1

    first of all he is way better than zack efron and hes is omg so fine and looks awsome without a shirt omg omg hes soooooooooo hot<3

  • http://myspace taylor lautner fan#1

    ooommmmgggg he is soooooooo hot exspicialy without a shirt on or more

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