Taylor Swift Delivers in Fearless Platinum Edition

Taylor Swift Delivers in Fearless Platinum Edition

Taylor Swift is more than ready to release the platinum edition of her chart-topping sophomore album, Fearless.

The 19-year-old’s Platinum Edition CD is set to release NEXT Tuesday, October 27th.

President/CEO of Big Machine Records Scott Borchetta shared of Taylor‘s CD, saying, “Taylor‘s fans have an incredible appetite for her new music and her ongoing life experiences. The two million-plus fans who bought Fearless within weeks of release last year are screaming for new Taylor music, and Taylor has delivered. There are 6 new songs, over 50 new photographs from the Fearless Tour 2009, a beautiful new collector cover, all of the videos from all of the hit singles and tons of new Taylor video footage.”

Be sure to pre-order your copy of Fearless: Platinum Edition from Amazon.com. Click inside for all the record specs…

Taylor Swift: Fearless, Platinum Edition

CD (new tracks notated with **)
1. Jump Then Fall **
2. Untouchable **
3. Forever & Always (Piano Version) **
4. Come In With The Rain **
5. SuperStar **
6. The Other Side Of The Door **
7. Fearless
8. Fifteen
9. Love Story
10. Hey Stephen
11. White Horse
12. You Belong With Me
13. Breathe
14. Tell Me Why
15. You’re Not Sorry
16. The Way I Loved You
17. Forever & Always
18. The Best Day
19. Change

1. “Change” Video
2. “Love Story” Video
3. “White Horse” Video
4. “The Best Day” Video 5. “You Belong With Me” Video
6. “Love Story” On The Set-Behind The Scenes
7. “White Horse” On The Set-Behind The Scenes
8. “You Belong With Me” On The Set-Behind The Scenes
9. FEARLESS 2009 TOUR Behind The Scenes exclusive photos; Photos courtesy of Austin K. Swift
10. FEARLESS 2009 TOUR Behind The Scenes at the First Show webisode 11. “Thug Story” Video

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  • Stephbby

    Come In With The Rain? Such an old song! But I can’t wait to buy this :-)

  • W

    I hate when celebs release another edition of their CDs. It’s annoying because who would buy the same album twice just for a couple of extra songs? Gez.

  • Kristen

    first comment ;) SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! :D

  • loveszanessa

    AMAZIN can’t wait for the new album

  • http://twitter.com/believeinlove08 Samantha

    Usually i think it pointless when an artist re-releases an album because it undermines the fans who bought the album the first time, but i will most definitely be buying this!!! <333 Taylor!!

  • vale


  • http://www.myspace.com/ijot_96 Izzah

    AAAAHHHHH!!!! Cant wait!!!
    But isn’t Come In With The Rain and old song??
    I really wished that she could put Permanent Marker on it too….
    It’s a really good song and all the ones on the internet have those annoying fan’s screamings on the background…
    But anyways….
    This album is gonna be AMAZINGGG!!!!

  • amy


    I will buy this one too. this one has much more than the 1st release including a dvd & unlike many other artists her platinium CD will be released almost a year after the 1st one. Most artists release their 2nd issue of their CDs within a few months.

  • SJS

    6 new songs? I really want to hear them, but why not just put out a whole new album? I kind of hate it when artists do this “deluxe edition” thing. Whatever. I just hope the new songs can be bought on itunes without having to re-purchase all the other songs that I already bought.

  • d

    yay i’m so excited :) the songs will be so good.

  • kay

    so excited. I bought Fearless but I just like the thought of owning both. I hope the videos and stuff work. I’m pumped for both disks to be honest.

  • KElly pattinson

    omg… can’t wait to get it!!
    I LOVE all of her songs

  • .

    where is sparks fly??
    thats my absolute faaaaaavourite! i would rather hear that than forever and always on the piand ):

  • c

    i wish she would have done sparks fly :(

  • mellz

    Thank GOD I haven’t buy the fearless album..
    So I can buy this one hahahaa..great great!!
    I love platinum edition..that’s why I decited do not buy the album at first lol

  • taylor swift freak

    i am so excited for this, been waiting for ages now !!
    Taylors biggest fan x

  • gossipgirlxoxo

    @W: uhh perhaps cos its a PLATINUM addition, and im buyingg it :) Artists who sell loadsssssssssssssss of copies of their original get to make platinum additions, not just any old album thats hardley sold. Its a honour. Taylor Swiftss amazinggg! x

  • Grace

    i already pre order this hope it comes with the fearless leather brasalet.

  • Kendall

    I love Taylor so much yoyu don’t know. i would love to get that for my b-day thats comming up, and i know this website where you can pre-order it, so i will do that so i can have mine before most people, and that way i will be able to beat the rush! :D
    peace love Kendall

  • Steph

    will it be released in France????

  • cODY Erickson

    I would love to meet Taylor Swift in Chicago how do i sign up!
    Taylor please email me i would even let you drive my race car!
    If you ever get to minnesota look me up.

  • act_sing_star

    YAY! omygod, i worship taylor!!!! she rox!!! im so getting it!! and congrats 2 taylor 4 her platinum album!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sfarmer76 steven farmer

    I was hoping that ‘Your World Is My World’ would have made it onto the platinum edition.


  • Katrina durbin

    I really cannot wait. Taylor is an idol for me and I cnt wait to hear what her new songs have to say!

  • Erin


    She sold the rights to “Permanent Marker” away. Some little girl recorded it, and it gonna release it. It kind of bums me out.

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