Ashley Tisdale Performs at Los Premios MTV 2009

Ashley Tisdale Performs at Los Premios MTV 2009

Ashley Tisdale rocks out on stage with her guitar player Jacob Fatoorechi at the Los Premios MTV 2009 Latin America Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif., on Thursday evening (October 15).

The 24-year-old singer and her band performed her hit, “It’s Alright, It’s Ok,” during the awards.

Ash tweeted after the ceremony, “Latin vma’s were so much fun! Had a blast!!”

30+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale rocking out…

Ashley Tisdale – “It’s Alright, It’s OK” – Los Premios MTV 2009, 10/15

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • treemoka


  • Cami

    that was awesome!!!
    she did it great!

  • Juliana

    love her

  • amy

    good job ash, i don’t really like what shes wearing not that shes wearing much tbh haha
    still love her though <333

  • keke

    she looked great but *sighs* its obvious dats she’s lipsinging but anyways its an award show……..

  • gold baybay

    What. The. Hell. She’s still singing this “song”? It’s so bad and I’ve never heard it on radio stations other than Disney. Girl, try your other song, maybe that’ll have more commercial success? I know her fans are going to come at me but it’s the truth. Please, just don’t reply if you disagree. It’s called an opinion that’s mine.

  • gold baybay

    I’m sorry, I should’ve said “I think its so bad” as opposed to “it’s so bad.” Apologies.

  • Lisa

    she sang IAIO cuz that’s the song she was nominated for, and mtv asked her to perform that song

    i think she looks awesome!

  • tweeter

    why are they dressing like this its so bad…miley cyrus and ashely should really present themselves as young women really miley cus shes 16 and one of the biggest stars all eyes on her …they are so revealing

  • erin

    Please, people a lot younger have worn a lot less.
    She’s performing IAIO because MTV wanted her too.


    wtf with that outfit? wannabe sexy much?
    ew complete fail

  • yumankito

    “keke @ 5:33 pm on 10/16/2009
    she looked great but *sighs* its obvious dats she’s lipsinging but anyways its an award show……..”

    She was NOT lipsinging.

  • Jannii

    She was great!!
    And she looked awesome =)

  • Qiana

    I will always be an Ashley fan, but she’s trying to hard. She’s trying to hard to be Britney Spears,Christina Aguleira,and Gwen Stefani. Sorry but i dont think she can ever reach their level. She’s an actress, not the best one but she’s an actress, not really a singer, they have to add studio effects to make her voice sound better. Again i will always like her, but Ashley is just trying to hard.



  • demi

    Ok people CALM DOWN SHE 24!!!! if she’s not allowed to wear that in atleast adulthood then u guys are screwed up

  • iliana

    i love that performing that is her best performing ever and the best performing that night. and people comon its just a dress and she is growing up. we dont have to see her outside but her inside and she have a great heart. that was a great perform i like it. and all the fans of ashley go to and vote for her for the best performence and the latin mtv vma.she look awsome i like that dress so much and iam not a ho… iam a simple person,that like her dress. she sing life,iam so proud of her .she do her best and i can see it in the performing . ok bye dont forget for voting on musiqtone. xoxo

  • Ine

    I liked her more when she wore pants…
    She sounded good, but I miss the old Ashley.

  • Lucia Jonas

    she is so good at stage
    love her

  • valeria

    Omg love her SEXY ,CUTE and BEATIFUL! :)

  • ashleytfan*-*

    please ¬¬ she’s not the only one who wears stuff like that miley does, vanessa does alot of people does u_u stop being so childish she’s 24 years old and she’s NOT with disney anymore she can do wathever she wants, the performance was great :) and ashley was one of the best performances really not the best! but one of them shakira’s one for me was the best! but ashley 2nd-3rd place :D

  • Hallie’s Corner

    I’m starting to feel bad for Ashley. I always wondered what was missing from her performances and I think I finally realized that it’s lack of stage presence. She just doesn’t have that ‘it’ factor that makes you want to watch her. And she tries so hard, but it’s not something you can force, you either have it or you don’t. Think Beyonce and Lady Gaga, both very different in style, but they know how to capture attention while performing and energize their audience. Even, and it kills me to say this, Miley Cyrus has it.

    But I feel like if you watch one of Ashley’s performances, you’ve watched them all because they’re always the same. Change it up a bit, put some effort into it, and please, ditch the outfits, they’re not flattering at all.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @demi: she might be 24 but she should try and be original. this lack of clothing thing is getting old for all. she did a good job though

  • Solange

    im sick of ppl saying that Ashley is trying to hard. Even some Ashley’s fans. Can u pls shut up? She’s 24 c’on. If u keep doing this, you’re selfish.

    SHE was obviously singing LIVE!

  • riana

    ashley is damn hott

  • riana

    i want her body lol

  • aspha

    Ashley is great person but cant believe this what the … hell she is doing to herself? I am so surprised to see her that way. Forgive me people. Im a fan but she is a dilemma on that stage. Not because im a fan I always do like she does.

    Im trying to hear it clearly her voice, But I think if you are deaf you will tell that she is singing live, Isnt she is used in singing live, That is why its kinda perfect to her.

  • rachel

    This is her best performance ever!!!!!!! She is DEFINITELY singing LIVE!! Would u people just stop saying Ashley’s Being TOO hard She can’t be Disney’s Girl 4ever

  • rachel

    @aspha: @aspha: obviously ur the one who’s deaf

  • DaleMurph

    She looks so beautiful in that tight black dress.

  • osama


  • aspha


    ok rachel. sorry. still love her as Ashley not her performance.

  • stacy

    Okay she really needs to do something different!! She always does the exact same thing every time she performs!! annoying!

  • Sandra

    She has fat man boobs

  • tamara

    Is she on her way to tap class. She looks like a big 8 year old. Why doesn’t she give into her goody image and be more like Taylor Swift “Classy” she works so hard to be like Beyonce or Britney and she just looks trashy. Her team should be guiding this girl. The lip singing was NOOOO GOOD!

  • April

    I can’t believe what she was wearing ???
    It’s not not not suit for her!
    She’s Absolutely Disney Girl 4everrrrr!

  • yuck

    she looks so much like Heidi Montag.

  • aspha

    agree to that. there are sveral angles at times she looks like Heidi. Did you see heide’s performance in last Miss Universe pageant? a bit similar thing on the stage.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Better post… Better than that umbrella one but I must say… And just to point out I DO like Ashley but these days she looks like she is just trying too hard… I agree with the person who said that she should perform with more class than trying to achieve the level beyonce or britney are in…because lets face it she never will… And I know that she is 24 and is growing up and that other celebrities who are younger than her sometimes dress like that but I think she doesn’t really suit it to be honest andif she doesn’t try too hard next time… There won’t be any more controversy with people saying they don’t like this and don’t like that… However with the lip singing thing who really cares other people do it too but I don’t think she was…. Just my own opinion… No need to fire back… Love:D

  • musicgirl

    trying to hard, and plzzz ash fans im not trying to be rude but plzzzz being
    24 years old is not exuse!

  • Gonzalo

    She is soo cute!

  • Jannii

    She did sooo great!!! And there is NOTHING wrong in wearing an outfit for an performance =) .. she looks great in it.. her body is beautiful, she def. can wear that =)
    She is NOT trying.. that is HER.. thats an show that she do on stage!! If u see her on paparazzi pics.. the wears totally other things.. so whats ur problem… ;)
    She is AWESOME und she will make her way.. =) .. she already did it =)

  • Gonzalo

    I love you Ashley! =)

    Perfect performed



  • whatever



  • ZJ207


    I really can’t believe even fans are dissing her and talking bad things about her.
    and yes, she’s singing live.
    and yes, she’s sexy
    and yes, she’s hot hot hot!!!! <3

    for someone who said she’ll always be a disney girl, she’s already NO MORE disney. and that’s something you CAN’T deny.

  • nina caplan

    she did a great job… i’m impressed =)

  • @igortizz

    For me…she’s tryin’ to erase the “disney Ashley” with those musics and clothings…she’s trying to get her own way,not trying to be like Britney Spears,and not trying to be something she’s not..Just trying to get a new way,to not be remembered as a “disney girl”~and if she’s tryin’ to be like Britney,well.that’s good,because Britney’s one of the best singers around the world…i think she’s gotta get on her own way…but we *fans* have to like her whatever she is,whatever she wears,whatever she sings,and whatever she tries to do! i’m a fan,and i’ll always like her as she is,as she was,and as she’s guna be!

  • .

    ok, I like her, but she isn’t sexy. My opinion, just saying. If she wants to be taken seriously, this isn’t the way to do it.

  • Emily.empire

    she’s perfect and she always be there xD
    I’m sorry Ashley Hater the girl is awesome

  • ZJ207

    @@igortizz: I’ll double that!!!
    fans should support her not bash her!

  • iliana

    igortizz iam with you. we should support her. everytime ashley do something you can see this type of comments, iam a sick of this stupids comments. she dont wanna be like britney. she look beatiful in that dress. its just a dress. and people stop talk bad things about her if you dont know her. she do her best so thats why iam so proud of her. ashley is the best ,i love her so much.