Caroline Clark Covers OneRepublic's Apologize

Caroline Clark Covers OneRepublic's Apologize

Caroline Clark sets the mood of the song as she lights up some candles and sings her heart out in a bathtub, covering OneRepublic‘s “Apologize.”

The Texas-born singer is most known for being Ashley Tisdale‘s backup singer.

In fact, she was even performing with Ash last night at Los Premios MTV 2009!

Check out the vid below and tell us what you think of Caroline‘s cover?

Caroline Clark Covers OneRepublic’s “Apologize”
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  • hayley

    LOL, what the heck… never again xD

  • RORO

    It must be a slow news day if you’re going to report on the bathtub singing of a 2 bit backup singer.

  • iliana

    she did a great job. i like it. :D

  • London Lemming

    I get bathrooms have good accoustics but what I dont get is sitting in a bath tub FULLY dressed and singing along to a backing track…..

    She has a decent voice…..

  • marissa

    aww… i love her!
    she’s pretty and have beautiful voice.

  • brenda

    noo way

    I don’t like her

  • tamara

    OMG I’m SOOOO embarrassed for her.

  • Sandra

    I would say where did she learn to be such a corn dog? But it says she is Ashley Tisdales back up singer. This must be who she looks up too. Why in the toilet honey?

  • ummm

    lol. maybe she should stick to backup. don’t want to be rude but i didn’t like it at all ; she can sing but that was a lil but embarrassing :|| and the facials were hilarious :P im sorry….lol

  • Madeline

    OMG she is so a good singer i love her she is pretty hope she makes a own single or CD love it

  • Lois

    well, I like her voice, but it’s nothing new. A lot of people can sing like that, I guess. Kind of boring. And why in a bath tub? And why those candles?

  • peťa

    i don´t like it

  • ZJ207

    I already saw it on her YouTube :)
    And you guys are so, SO rude and mean. Just because she’s Ash’s backup singer, you hate her?! Her voice is AMAZING. better than tons of other singers’ voice!!
    And if you idiots actually read the description on her youtube page, you realize she was in a certain situation and you should respect that. I wish JJJ didn’t post that, because apparently the readers and visitors are rude enough to diss an amazing singer! I feel sorry for her if she reads those awful and stupid, so stupid comments!

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    in the bathhroom omg *-*

  • alisa loves!

    she’s so pretty. . but don’t like her cover. .it’s better the taylor Lautner’s one.! and it’s almost like his voice. .! i love taylor. .and she till be the ash’s back up singer.. don’t like her voice. .and in the bathroom. .what is she thinkin’ O_O! OMG!! sorry but it’s sooo embarrassed!

>>>>>>> staging1