Jonas Brothers: Best International Pop Artist At Los Premios MTV 2009!

Jonas Brothers: Best International Pop Artist At Los Premios MTV 2009!

Congratulations to the Jonas Brothers!

Kevin, Nick and Joe beat out ladies Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears for the Best International Pop Artist honor. WOW!

Nick was also honored with the Male Fashionista Award during the 2009 Los Premios MTV Latin America Awards on Thursday night’s (October 15) broadcast.

The JoBros‘ rumored 12 Days of Christmas Tour is officially a no-go. Live Nation released eleven concert dates and venues late last month which were taken down immediately.

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Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • zanessa2gether4ever


  • tess


  • Chris

    Good for them! They deserve all of their successes.

  • EAC

    Congratulations boys!
    You 100% deserve it!

  • Bailee

    I don’t like them.

  • P


  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @Chris: I agree! :)

    Congrats boys!
    I love you! :)
    You totally deserve it. You deserve it all!
    Love them so much :D

  • zanessa2gether4ever

    @Bailee: well then dont bother to comment wasting ur time & saying u dont like them , soo eazy

  • joe

    yea congrats guys!!
    they totallly deserve it.

  • dELSY

    gO jb

  • tweeter

    im so proud you guys deserve every blessing thats commin your way….i have the most respect for you guys….you guys do more for your fans than any celeb has ever done …… KEEP MAKING US ALL PROUD
    <333LOVE YOU

  • Courtney

    JB is awesome!

  • Anni

    Cuando dijieron que los Jonas Brothers habian ganado
    el premio a mejor artista pop internacional
    me ouse a gritar por toda mi casa esta muy feliz
    por ello y por mi ya que gracias a mis votos y los de
    muchos fans lo lograron……
    estuvieron geniales los premios Mtv 2009
    las performance fueron asombrosas sobre todo la de
    Ashley Tisdale y Fall out boy..
    See you.. Anni desde Chile,

  • Mai

    You Guys Totally Deserve It !!!


  • Lauren

    I’m so proud of them! They’ve worked and are still working so hard 24/7. They deserve all of their success! Congrats to the guys<3

  • selena fan

    they put them with the girls ! haha they try too much !

  • 3MM@ jonas xxx

    congates jonas brothers u guys rock you totally desve it i love u guys so much xxxxxx joe i love u more than anyfink xxxxxx thank you guys 4 comin into my life i love u guys !!!!!!!!!!!11 <3

  • lulu

    i love them and all… but why did they win if it was LATIN awards, or is latin like the american part?? im confused, sorry, im english i dont get the awards stuff lol! sum1 please answer! btw, im not dissing them i love them and goin 2 their concert! :D xx

  • flashdrive

    congrats to them! they beat all of those pop stars, including britney who has been doing pretty well. but congrats to them and congrats nick to your award! love you!

  • Dani!

    Yaaay.. is true AGAIN.. (LAST YEAR TOO)!!!! was awesome!!! and other thing Nick won Fashionisto!! xD… and Jonas Brothers Colombia was nominated how Best fan club!!! unfortunately… don’t won :(

    Congrats!!! guyss… u’re deserve this := and much more…

  • nikki

    havent seen then in a while
    thats cool they won, im not really a fan but i think their cool :)

  • Bailee

    I’m not saying they don’t deserve it…as a matter of fact I am proud of them for winning. I just really don’t like them. It’s probably because talk about them obsessively at my school. Sorry, if I offended anyone.

  • Sashlovesjonas

    i love you guys so much!
    you deserve all the good things that have come your way
    and you will deserve all the good things that will come your way
    i love you guys
    and trust me i will be your #1 fan along with my friends forever (L)


    i didnt like the awards they were
    boring but i careless Jb won congrats
    boys and nick ^^

  • selena fan

    23 haha im with u ! they always say their normal people and dont care if their stars or not but when they act they always take roles like they r teen pops and girls die ove them and never have a normal life and a band wth ? 2 me they know who they r !

  • Ana


    Hi, I’m from Mexico so to answer your question yes they are kinda like the latin version of the vma’s but it only means that they are organised bye MTV in latin america most of the awards are for latin american artists but since pretty much 90% of the videos that Mtv latin america plays are from english speaking artists they have awards only for them like best pop international artist, best rock international artist, best new international artist and in the best ringtone and best song are the only categories where the nominees are both latin and from everywhere else. Honestly I think they do this because if all the categories where open to all artist most of the awards would go to non latin artists cuz they have more fans to vote for them here.
    Sorry to write this much but hope it helps.

  • Courtney

    Amazing! :)