Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Get Your City Of Hope Tickets!

Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Get Your City Of Hope Tickets!

There’s only a week left until the City of Hope concert with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Jesse McCartney — do you have your tickets yet?

Concert for Hope will take place at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. LIVE on Sunday, October 25 in Los Angeles. The event will benefit lifesaving cancer research and treatment programs at City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer centers. Miley, is even donating 1 from every ticket sold during her Wonder World Tour.

You can order your tickets at all Ticketmaster retail outlets including all Macy’s, FYE Music & Ritmo Latino locations, by Phone — (800) 745-3000, and online at

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  • GABI


  • fan1234

    wish i could go .. dannnng demi is hot.

  • fan1234

    so is miley

  • Lic_Merry

    PaR de DIVAS!

    Follow Me@Lic_MerRy

  • lifesgood

    Amazing Girls!!!!!
    SO happy that she is doing this concert again=)
    She has such a big heart!
    I know they’ll both do great!!!!

  • anna



  • tv


    Miley and Selena all the way!!!

  • amanda

    will this be on tv too??

  • listen to mayday parade

    I met Demi on the set of CR2. She is the cutest, nicest girl. Way nicer than the Jobros were. I use to knock her, but we had a solid 20 minute conversation. Shes a genuine sweet heart.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @tv: lol if you actually met demi you would feel a different way.

  • Mellahh

    i live where city of hope is located at :)

  • http://justjared ashley

    NO5 and NO6 you both have gone mad DEMI is such a great girl .

  • Naomi

    ALL the money she has and she is donating $1.00 per ticket sold! Come on! She should be donating $5.00 per ticket sold. It makes me sick that these celebrities are doing the world justice by donating a dollar of hundred dollar ticket sales. If you are famous and are making millions of dollars per year why not settle on 1 house worth 500,000 instead of 3 homes in the Bahamas and 2 in California and oh lets not forget the unnecessary purchase of designer handbags at 2, 000 dollars a pop!

  • camTmuun

    i am sooo going and i am very excited!!! i am a cancer survivor and i love that they are doing this means a lot. =)

  • bruin

    @Naomi: why are celebrities obligated to donate? sure it’s a good thing, but they earned that money and it’s theirs they can do whatever the hell they feel like doing. and you know those tickets help pay for everyone involved in the concert. so that means $1 less for the workers per every ticket

  • gold baybay

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Hmm, and why was she “way” nicer than the Jonas Brothers? Did they decide against speaking to you?

    Also, I agree with Bruin. Celebrities earn the money they make, whether you agree or not it’s true. Be thankful she’s atleast giving some money.

  • laisha

    i am a very big fan of miley cyrus demi lovato selena gomez
    u all are so cool

  • gabby

    I’m going! <3 Bought mine at the end of September! Lol! =) I honestly can’t wait to go to see my idols and epically because it’s for a good reason.

    Please shush about Miley not donating enough. She’s at least trying and that’s enough. Miley Cyrus is a great young lady. <3

  • Mamic

    i am going!!! sooo very excited!!! i am a cancer survivor, i was diagnosed when i was 5yrs old… i just love them for doing this.

  • roboloveyou

    isn’t demi the reason why miley gave out twitting??

  • roboloveyou

    appart from other things….

  • =)=)=)

    omg u r so lucky not only u will go but u survived wow god blessed u !

    miley rocks !! love her

  • selena fan

    i know MILEY and JESSE r gonna be AWESOME , the other kid is gonna suck like always

  • xoxo

    why did they have 2 bring demi ? they want 2 save the kids not kill them

  • aNNI

    Mileys the number one!!! Yesterday her album the time of our lives was released in germany!!! Love it!!!

  • emma

    miley is always number one ! her songs touch me ! ” when i look at u ” theeee best and the music video is amazing ! cant wait 2 see miley shes gonna do a a great job like always cuz she sings from her heart ! and i love jesse mccartney ! cant wait 2 see them !

  • dELSY

    @Naomi: MOST OF THE MONEY goes to running the tour giving some to disney miley is taking that one dollor out of her own money.

  • amy


    This is not the only charity that Miley gives her money & time to. During her HM Best of Both World tour she alos donated 1 dollar per ticket sold & 1 million dollars was donated to The City of Hope. Miley performs for this charity every year. & Bruin is right, there are a lot of people on the tour that must be paid – hundreds of people are depending on Miley’s tour income for their salary. Whether you like Miley or her family, one thing for sure is that they are big charity givers in both their money & time. Miley & her dad visited children in hospitals last Christmas & met tham & performed for them. I applaud Miley & Demi & Jesse & the JB for the time & Money they give to The City of Hope & other Charities. Miley also gives to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital & Research center. They have every right to spend their money on themselves the way they want. Many other “rich” people do not give like these young stars do.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @gold baybay: Nope they spoke to me lol a lot actually they just weren’t as open and fun as Demi was. But I get it some people act different around people they are just meeting. I’m not saying the jobros were nice just Demi was wayyy nicer. The guys ignored the fans that came out to the night shoots as well where Demi went out and did autographs and hugs and stuff. But w/e jobros were nice just not as nice as I was expecting. I thought Demi wouldn’t be as rad as she was. It was just an opinion and some insight no need to get angry over it lol

  • blabla

    @Naomi well yeah everything is said…and have you ever thought how many people got to be paid for this concert? the entire crew and the stage?

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    Naomi : WHAT DID MILEY DO ?? yor so stupid get a life


    she is THE BEEEEEST and my idol FOREVER!!!
    but I HATEEEE miley soooooooo MUCHHHHHHH!!!!´
    miley SUCKS!

  • act_sing_star

    @xoxo: i know some kids who would kill 2 meet demi…i like her a lot, but still, dont bash her! shes a teen, and she’ll make some mistakes so lay off

  • xoxo

    im sorry but demi sucks on live esp. when she sings here we go again
    and miley gave them some of her money tickets what did demi do ? but dont worry i understand her concerts fail every time nobody wants 2 buy hers and if they did she wouldnt give them anyway shes hungry 4 money

  • xoxo

    @act_sing_star: im sorry but demi suck$ when it comes 2 singing live esp. when she sings here we go again that one is a killer ! and miley gave some of HER money from her concert tickets what did demi do??? but dont worry we all get it that she cant i mean her concerts suck and nobody wants 2 go an nobody buys her tickets cuz they know that she cant sing live and her songs r the same !

  • GaGa


    I kinda agree, but as far as I know Demi hasn’t got 5 houses right?
    And it is Nokia’s concert, so I guess it was NOT they’re choise how much money gets donated.

  • =)=)=)

    36 : what do u mean by ” demi hasnt got 5 houses ” ??

  • shortpants813

    I love Miley and Demi im such a big fan of both of you guys and Selena you guys all inspire me ive always wanted to be a singer thank you guys so much for being there and when im feeling down i turn on one of your guys songs and i feel like im on the stage singing my heart out but thank you for inspiring me!



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  • melena