Jonas Brothers 'Bounce' With Demi Lovato

Jonas Brothers 'Bounce' With Demi Lovato

Nick Jonas and older brother Joe team up with Demi Lovato in a funny new video called “Bounce.”

Demi started off the video à la Fergie in the Black Eyed Peas song “Let’s Get It Started.” Nick (in a mustache) and Joe (in an 80′s wig and headband) then get the video boucin’! Check it out below. Special guest appearances by Jonas security guard Big Rob and some Camp Rock 2 dancers!

Directed By: JBD Productions Music
Music Produced by: Nick J.

Jonas Brothers “Bounce” with Demi Lovato
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  • Heather

    I’m think I am going to vomit….I am going to have nightmares because of this!

  • MinaLaujj

    ahhaaaa.. This is Cutee !!!
    i <33 demmi && Jonas Brotherss !!

  • Michelle

    It’s actually:

    Directed By: JBD Productions


    Music Produced by: Nick J.

  • Britt

    Haha this is funnier than the single ladise video

  • cc27


    youtube says :
    Directed By: JBD Productions Music
    Produced by: Nick J.

    who thought nick would ever do somethin like this? lol :)

  • margaret

    This Video is wicked funny, im 23 and i still think its funny. haha

  • Ashley

    I LOVED THIS VIDEO! IT MADE MY DAY! Another funny video made by the talented and much loved Jonas Brothers!

  • jonas

    i miss these kinds of videos, i love it so much.
    i love jonas and demi<3 and big rob is hilarious!! lol
    i love them joonas bruders and dzemi lovhatho

  • Marina

    This video cracks me up. I love it, especially when big rob comes in whith Joe and he says do the ham and cheese do the ham and cheese, do the chicken wing, do the chicken wing. Haha. Gotta love Demi and those Jonas boys!

  • Michelle

    Umm okay… I don’t get how people communicate on here by using the @ symbol, but sure.

    @cc27. Maybe you should check again before you assume that I’m wrong.

  • jake efron

    what da hell?

  • cathee


  • Fa Orozco

    I LOVED IT :) You can see a totally different side of Nick. We heard about it but (whispers) we didn’t believe it…

  • bella

    demi I love you forever

  • Rave girl

    @Heather: oo shut the hell up if you dont like the jonas brothers or demi why do you even bother to wach the video

  • nikki

    hahahahaha!! ok i normaly arent a JB fan but their pretty cool and funny!! ahahah! this is great i want this song on my ipod HAHAHAHA

  • diane n.

    haha, wow. this was so weird to watch, because it seems like such a different side of nick… i kinda like it. lol.
    i, along with many others, wouldve never thought he would do something like this, but i guess people can surprise you.

  • rissa

    hahaha. that was awesome.

  • Abby

    LMFAO never thought I’d see the day a Jonas Brother would be singing about wanting to “see your body bounce. LMFAO”

  • camTmuun

    LMAO!!! just watching nick cracks me up. hahaha =)

  • alyssa

    hahahahahh! the vid is soo hilarious! hahahaahh! LOL,.:p

  • Mamic

    haha oh nick j….. =)

  • amy

    this was awesome haha

  • angela

    love this video awsome !!!

  • sara

    isnt that girl with the red shirt and pink glasses selena? looks just like her.

  • Aylin
  • Ashley

    I just DIED laughing!!! Hahaha…oh Nick…

  • Ashley

    Oh and no, sara that isn’t Selena – it’s a girl named Courtney who’s in Camp Rock 2.

  • Jade

    @sara: No it’s Courtney Galiano a dancer, she’s friends with Demi now as well lol and rumoured to be with Nick…

  • dot

    @sara: no, it’s courtney galiano. she was on so you think you can dance two seasons back with kherington payne and is one of the dancers in cr2.

  • zena

    I had such a terrible day today, that was instantly brightened after watching this truly hilarious video. I loved EVERY second of it, and I’m so glad that it was posted.

    I think that the concept was totally random, and every moment just worked perfectly. Demi was a perfect way to start this piece.

    The song actually even sounded like something from Eminem, which proves how diverse the JB’s interests are.

  • Lulu

    lol! that was really funny! 4 some reason, i think nick looks like brandon flowers in this vid, dunno why? that girl in red looked loads like selena, but wouldn’t they have sed her name? and love the “ham and cheese”!!! really weird 4 nick 2 do, but im glad 2 see he has a wild side!! luv it xxxx

  • mai

    lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stop watching this!!!!!
    its so funny<3

    im kind of in shock!!!!!
    never in a million years would i of thought nick j would do something like this!!!hes always soooo serious’

    but i lovd it<3

  • Lulu

    @Jade: i heard that 2!! but isnt courtney, like 21?? thats a bit weird!! lol x

  • roach

    awww so cute like they used to be b4 they got boring! :)
    luv lovato + nick <3

  • msfreek93

    amazing video if there is something called youtube awards they would definitely win it

  • lulu

    omg!! nick jonas is set 2 make a solo album next year!! i dont no whether im happy or not tho!! he myt not tour with his brothers next year :( xxx

  • Angela

    I thought first it was joe…it was NICK! OMG :O I love him more for this! hahhaa

  • Tom

    Well that was horrible.

  • Quelzinha10101

    eu amei esse video! assisti umas 20 vezes . kkkkk

  • sarah(france)

    oh my god
    i couldn’t believe it ! nick totally break his image of the serious one of the band
    this is the best video ever : i love them so much
    it’s very funny!!!
    LOVE IT !!!

  • Tlt

    hahaha, that was so lame, but i really want that song :D

  • ayen

    almost peed up myself laughing!! lol… at first i thought that Joe is in a mustache.. but its Nick… his now being funny!!! love this video..

  • selena fan

    didnt like demi she tries too hard 2 be noticed she knows that jb r better than her even though there not! i love kids who never grow up and still make videos like this

  • Ally

    Awww Nick is adorable! Joe looks a bit weird in that wig, but still funny. The first time I saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing. I would never imagine that Nick & Joe would do something like this though…


    so cool ;D:D:D:D

  • emma

    haha u guys just made ur self a big joke

    jonas and demo r trying so hard 2 be the best but they cant i mean camp rock already failed why do they have to 2 do camp rock 2

  • niki

    i love that they have fun. im glad that nick is finally having fun and not being serious his entire life,lol

    that was awesome!

  • http://fanfordisney Seldemijbtay

    The girl in the orange is NOT a camp rock dancer!
    That looks so much like Selena! And plus, there were rumors about selena going to vist them in Canada…??? Plus Nickj4me has a demi and selena vid, and they have a pic. from this and you can tell it’s SELENA GOMEZ!

  • cam


    Actually Emma it is nice to see that the guys have a sense of humor & can be funny & silly. Camp Rock was not a failure, it was watched by more than 8.5 million people & was second only to HM2 in viewers at that time. Camp Rock 2 will be even better & so will Demi & the JB.

>>>>>>> staging1