Jonas Brothers: Toronto Trio

Jonas Brothers: Toronto Trio

On their way to hang out with some friends, the Jonas Brothers snap a pic with a young fan outside their hotel in Toronto on Saturday afternoon (October 17).

In case you missed it, check out “Bounce” which Joe and Nick produced with gal pal Demi Lovato and their Camp Rock 2 pals!

Last weekend, the JoBros competed in a friendly kickball game for charity in Connecticut. The trio and their Change for the Children Foundation handed out $1 million nationwide, a portion of which went to several Connecticut nonprofits.

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  • amy

    they were visiting nick’s girlfriend courtney galiano (:

    and i LOVED bounce! it’s so funny lol

  • andrea

    no they weren’t please don’t spred rumors :(

  • Sukeyna

    His girlfriend??? ARE YOU FLIPPING AMY?? Ye, you are insane!! LOL
    Nick haven’t got any girlfriend!!!! ;)

  • Lauren


    they r NOT dating

    they r just really good friends

  • saNDY


  • Fernanda

    Bounce . Just bounce. Let me see that body bouce !
    I know that you aren’t reading it , but in the same way : I LOVE YOU | BRAZIL LOVES YOU FOREVER <3

  • Cathy

    aaww… how cuteee! they look AH-MAZING! :D! Btw, LOVED BOUNCE! i couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Lic_Merry

    Hermosos JONAS besos de Mèxico!

    FOLLOW ME @Lic_MerRy

  • Lili

    @amy: Yep, I just read that on oceanUP. Whatever, as long as Nick’s happy, I’m fine! And she went on that double date with Joe/Brenda and Nick, so they obviously are good with her. Team… Nourtney! LOL

    Anyway, they all look cute but KEVIN… WTF is that sweater?

  • amy

    @andrea: i’m not… they are together

    but it’s not anything bad!

    she was in the “bounce” music vid… the one that looks like selena gomez haha

    my friends ran into her, nick, and nick’s parents in a movie theater in toronto

    that’s how i know :)

  • tatiii

    ahh nick is too cute in the bounce vid

  • Sonia

    Nick is 17, Courtney is 21…um no they are not dating


    oh Joe looks so adorable. oh maybe Joe is dating Courtney?? they are basically the same age. 20 and 21

  • Chris

    They were at a movie theater with most of the camp rock cast and his dad. So he must be dating them all?! They aren’t dating. Get over it. Oceanup is not known for being accurate, especially when it was not reported by them just be commentors like you.

    Great pictures though. I guess they are still in Toronto. And Bounce was so funny!

  • andrea

    i know they are not dating!!
    btw your friends are really lucky :)

  • andrea

    is she the one who was playing with her gum the whole time that was really disguisting she was chewing gum the whole video and pulling it while it was in her mouth and putting it back in

  • Courtney

    They are sooo handsome!

  • victoria

    i luv them

  • say whaaaaat?!

    awwww nick looks so cute like that!
    and i’m lovin joe’s glasses!
    kevin’s shirt is kinda ugly…

  • Shelly

    I dont care what Kevin is wearing, he looks awesome and we havent seen him in a while

  • carol

    omg, JOE IS SO CUTE! Love him S2

  • Liz

    WOW All I can say is Kevin is looking amazing! I love his outfit! He is simply georgous!

  • flashdrive

    courtney galiano is 21 for moeburg’s sake. he’s 17. he’s not dating her. their friends. and if they are dating by some weird reason, it won’t last. but if they are “dating” then why isn’t this a bigger story? relax, he’s probably single.

  • Idiot

    They are ALL friends. These boys CAN have friends that are girls.
    Grow up some of you.

  • Amy

    i am a different Amy. and I just want to say that amy is crazy. not referring to myself. lol.

  • Ella

    Joseph on his glasses again makes him really even more hotter!!!
    How old is Courtney anyway?

  • anony

    Believe me I don’t like Courtney and I don’t think her and Nick are dating, but what I don’t understand is why you guys are freaking out about the age difference between Nick and Courtney. There is only about 4 years difference. That’s nothing to flip about. So what if he were to dating and older girl? Geez.

  • Jenny

    what hotel are they staying at!!

  • Chastity

    They all look great. I like Joe’s glasses.

    I don’t really like Nick. I have seen pretty much all of the JB videos, and I’ve seen Nick’s strange mannerisms. I’ve noticed that he has a… superiority complex, if you will. It’s not attractive.

  • Lally

    That is nicks gf its obvious i bet i didnt spell that right lmfao but yeaa come on now they wouldnt just go randomly pick up a girl and like joe and brenda if they werent dating brenda wouldnt just RANDOMLY fly out to canada just to see joe i mean i would but lmfao back to the point nick and that girl forgot her name are together but idk nobody knows its there personal life we should whats the word stay out of it b/c nobody knows but nick and his family and friends proubly

  • vic

    who s Courtney anyways.

  • Brittany

    Wow, they all look really cute, especially Nick:) Btw..I know that it kind of makes all us girls freak out when we here that our favorite celebrity guy is dating someone…but i mean, let’s be reasonable…it’s not really that big of a deal, it’s not like we are gonna get a chance with him…he probally doesn’t even know most of us exsist…I’m not calling anyone a liar who knows them but you know…that’s pretty true….unless you become famous or something…?
    I LOVE JB<3

  • nicole

    @amy don’t always believe oceanup. they posted a supposed mileyworld blog that was A POSER. the only ‘tabloid/gossip’ site i usually trust is Perez Hilton. :) (& Just Jared, of course!)

  • Holleee

    Yeah, I’m not quit sure yet if I believe the whole dating thing or not. I mean, would Nick really date someone who’s his oldest brother’s age???? I have noooo clue! But, all I’m saying is this: that Courtney Galiano looks similar to Selena Gomez! Who agrees here?