Kristen Stewart Googles Herself

Kristen Stewart Googles Herself

Brushing back her hair, Kristen Stewart makes her way through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (October 17).

The 19-year-old actress, who is this month’s Allure cover girl, revealed to the mag that she Googles herself.

Kristen shared, “When I say ‘people,’ I mean ‘bloggers,’ and [Internet] commenters. The commenters are usually worse than the bloggers. I know what people say about me. After I come back from this interview, I’ll look up and see what an idiot I looked like getting lost. You can just Goggle ‘Kristen Stewart, lost, directions.’ Or put the date in. I can’t believe I’m giving away how to Google me.”

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Credit: Matingas/Radcliffe; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • andrea

    i don’t get it

  • m?

    I don’t get it either

  • Gossip Girl

    No way, she’s the same age as I am? I thought she was in her 20′s. Anyways, I hope she doesn’t get that role for Maximum Ride. The books are way AWESOME and she just doesn’t fit Max’s character. I hope this stays a rumor.

  • Jasmine

    Love tthis girl so much! Effortlessly cool, beautiful and real!

  • khadiga

    i get it,smart girl hear what other people comment about her so that she doesnt do anything else stupid and watches out for herself. if i was famous id most likely do the same google myself to see what people have said about me theyre always going to be haters or lovers and you have to take both into consideration

  • Sarah22

    Well Kristen if you read this, love you!! Love that you are yourself, no apologies, and refuse to be molded into the cookie cutter hollywood starlet that only cares about fame

  • Stella

    Lover her!!! lol her roots are starting to show.

  • alexa

    She is very weird.

  • Jo

    So did she really break up with her 4 year bf for Robert Pattinson??

  • ahem

    She’s really pretty, Her and Selena Gomez are very similar both are incredibly cool.

  • kat

    I love her. She’s so unique and talented.

  • wow


  • cam

    she was awesome in Twilight! can’t wait for the next one.

  • blue

    WTF is up with her shoes? Is she wearing guys shoes? And don’t tell me those are Rob’s, because he has BIG feet. No way in hell would those fit her. Seriously I get that she’s laid back but d*mn..

  • ATwilightKiss

    I can’t believe she googles herself! That’s so brave of her!

  • Sara

    she looks good it looks like her hair is growing back :) im jw y all of a sudden she comes back to los angeles? and i know its ok for her rob and her to b apart but y didnt she take him?

  • Tom


  • mj

    so, wtf? Kristen has MY hair style now? copycat! and my shoes and my bag!! go get your own style, Kstew! stop copying me!
    ok, maybe she wasn’t really copying me IDK..maybe she accidently googled me by mistake.
    and, I get lost in airports all the time too…don’t sweat it, kstew- nobody really cares.

  • lyme

    She is a natural beauty (love her eyes especially!) unlike those over-makeup starlets there in hollywood but I hope she would bring back her eyebrows like when she was in Into the Wild because it will soften her features.

  • Vang

    love her!

  • GABI



  • Serena

    Dude, I’m not even joking, I saw the picture before the headline, and I thought that was a freakin guy.

  • liizmish

    dude? wtf? i mean, i love this girl
    but didn’t she used to say that she didn’t give a shyt about what people say about her and like… finding out that she really does and has even gone to blog sites…. well.. that’s kinda one reason i loved her from the begining.
    ..kristen… wtf girl?…
    people aren’t going to change, they’ll always have crap to say and reading all those things by will is well… stupid. STOP.

  • Kendall

    finally a celebrity that admits that they google themselves! i think kristen stewart is so awesome and i love that she isn’t the typical hollywood type girl. she definitely handles things well with all the photogs, or at least it looks that way.

  • zanessaloverss123

    lol i havent google my self lol



  • Emily

    Hahah, notice how everyone is commenting nice things after reading that?? I sure do. Everyone usually is an asshole about her otherwise.
    But I think that’s cool. Here I thought she was completely drowning out gossip sites and what people say on the internet, but it’s the complete opposite. Odd. Love her though. I miss her being able to go out and about without paparazzi always up her ass..

  • cassie

    Kristen, i love you girl. you don’t need to give a sh!t about what those crazy haters say about you. just be yourself and let them be consumed with bitter jealousy.

  • cassie

    where is rob?

  • vanessa

    I love her. Definitely one of my favorite actresses<3

  • vanessa



  • Anonymous

    she always ALWAYS looks washed out or she doing drugs? stars who are older and work just as hard as her look more alive..she just looks worn out…Magazine covers don’t count..Anyone could be made to look glamourous with a team of stylist and makeup artist…but in pics where she is going about…she looks beat.

  • Abby

    Wait, is she done filming now?

  • Cherrie

    @liizmish: I think what she meant saying she didn’t care about what people might think about her is whatever they can say, it won’t affect her behavior or her lifestyle.

  • KristenRULES!!

    she looks HOT! Marry me Kristen!!

  • liizmish

    @Cherrie: then she would have said that but what I kept hearing from her was ” i don’t care” and that doesn’t involve google-ing oneself for demoralization.
    i feel bad for her at times but hopefully your right because it would be a shame if she did let it affect her behavior/lifestyle. she really should stop.
    Internet people are vicious because they’re safe behind their moniters like perez hilton -although that Wil.I.Am sh*t was hilarious!

  • Julia

    Lucky Rob to have a marvellous girlfriend like Kristen…Kristen you’re great…I’ve always thought it and I’ll always do. I don’t care about your hair, I don’t about your clothing…you’re a beutiful soul, and you can feel it. I’m a girl, so, I’m not saying this because an infatuation..but just because I just feel it’s true. I wish you all the best..and a little advice: don’t care about negative comments about you, or about you and Rob. You clearly love each other, and you’re so similar and made for each, don’t let paparazzi, business, or rumors spoil your relationship..Love you girl, and I just hope to meet you one day..Be strong my sweet Kris…

  • nm

    she’s just so great.
    nobody compares to her

  • dazzledlot

    she is beautiful even without make up! i really like her!

  • nik

    So so cool. Loving Kristen, no Scream awards so where then?

  • Mary

    her breasts are enormous, I know tthis comment it’s weird…..but there is something….mmmm….INSIDE HER!

  • CS

    OMG that made me soo sad :( I hate when people are always saying horrible things about her and now i hate it more because kstew reads that.

  • Lauren

    screw what the haters say….she seems like a wonderful girl….shes actually got her head screwed on properly unlike the lindsay lohans of the world….i cant wait for new moon

  • Nicky

    She has Bella`s ring on!

  • ninnia

    Kristen is very uniq and I love her acting.. I wish her the best

    and this picturs are beuatiful

  • Gina

    I think all in all, she might actually get more attention than Rob… Only girls care for him, whereas girls AND guys care for her!

    Kristen if you read this, here’s why we love you and think you will have a long, successful career:
    1) Sure you have lots of haters, but also lots, maybe more even, lovers! And hate is better than indifference anyway, proves you’re interesting enough to trigger a reaction, and you sure leave no one indifferent! ;-)
    2) In the long run, the lovers will weight in a lot more in the balance!
    3) Not only are you loved for your looks, but also (mainly?) for your personality!
    4) You’re truly talented!

    Keep on rockin’ girl!

  • khristi

    You hear that Twathards she’s calling you out so watch yourself. LOL

  • act_sing_star

    i think its a lil weird that she googles herself, but hey, clebs have their quirks :)

  • I don’t believe it

    Come on! people! that can’t be true, she doesn’t Google herself…..she couldn’t care less what people say about her…….she just doesn’t care

  • Jennifer

    well, kristen I love u, ure my rolemodel and I know that many people think so too. I’d never dare to write smth bad about u.. I wouldnt even know what… I mean, I cant talk in front of people as well so I know how u feel like xD and about the blogger problem: just ignore them, only people who are bored, unemployed or etc. have enough time to write stuff like “Kristen sucks” a 20 times into any blogs… they’re not better than we’re in real life, they’re just jealous ;)