Miley Cyrus Films Sex & The City 2 Scenes

Miley Cyrus Films Sex & The City 2 Scenes

Miley Cyrus shares an air kiss with Kim Cattrall, both in Matthew Williamson, as they film a scene for the upcoming Sex And The City 2 in front of the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC on Friday night (October 16).

Looks like Life & Style mag’s source was right!

The 16-year-old singer took time out from her Wonder World Tour to film the non-speaking role for the sequel. The scene has her walking the red carpet in a dress identical to one that Kim’s character purchased for the event to look hot and young.

On seeing Miley, Mario Cantone‘s character Anthony exclaims, “Mother of God! She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.”

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus in Sex And The City

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Credit: Richie Buxo/Jackson Lee/Lindsay Buckley/LE/Joseph Giannattasio/Roger Wong, INFdaily; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Anna

    Now, a bunch of 4 yearolds are gonna
    want to watch Sex & the City ;]

  • Elainna

    Miley annoys me as hell! Don’t bite off my head just cause I stated my opinion….we all have different opinions!

    But I like her music, its her personality i don’t like.

  • Claire

    She should have worn the blonde wig, if the line was, “She wore the same dress as hannah montana….”

    And I agree with @Anna:

  • Claire

    People are taking advantages of Miley’s fame….. I doubt they would have taken her to play the role on “Wings” bc of her “talent”…. I love miley’s music, but she can’t act….

  • 5552

    love miley

  • Lic_Merry

    OMG! pretty MiLey =)
    please FOLLOW ME @Lic_MerRy
    BOUNCE!!!!!!! i literally Laugh Out Loud !!!!!!!

  • clara

    ahh?? it is nothing special….


    @Anna: i know right, pathetic how hollywood likes this annoying girl, im just waiting for her breakdown

  • Miranda

    The picture of that woman and Miley doing a kiss face looks as if they’re fishes….i’m sorry, but it does!

  • Serena

    Miley needs to watch it, she’s polluting kids’ minds.

  • Miranda

    @THE FAME: don’t worry, you’ll see that “breakdown” in 2-3 years! :)

  • nessuk!

    ow. :) miley is realy doing everything what she wants. but i love heer at all!

  • Makenzee

    I love Miley to death but this isnt the best thing for her to do when everyone in the tabloids love to nail her

  • miserybusinessx3

    lmao. i can’t wait to see this in the movie (:

  • tasha

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jez

    must be a dream come true to wear that dress

    hmm.. =/ shame that 2/3 of her fans wouldn’t exactly be allowed to see her in the movie

  • mILDA


  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    love miley <3

  • Bea

    I love her, but I agree with those who say that a lot of kids will want to watch the movie. I mean, I can understand that she wants to grow up and leave disney channel or something but she shouldn’t do it in a day, I mean she changed so much in a little time and she’s a rolemodel, she should think about what she does.

  • john

    miley looks stunningly gorgeous. omg that girl is getting prettier and prettier with time. she hot she is sexy.

    She a great actriss and singer so talented.

  • judy

    @Elainna: why does she annoy u because she is pretty and maybe u are blind to what a real person she is instead of a person like selena who is only beautiful on he outside and not the inside. do u think nick j would like miley if she was a bad person. seriously thats whats wrong with us we look at people from the outside instead of the inside

  • tap

    Miley can definately can act, she great and she has turn more beautiful than ever.

    Miley is gifted in acting and singing. The girl is a triple threat for sure.

    I have to say i love miley makeup and dress. She should wear dresses like this for red carpets or the one’s from golden globe the white one.

  • samy

    Miley looks beautiful. She getting better and better with age that dress looks great on her. She is such a great actriss.

  • vic

    well, as far as i know nick jonas broke up with her..maybe a hint that she has changed a lot???? think about it!

  • Anna

    miley looks amazing (:
    Haters can just fck off :D
    If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it!
    Miley is amazing (:

  • shanique

    it’s a freaking cameo, she doesn’t talk she just stands there, get your panties out of a knot. what’s the big deal if she does it? it’s HER life & career. the scene she’s in sounds funny. she’s not gonna be hannah montana forever, she’s trying to expand her career. & for the last time THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOVLE AROUND CHILDREN!!!!!! my gosh! it’s not her job to teach them right from wrong, it’s their PARENTS job! so leave her alone, she’s doing nothing wrong, it’s just a small part. you people act as if the apocolypes(sp?) is coming! bunch of immature morons, grow up. you’re probably just mad because she’s going somewhere in her life unlike you losers that sit on your fat butts & type crap on the compuuter all day. get a life!

  • Angela

    I agree with @Anna, they’ll go watch the movie just bcuz miley is in it .

  • Mileyssupporters

    Miley looks amazing ,
    and you haters cant see that .
    She’s starring in Sex in the City , so what .
    Its her choice , and she doesnt need any
    haters to ruin it . Seriously when its Selena everyone
    says OMG I LOVE HER…. im not a hater of selena , Im just
    saying you got to leave Miley alone and Selena . Its ridiculous
    how haters hate so much !

  • mileyfan

    #18 is one of the only one who makes sense shes in about 30 sec of the movie its no big deal people chill

  • =)=)=)

    #1 – anna : quit your whining please WE get it she is a bad role model becuase WE learned from her mistakes ya wow what a bad one she is ! listen stupid miley is not the one who is going 2 drive the ” 4 year olds ” ( that is if they understanad anything ) 2 the store and buy it 2 them i think its the parents and if they did its their problem not miley’s and their the ones who is throwing their kids 2 the tv just 2 shut them up and then say why miley well maybe they should spend time with them so they dont blame miley or any other celeb 2 rais their kids 4 them ! why dont they give it a try ?
    and ya im sure if miley wasnt known the world would be full of nuns around the ” 4 year olds ” and people will pray 4 god and peace ong you tube !

  • lizza

    Miley is amazing

  • sarah(france)

    OMG i love miley but this is the ugliest dress i ever seen in my life !!

  • Elainna

    @judy: I’ve got one word for you, “delusional” – thats what you are. You can’t say anything without bringing Selena up, can you? Cause there’s nothing really good to tell about Miley. And who in the world cares about what Nick Jonas – he’s a douch (sp?) to both Selena and Miley…..and funny how i just told Miley annoys me and suddenly, you’re bashing me just like an 8 year old. I never said I hated Miley, I just said she annoys me, so get counselling, judy!

  • Shannon

    i wish ppl would just leave miley alone…miley rocks and i support her always :)

  • jackii

    @judy: AT LEAST SELENA HELPS KIDS FROM GHANA WAT DOES FREAKING MILEY DO?? SHE BECOMES A BIG FAT S L U T who cares about nick j he doesnt relate to her ‘GROWING UP’ shes just a fake a s s bi tc h

  • JennyGarthFan

    @judy: Do you really know Selena personally to say that? i love Miley and Selena, but you’re one of the dumbest fans! Selena is beautiful in and out….. considering all the charity she has done and all the love she shows to her fans, so please get a life!

  • JennyGarthFan

    @judy: I love miley and Selena, but do you really know Selena personally to say that? probably not, so shut up! And is that the way you defend miley, by bringing Selena down????

  • sean84

    well miley once said sex and the sity was 1 off her fav show nd well shes porbally glad 2 bee on dat show so i dunt fink theyre using her nd dat show is all reddy pupular any ways so they dosent needs miley lol
    bye the way when i heard shes gunna be on dat show i wasant happy at all butt then i heard shes juss standign there sayin nuffing so i fink its ok finally nd shes so gorjess bye the way lol

  • kim

    She is so beautiful and so amazing

  • Lily

    This news has ruined my week.
    I dont get why they needed her
    Get gaga or britney someone with TALENT.
    Gaga would have been so funny in her wacky outfits

    Now 8 year olds are going to know about adult topics
    disney is gonna be in so much trouble

  • hallie

    everybody needs to back off.
    if you were 16 and offered a role in one of your favorite shows, please tell me you wouldnt turn it down?
    shes young and shes trying new things, weather its appropriate or not. when your in the situation shes in, theirs a time when you dont give a crap what people think. if your doing the right thing or not. because when your concerned about what people think.

    leave the poor girl alone. you guys are just jealous because shes actually successful.

  • hallie

    shes not a rolemodel for children anymore.
    shes being her own person

  • dadaly

    she is good, but dont yall think she had too much make up?

  • billythekid


    Miley can act just fine so please do me a big favor and STFU.

  • langlgrl

    people SDFU, she is just gonna be doing one little small scene in the movie, and thats it, and also miley has done a lot a of things from helping little kids too to creating her own movement, haters need to back the hell off of her and let her live her life

  • hotmess

    why the hell does anyone want miley in sex and thge city? disney should be outraged by that—–not very disney like

  • billythekid


    Like I told the previous idiot, STFU ok? You sound like other idiots last year who were predicting her demise within 1 year, but now you have a revised estimate of 2 to 3 years before a breakdown? Yeah right, keep up with the random nonsense. I been following Miley for almost 2 years now and I see no breakdown dead ahead! Guess why? Because this girl isn’t into drugs or alcohol, and that’s exactly why. Not everyone is a Lindsay Lohan wannabe!


    Well, Duh! It’s a cameo of her walking down a red carpet, and on those red carpet events, everyone wears alot of makeup. Why are kids so dumb these days? Is there thinking about what one is saying before actually saying it? I really, really wonder.


    Get Britney or Gaga, someone with some talent? Britney has loads of acting talent? In what world? Her acting is for crap and all she is capable of on tour is lip-syncing to a musical tract. Her fame was predicated on her ability to sell sex laden music while wearing very little. And Gaga? Tell her to keep the mask on! So ugly!

  • selena fan

    miley is amazing i love her so much cant wait haters 2 the left

  • wowww

    wow miley has totally lost it i cant believe she would do something like this wow what a good little influence not!!!!

  • Smacky35

    I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be in cinemas which means there would be an age restriction. Also the parents decide what their kids watch. Miley can’t stay on disney forever people just face it.