Victoria Justice is Scream Award Stunning

Victoria Justice is Scream Award Stunning

Victoria Justice steps out in a burgundy jacket as she arrives at Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards held at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday night (October 17).

The 16-year-old actress is accompanying good pal Josh Hutcherson at the awards. Vic tweeted, “At the Spike scream awards with @jhutch1992! I have never seen so many camera flashes in my life… It was crazy haha.”

Victoria is decked out in Rock & Republic threads: “Patricia” v-neck mini dress with leather and sheer chiffon trim paired with the “Brooklyn” military-inspired leather jacket in deep purple, “Leena” peep toe ankle booties and “Newport” clutch in black.

Be sure to check out Victoria and her new Victorious costars!

10+ pics inside of Victoria Justice

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • aalleeee

    i love her outfit:)

  • bobalabaloo

    SHE IS SOOOOOOO PRETTY! good4 her, shes getting her own show!

  • Mary-Kimberley

    Victoria looks so pretty!

  • Jono

    Wow Wow Wow :D

  • sheena

    victoria justice is the prettiest girl on a kids network,she doesnt look fake like others she doesnt show too much clevage,she down to earth,im so happy shes getting her own show,she deserves all of the sucess cuz she derserves it. (: <3

  • Mary-Kimberley

    you’re right! She does deserve it.

  • SElenafan

    she annoys me…shes not even that famous but she has to go to every event she can get into…nobody even really knows who she is..but she does look pretty :)

  • sheena

    @SElenafan: its not like she forced herself to go,she gets invited theres a differencce to it ya know? :D

  • ashley

    the thing i like about victoria if she wears clothes that i like then i can find a similar clothes like her,its not to like over the top and like impossible to find .(:

  • SElenafan


    i never said she forced herself too but its just kinda annoying…lots of people can get invited..MIiley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift but i mean just cuz you can get in doesnt mean you have to go to every little thing….she has nothing to do with the awards at all

  • vanessa

    growing up so quick ahhh! :)

  • Tj

    my god she soo freaken hot! I love everything bout her im glad she having her own show gonna watch it to see just her thank you nickeloden! I love the fact me and he are both born in the same year :)

  • Luciilockett

    @SElenafan fully agree with you. In a few years (or even months) time she’ll eventually fizzle out and become unheard of.
    Unless she stars in a Grammy nominated movie and wins an Oscar of course. In that case I’ll take back what I said.

  • sheena

    @SElenafan: welll its the same as miley cyus if miley was wasnt nominated and she was there its the same thing your saying,so if you think of that way its the same thing your saying about vic.

  • ashley

    @Luciilockett: i dont think victoria will fizzle out thats the same thing they said about selena gomez and shes still famous.

  • The teenage royalty

    she looks really cute!

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB

    god everytime they put something abouth other teen stars u have 2 bring selena in so u can bring them down ! and what does miley and selena have 2 do with it ? ANYWHO victoria looks stunning!! everytime she comes 2 anyaward and u know what im happy that she comes 2 alot of them cuz shes so pretty and like if were invited u will not go YA RIGHT !!

  • Chastity

    She’s a pretty girl but her personality makes her just unclassy and unattractive.

  • Luciilockett

    @ashley: You just need to give it time though. Sure, selena’s famous now, along with miley cyrus and other crappy disney actors, but in lets say, 10 years time, they wont still be starring in their little Disney sitcoms. Their careers are short lived when they’re teenagers. When they hit the adult world they’ll realize it takes REAL talent to act in movies.

    Of course they have the ablitity to grow and learn as an actor, so I’ll at least give them the benefit of the doubt.

    But I think thats why a lot of child actors (very mediocre at singing) resort to music. They want a backup plan in case their acting careers die out.

    HAHA wow this was a big rant. Sorry bout’ that. What do I know right?
    oh well its just my opinion. It feels good letting it out. Feel free to critisize me!!! =)

  • SElenafan


    i think so to…it just annoys me in general when people do that…but with vic its like shes not that famous…at least people there would know who miley is but vic isnt that famous yet and she seems kind of desperate…im excited for her show to come out so she at least get some credit but as of now its annoying…and btw its not just about not presenting and stuff….like i understand y she would go to the teen choice awards even tho she wasnt nominated or presenting..but the scream award?? she hasnt even been in a non nickelodean movie so its kind of wierd that she just randomly shows up there

  • tracy

    Shes alright but shes not famous at all. Its kinda sad that she has to go to everything and she tries so hard. Even if her show is decent her acting is sorta stiff. Thats just my opinion. She is pretty though

  • sarah

    seriously, what did this chick even do? like three seasons of zoey 101, a guest star on a crappy episode of iCarly, a few one off things on some lame tv series and that’s about it. she’s so desperate to be famous she shows up to every event she possibly can. and now she’s getting her own show? seems like everyone can get into acting, these days.