Raven Symone: Black Girls Rock!

Raven Symone: Black Girls Rock!

Raven Symone signs her name on a guitar as she attends the 2009 Annual Black Girls Rock! Awards held at The New York Times Center in NYC on Saturday evening (October 17).

During the Black Girls Rock! awards Mary J. Blige, Spinderella, Janelle Monae and Anthony Hamilton will be honored.

The event was founded four years ago by hip-hop deejay Beverly Bond to raise money for her nonprofit that mentors young girls of color.

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Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty
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  • daniela

    okay….thats kind of weird. isnt that kind of racist in a way? i mean we are all equal…but what ever im JUST SAYING!

  • badhabit

    im going to comment on every single post before you finally put up a Happy Birthday Zac post, Jared. your updating and yet no post for Zac? btw,raven looks really pretty!!

  • Sav.

    Love Raven! She looks great.

  • amy

    @badhabit: Haha im waiting too!

  • Just Jill

    @badhabit: Just because it’s not the first post up, doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Now be patient and comment about Raven. That’s who this post is about

  • jamie

    she looks gorgeous! good to see she is working her way back into the spotlight. i cannot wait for her new album out in 2010 on Universal Motown republic records. It’s gonna be hot.

  • aaliyahakacbsgirl

    @daniela: No, it’s not meant in a racist way. Black girls, like most girls, have low self esteem and we’re the girls that mostly get judged badly. It’s just really a reminder that you rock no matter what anybody says and your race has gone through.

  • Aqua

    looks like she lost a lot of weight.
    she has great curves! :D

  • listen to mayday parade

    @daniela: i agree, its pathetic and very racist. we dont have a white girls rock award show lol its just a pathetic attempt at getting noticed. if the blacks want to be treated equally, then stop trying to make such poor attempts. like this is racist, and quite frankly, its 2009, look past the race, we include them in every other award show, but they dont include white girls in this? oh well.

  • maria

    Ok, but what is her problem here? She’s a beautiful girl, but she looks like she wants to be anywhere but there. She looks totally annoyed.

  • Annie

    She lost some weight. She looks good.

  • Mee

    So hyappy shes losing weigh,, she looks GREAT now!!

  • jess16

    @listen to mayday parade

    Straight from the BLACK GIRLS ROCK! INC. website:

    “BLACK GIRLS ROCK! INC is a 501c3nonprofit, youth empowerment mentoring organization established for young women of color as a reaction to the often seen negative images consistently imprinted upon Black women expressly in mass media. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc.’s mission is to promote the arts and to encourage positive life-changing activity, critical thinking, and dialogue about the images of women in our present day culture. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! seeks to build the self-esteem and self-worth of young women of color by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, and helping them to empower themselves. ”

    Black girls are by far the most negitavely portrayed race of women in the media. The show is meant for encouragement, not the belittling of white people. But I guess raising self esteem is racist to you.

  • pop86

    I love Raven. She does look like she lost some weight.

    Go Black Girls Rocks!

    Pop culture(Hip-hop being the worst offender) doesn’t acknowledge us unless we are a stereotype- loud,sassy,overweight girl with an attitude problem that no one would want. Those are the type of images young black girls see on daily basis but rather than complain about those images Black Girls Rocks try to counteract them.

  • Stephbby

    This arguements really don’t make sense. Black girls are portrayed as loud, sassy, big, and with attitude by the media? That’s not what I see. What I see are beautiful, talented black girls like Beyonce or Alicia Keys (those are just two examples) I don’t think bad media has anything to do with the color of your skin. Everyone gets bad media, no matter what your race. So, why not have a “ALL girls rock” event? Or if there can be a “Black Girls Rock” event, then Asians, Latinos, Whites, and etc. should be able to have these types of events too. But the difference with that is that if they did, they would be considered racist (well, the whites definitely would) Now, how is that fair?

  • http://yahoo.com niki

    @listen to mayday parade: its called “Black Girls Rock” because many black girls don’t get recordinzed like they should be , and on the bet videos ya’ll see us as hoes prositutes, or stripers, nothing good! But, they don’t have good nothing good about us , that much , like they do for whites. I’M NOT RACIST! I’m just saying. Thats how everybody see’s us. Plus, we get the bad comments just because of the way we dance the way we talk! That’s not fair! You don’t see most black people on t.v now and days! well, on commericals. I’m A Raven Fand I adore raven every since The Cosby Show, and That So Raven and I brought the cd Raven-Symone! I love it ,and I love her!!! :) and i am a good person. im mixed and some people don’t like mixed people. half my family dont even like me because im mixed:(

  • Susie

    She looks VERY unhappy in the following photos.

  • tan

    im sorry i dont realy want 2 be rude really but she has 2 lose some pounds REALLY !!! she doesnt llok good at all and she really really like 2 show her butt

  • tan

    im sorry but i really dont want 2 be rude but… she really needs 2 lose some pounds cuz she does NOT look good at allllll and she likes her butt tooo much and a bit ego is going around as she poses i dont like that !

  • Nikkay


    What she means is like if we say: White girls rock! We would be accused of being racist but if they do this they dont be accused of being racist. She means something like that.

  • http://justjaredjr.com gold baybay

    @listen to mayday parade:

    You’ve got issues. It’s not pathetic or racist, it’s just a way to recognize black girls with low self esteem issues. WHETHER you like it or not black people still recieve more racism than white people. So get over it. You’re saying if you made an awards show like this it would be considered racist, are you not considering this racist?

  • cassy

    losing weight..? it loosk like she gained A LOT of weight o.0

  • gRACEkIM

    That guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special-II. It is about the cheapest electric guitar available on the market. What are these people thinking? Is there any brain activity at all? That is such an insult. They could have spent more than $200 at least.

    I mean come on.

  • Mizz. nia

    O please people come on!! Stop saying it’s racist just because it’s BLACK GIRLS ROCK! That’s not racist. It’s just an award show to help African American women and girls be awarded for making a difference. If you want, just start a white girls rock. Stop taking it the wrong way. If you ask me, us black females had it hard growing up. We faced so much critisism. We took a lot of bull. We deserve it. But still if you’re that mad then start a club for cocasion girls. Many black girls have low confidence and this is just way to remind them that they rock and that their special like everyone else. And also, Raven wasn’t sticking her butt out. She was bending down to sign the guitar and they shot the picture at the wrong time. In another pic it shows her down signing the guitar. She looks very beautiful. Who cares about her weight! America needs to stop being so soft! It’s all about the LOOK!! Gosh God made people his way for a reason. And let black girls have their time.

  • samantha

    There are obviously some things that other races will not understand or either wish to ignore. But its such a blessed thing that we have in the world people who are inspired and driven to make a difference in the black culture of women. If coming out with a WHITE GIRLS ROCK would help motivate women of the white culture in a positve way then go for it, but dont knock black peoples positve effort for change. It really makes you guys look ignorant.

  • erica

    It is tiring, physically and emotionally to have to deal with the way media portrays our women. As a black woman, I too have had issues growing up, feeling not as pretty as the white girls because not a lot of people uplifted me…because of the way others would look at me, and talk to me (based on some media bull). Why is it racist to have a forum and a foundation that helps to mold young black girls into confident, creative young ladies? I wish I had this growing up.